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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwww I wanna pet her!! Greta that is ... hugss to Mum! :-) I'm having lunch for breakfast. :-)) Hugsss to all around the campfire!
  2. If Second Life becomes Facebook, I would leave. It is the freedom to do whatever I want here, without fear that my employer or the like will be able to scrutinize my personal life that I enjoy. In my opinion, Facebook has become a marketing machine - spam! I am tempted to delete my account, if not for a few old friends there, that I do like to keep in touch with (the easy way). I have zero problems with whatever persona people choose to present in SL. It is the personality behind the avatar that holds my interest, not their plumbing ... LOL Voice can be deceiving, since I knew a male avatar who was a dj (and spoke with a low voice), and later came out and said he was a female ... of which, I was never quite sure. I personally liked his/her persona better as a female - since he/she was a *bleep* as a male, but seemed more pleasant being a female - which was more fun to interact with.
  3. Darrius Gothly wrote: I was researching this topic ... how to drive someone crazy .. and I hit upon a post that explains it perfectly. At the risk of getting this post pulled because of a link .. you can find the answer: HERE Marry them!
  4. Thanks! :-) Here's a pic of my place. I do hang out with my friends here, but so far - only a few drop by now and then aside from my roomies. :smileywink:
  5. I'm not married in any life, and I like it that way! lol been there, done that, have the legal bills to prove it!
  6. Hi Mags! =] I have so many thoughts on this topic, I would end up with tl:dr .... I'd love to discuss it in world sometime, as it is an interesting and complex topic- imho. Bottom line, I do not think being single in SL is a bad thing, nor do I think it is boring. I have made some very good friends and I enjoy spending time with them, as well as the things I do on my own. If I were bored, I wouldn't keep coming back for more! :smileywink:
  7. Sion, I have been lucky enough that people I got very close to, who decided to move on, were friends enough to tell me so. It's always a good idea to get a yahoo/skype/msn addy for someone you have grown close to - so if they decide to leave (in this case, SL), you can at least keep in touch. Good luck to you. It always hurts to lose a friend regardless of the circumstance.
  8. Interestingly, it is easy enough to post @ SLU from the Ipad. I'm not sure why LL wanted to make this so much more complicated, even the answers section has become "tricky". Personally, I find it a bit frustrating, but thankfully I do have enough knowledge of html to post that way, so it's at least doable. Thanks for the info., it is very helpful !! :smileyhappy:
  9. Thank you! I did try the zoom for links, but still had some issues - but I may just need time to get a the feel for using touch vs mouse. :-)
  10. I am not sure if this will show up but... I still have an issue with this. It seems if I turn on cloud rendering, I get strange rendering under water. If I turn off clouds, things under water are ok, but I have to turn it back on above water. Above water I am ok with clouds on except the clouds themselves have star shaped designs in them and do not look like clouds.
  11. I have friends who fill out their profiles in great detail, and other friends who leave it blank. It's just a personal preference, I think. I put some basic info in my profile in hopes that if some one wants to talk to me, they will take a minute to read it and we can skip over the a/s/l type beginnings. I enjoy reading profiles, and can often tell if the person is someone I might want to chat with, or have something in common with, etc.
  12. I just got my first iPad, and I am having a heck of a time posting to this forum. First, when I get to the main screen and try to select "Forums" it does not seem to register my selection. I had to try. Several times, and when I finally made it, I am not sure how. Second, I can't just post. It seems I can only post using the HTML tab. Is this normal? Any tips and tricks for iPad and SL forum usage? Thanks
  13. Mags Indigo wrote: Do people have favourite places where they like to hang out with friends - not necessarily big clubs etc - but small places dotted about SL. I have a small Irish Pub/Music Bar place which is non-commercial and people are quite welcome to lounge about, nosey everywhere and have a dance - and indeed people do. Any other such places? This is an anti-spam thread :smileyhappy: I love the atmosphere of a nice Irish pub. I will have to visit soon!
  14. So, you can only purchase a lot @ 512 sq mt. If you purchase anything else, over and above that, you no longer get 512 free?
  15. Peggy, I'm not trying to argue - I'm trying to figure it out. IF I am going to be charged $25.00, then there is NO credit for being premium.
  16. OK ... got to the bottom of it ... When I purchased the land, I still owned my Linden home, the fact that I immediately abandoned it does not count, I guess. LOL So .. I am being charged for peak usage: Peak square meter usage: 3,072.00 square meters Next month it will go down to $15.00 as expected. I don't know how to mark that part of the question correct in this new format! :-X
  17. Additional Land (over 512 sqm) Parcel Size Prims per Parcel (approximate) Monthly Land Use fee* 1/128 Region 512 sqm 117 US$5 1/64 Region 1,024 sqm 234 US$8 1/32 Region 2,048 sqm 468 US$15 1/16 Region 4,096 sqm 937 US$25 1/8 Region 8,192 sqm 1,875 US$40 1/4 Region 16,384 sqm 3,750 US$75 1/2 Region 32,768 sqm 7,500 US$125 Entire Region 65,536 sqm 15,000 US$195
  18. Or maybe I should ask, How does the premium bonus get credit'd?
  19. Thank you, Peewee! That is what I thought, and why I looked until I found this exact size (to get most prims etc).
  20. Hi ... I purchased 2560 sqm of mainland due to being premium expecting to get credit for the 512 sqm - so my tier would be $15.00 / month. LL is still charging me $25.00. Do I get credit for the 512? I'm confused. Can anyone explain? I can't seem to reply to your post. ??? Square meters owned = 2560 Premium bonus = 512 Paid Tier Level = 4096 Available sq. meters = 4608 Monthly Cost $ USD 25.00 Also, no I do not own a linden home.
  21. Interestingly, I just watched Social Network last night. I do not know what LL is trying to do ... make money, I'm sure ... but.... Imho, most people do not want to put their second life on display right up along side their first life. I escape into SL, and I pick and choose who I share real life information with, carefully. [eta: aside from the basic info I include in my profile for the sake of covering the most common questions asked by people you just met.] I would not be even slightly interested in linking my SL to my RL FB page. In any case, Facebook was cool, but has become very spammy!!!!! I use it rarely to keep in touch with a few of my old friends, since it is still quite convenient for that purpose. and that's all I have to say about that..... =]
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