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  1. Ishtara wrote: tl;dr. If you want anyone to read that wall of text, you should add some line breaks. /me agrees
  2. I never delete long time friends, unless I know for sure they are not planning to come back. I do delete mere acquaintances, if I have not heard from them in awhile, or can’t even recall adding them.
  3. ps. I'm not suggesting we eat the kitty.
  4. Sylvia Tamalyn wrote: Welcome back, Cali! You have been missed! Hugzzz awww thank you Syl !! hugzzzzzzzzz
  5. ~~waves hello to Venus~~ :-) 78 degrees, sunny, wind @ 5 mph, humidity 47% ... doesn't feel humid tho ... (shrugs) This is the weather I love!
  6. Sylvia Tamalyn wrote: Is it possible that they sent you IMs while you were gone, got no reply, and thought you had left for good without telling them? If it was me, and I still wanted to be friends, I'd IM them and explain what happened, and see how they respond. I agree. I'm one of those people who clean up their friend's list often. I don't do it because I don't want to be friends... I just like to keep it compact - people I talk to on a simi regular basis. I've been out sick for 2 weeks plus, so hopefully I still have a friend or two when I get back !! I say, if you want to be friends - IM them and let them know you are back and would still like to hang out sometime!!
  7. Ima Rang wrote: In my nearly 4 years in SL, I have found the best place for socializing is the Forum Cartel Hangout in world. It hosts dancing, freebies, live music,chatting, the greatest and most diversified crowd in SL (my opinion), sandbox, photo studio and freebies for noobs. The people are always welcoming and willing to assist with questions and/or, you can normally find someone to kick about the grid with there or in the group chat. If you are having trouble finding people or friends, I highly recommend the hangout I totally agree! (FCH in world) SLU is the best forum to socialize on!
  8. Maureen Boccaccio wrote: Happy Monday. I like every other day but... and now that I have posted it will be as the op wished ...I can kill any thread!
  9. I think you should let newbs make a post or two .. that's how they get involved and interested ... and learn. I do, however, think it's a good idea to limit the number of new posts by SL age... that might help? Obviously the 2 minute rule isn't working, eh?
  10. Hiya Mags! I have not noticed anything change in world ... but I have not been around as long as most of you, so that may make a difference. I have noticed a big change here in the forums. I have not been feeling well, so not around nearly as much...but when I do make it in, and look about, it seems a lot less inviting than it used to for some reason. (shrugs).
  11. Ishtara wrote: What makes you think that people are idly sitting in an office chair when they use their computer? I, for one, am often walking, jogging or biking when I browse the web or play Second Life, for at least two hours a day. <snip> That is amazing! I love it!
  12. My real life health issues keep me away from SL and other things I enjoy, so yes - I agree that RL health affects my SL health ... when I do not feel well, I have no SL.
  13. Friends talked me into it. I had tried SL on my own twice before, but found it difficult to navigate ( I kept flying into walls and getting stuck).... 3rd time is a charm I guess... with friends to help me get over the initial hump (so to speak) from a 2d virtual world to a much more interesting but also more complicated 3d world ... and I was hooked.
  14. The strength to fight an addiction comes from within, and by therapy. Seek professional help, unless this is some kind of joke.
  15. I have to wonder what the person was smoking when they picked the smileys for this site... :womanmad: I'm going to take your advice and get a few of my own!
  16. Keli Kyrie wrote: If you wanted a smiley beer you just had to ask. I know how to make them. :smileyvery-happy: That is awesome !!!
  17. Heyas Hippie! /me pokes a marshmellow with a stick and settles in I'm back in school, so less free time than ever - but I'll be around. Look forward to reading and posting as often as I can. :smileyhappy:
  18. Hippiestock was awesome!!! When's the next great party planned for???? :smileytongue:
  19. ~~waves hell000000~ It's back! hehe Welcome back all. :smileywink:
  20. I didn't AR, so I doubt I will RIC ... :smileywink: I'm just testing this out, actually... to see how it looks, works, etc. You are all honored members... cool! ~bows~ :-)
  21. Peewee.Musytari wrote: Did you recently update your Graphics card drivers? If so that could explain how your problem is connected with the starry cloud issue. Checkout this thread: http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/596697#596697 from about halfway down when the recent posts start, not the stuff that is a year old Hi Peewee, Thanks for the link, I will check it out. The odd rendering returned last night, for a few seconds, then cleared - thankfully, but that tells me it's not completely fixed - so I will continue to try and debug the issue. I didnt update my graphics card, but this is a new computer .... I don't know if that matters. I didnt have this issue for the first few months, so I don't know why it just started. I thought the clouds thing was it .. but then it happened again. Thanks for the advice. I'll have to try it soon... I have been so busy lately, I don't get to stay inworld long enough to do much of anything.
  22. Liriel Garnet wrote: I use an ATI card and Phoenix as well. If I turn off cloud rendering so that I don't see the flashing stars, I get artifacts like this on attached prims. You might try checking if cloud rendering is disabled in the advanced/rendering/types menu. Also, Catalyst is the control software for ATI graphics cards. It's nothing to do with SL. ^^^ This worked instantly. Hopefully, it will work permanently. just fyi - in case someone else has this issue.
  23. Thank you all .. going to give your suggestions a try. Message was edited by: Cali.Souther to add: Seems to be working , thank you!!! Message was edited by: Cali.Souther to add ... I spoke too soon. :-X ... but I'll keep tweakin the settings I guess. It didnt do this before, so I dunno why my graphics card would suddenly have an issue. I have ATI Radeon HD 5700 ...
  24. Beginning last night,  I am seeing odd shapes that others dont see...    (see example below) Last night it was someone else that appeared to be wearing a ball on their head.  Today,  it's me (my boots maybe) ... I tried logging out, and back in.  Clearing cache,  and rebaking ....
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