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  1. 5001 :-PPPPP LOL @ Lia .. ~ you mean~ Fly Cali Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy If only I had wings! ;-) hugsssssssssss
  2. What chat do you own? If you own the LAND you can ban someone from that land. You can mute someone, and block them from contacting you. You can report a person to SL for breaking TOS. To my knowledge, there is no way for YOU as a user, to ban someone from SL - just because you want to.
  3. I have a phone, Ipod, Ipad and a PC. Each does what it does well. Everything evolves.. So, when they make a mobile device that can project a giant screen image and run all the programs we like to use – sure .. the “box” PC, as we know it will go away. As someone said, the sky has been falling on Second Life since I came here… and that was less than two years ago. What do I say? Nothing last forever. I disagree that online interaction bring only shallow connections – that is up to the end user. =) This is, however, an interesting topic. Watching trends, and predicting the future ~ good times!
  4. Faye Feldragonne wrote: At least he's honest and up front and not some sneeky type. Men in SL want SEX or RL LOVE. Nothing in the middle. IMO. I'd rather know his intent before getting to know him. So kudos for the truth (not necessarily we like his truth). I'm not a man (you only wanted to hear from men), but I have to agree with Faye about the honesty part --- as long as someone is up front and honest, that's all that matters.
  5. One? Have two or three!!!! Wh00p! or fourrrrrr haha Happy Birthday Hippie!!!!!
  6. :matte-motes-big-grin: Ya know... a few days ago, I accidentially took my house into my inventory. I tried to restore it to last position, but I had several copies of the same house - and it didn't work out so well. One of them ended up back on the old lot I had rented ... on top of some poor horses that live there now. Then, I proceeded to take everything in - so I could put out a new house ... might as well start fresh, I thought. I tell ya, long story short, I ended up with things being grouped wrong - then taking them back out - my belongings were just everywhere! My friend madi has an eagle eye, so we scanned the neighbor hood and I went about collecting my things. If poofy hadnt been so rude, she would have been pretty adorbable ... I just love watching new people (that are NOT rude) discover the wonders and often confusing things in SL. Over a year later, I'm still laughing with myself when silly things happen. When madi found my house 3 doors down, we both had a laugh. I guess I better get back to work ... tho, I really don't want to. :-P
  7. I don't have a real life photo in my profile for just this reason. I figure, if I get close enough to someone - I can always share that outside of SL, and this way - I don't blow someone's fantasy in the process. That being said, I also have it noted that... I'm okay with sharing real life info, and I'm okay with not. Really, this is just a personal preference. To each his own - no right or wrong.
  8. Lexxi Gynoid wrote: Hippie Bowman wrote: Hi ya Lexxi! Here we are! Make you self at home. Peace! No roasting kitty! I not s'mores! Oh wait ... I misinterpreted the picture. Warm As long as I dont have to be the ugly one with the really big nose!!! :-P
  9. ~peeks in~ Is it safe? ;-) Hippieee!!! Dude, you have kept this going ~ good for you!!! ((( hugss ))))) I've gone to the feeds.. lol ... but I do try to come back and visit!
  10. I have been working on tutorials, and such - trying to get better at taking and framing pictures in Second Life. If I look at it from the left angle, it looks good - the drop shadow looks fine... If I pan over, and look at it from the right, the drop shadow prim appears to be in *front* of the picture instead of behind it. I use the grippers to move things, since I have even less luck trying to adjust the numbers. Any tips or tricks for this one? I took some pics for example, but do not see where I can attach those here. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Thanks for assistance below.. will take me some time to work on that .. I can't figure out how to "respond" ... LOL .. 05.14.12 Lindal Kidd Thank you! I would really like to do that, but I do not know how to get it to upload without losing the transparency. Sorry for the delay in my reply, and thank you very much for the advice. I will go by and see what you have done! I like this solution the best!! Now to figure out how to do it! :-)
  11. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Agreed, given an infinite number of possibilities (which the multiverse theory posits) it's not hard to imagine that complete randomness could create what appears to be exquisite planning. I think it is, and may always be, premature to say that, if we can't explain it, it must be a grander plan. For me, it's sufficient to say "we can't explain it" and get back to work. I always agree with Maddy!
  12. valerie Inshan wrote: Awww, that is so cute! Long time no see, Cali, it's good to have you back! Hugz back! Thank you! I am trying to peek in when I can. I just don't seem to have enough time to do all the things I want to do these days. What time is breakfast on Sunday? :matte-motes-wink:
  13. Lia Abbot wrote: Oh all right... I just love this!
  14. I recently sold group land. Now I am trying to change my account to basic, and got the following error. Can anyone help me? I'm not sure what else I need to do. An error occurred while processing your requestBasic users may not contribute land to groups. You must delete the tier contributions you made to groups which you belong before downgrading to the Basic Plan
  15. Happy Hour!!!!!!!!! Yipeeeee!! ~~waves helloooooo to all my friends~~~ Sorry I have not been around, my 1st life is so busy, I have little time left for my 2nd one. Miss you !!!!!
  16. Wow! You certainly took the high road! I will have to go shopping @ Prim Misers! - but then, you may never get to go out of business! Hugsssss!
  17. DQ Darwin wrote: FRIDAY!!! Good Day all:) Following pic is my thought for the day until 5 anyway - hugs hahahahahahaahaaa!!!! Me either!!! :-P
  18. ~grins @ Dee & whispers~ They are blonde roots. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: and may I just say, I agree with your tweet yesterday about all work and not enough playtime!!!!! I think I just need to go ahead and win the lottery. I could spend 1/2 my time giving back, doing charity work, etc... and the other half playing in Second Life. How great would that be? ahhh, a girl can dream............ Happy Friday everyone!!!!
  19. Dillon Levenque wrote: Funny you should mention that, Cali. I was pointing a friend to a thread on the Forum the other day (she doesn't look at the Forums normally) and she commented that she wouldn't want to be just a 'Member' but an 'Honored Member'. Those who know me will find it impossible to believe that I refrained from making any 'member' jokes whatever. hahahahaha!!!!! Oh thank you - I needed a laugh! I don't know how you resisted!!
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