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  1. Venus, I think this is kind of funny (not laughing at you, by any means), but ... I think I am like your friend and my other friends would react like you are. ^^ that made no sense. So let me just answer your questions. I do not think you decide what to be when you first come to SL, because you may not be aware of what your choices are. I also think people are human at first, but then get curious about other choices in SL, because it looks fun or interesting. If you don't want to try "furry", it should not hinder your friendship with this guy. Right? I mean, you can be friends with a furry. I have tried a few different avatars for the heck of it. One of them is a cute little monkey. My friends laugh at me, and pretend they do not know me when I put it on. I don't leave it on for long, because I can't dance in it and there isn't much to do in it ... I like clothes, and accessories! lol ... but I can see your friend's curiousity with alternate avatars. I would like to be a bird! :-P
  2. hahahaha ! Loved your post too, Jo! :-) Well... I don't much care for summer myself, unless I'm on vacation somewhere. I don't like 100 degree weather, and you can only take off so many clothes, without being indecent! To the OP, Spring I do like ... it's not too hot yet, I personally enjoy the birds singing ... the smells of flowers blooming in the air. (pipe in pretty music here) ... but, I do not think it has changed my outlook on romance in SL. I never understood the spring fever thing in RL either... I always thought there was more inspiration in the winter, when it's cold and you end up cuddled together.
  3. I agree with this. I'd quote, but for some reason it's not working. I think what one person likes another may not, but it's not my place to judge. So, if I don't know someone - I'm not going to suggest they change their shape or even hint that there is something wrong with it. On mine, I make the hands as small as I can, as well as the feet - because I like it that way. If I could shrink my feet in real life, I'd do that too! Now, if my best friend walks up with a watermelon shaped head, I'm going to tell her - because I know she didn't' do it intentionally. :smileytongue:
  4. I don't use pre-paid credit cards, but I do find it strange that LL will not accept them. What do they care? Are there fees associated with a pre-paid credit card or something that LL has to pay? I know the person buying them has to pay more than they get on the card... interesting. I have to agree, I would think it in the best interest of LL to make it easy to pay! lol Things that make ya go, hmmmmm ?!?!
  5. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Soften the butter first, then whip it with the sugar until it is smooth and froathy. hahahahaaha , I love that answer!
  6. LOL Let me know so I can collect mine too!
  7. As promised, I am back with my new monthly statement and happy to say it is only $15.00 a month as expected. Yeah!! Land Holdings Allowed holdings: 4,608.00 square meters Current holdings: 2,560.00 square meters Available for purchase: 2,048.00 square meters Peak square meter usage: 2,560.00 square meters Total monthly cost: USD 15.00 Next bill date: Saturday, 05-14-2011
  8. valerie Inshan wrote: There is nothing than dancing in SL, alone, in couple, with friends, waltz, rock, country, whatever! So, how do you dance? Let's share our pics and favourite places! At Avilion Grove: gorgeous formal ballroom. The right place to wear your most stunning gowns, ladies. Breathtaking! Really, absolutely beautiful. I really need to get out more.
  9. It's not just Firefox, because I use IE, and experience the same issues.... I thought it was just because I'm blonde. :smileywink:
  10. That makes sense. I'm not a content creator, so I have no inside knowledge of the challenges. :-) Thanks for giving good customer service, and I can certainly understand why you would want to limit the necessity for doing so - since it can be very time consuming. On that note, I have gotten better at using the resize scripts - but they are not as easy for me to use than the edit. Either way, I work with whatever comes with the item I purchase - to the best of my ability. I've never asked a creator for help to make something fit. :smileywink:
  11. hahaha ! Well, Maddy took me for a ride on an airplane - and I survived to tell about it!
  12. I don't know how to script, but as someone who often purchases things that contain scripts - I can say that the resize script is often a pain (for me). I have an easier time if the item is editable. I realize some people do not want to make their items that way, but it would not bother me if they did without some of the size scripts (as long as you can edit the size). 2 cents from the peanut gallery :smileywink:
  13. Goooooooood morning Hippie, ajja, Val, Dee & all around the campfire!!! @ Dee ... I am not sure I have a crash helmut , hehe ... but I do have a hard head! :-P We all got tomorrow off? Where's the party tonight? Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  14. valerie Inshan wrote: This one is for you Cali, just in case you missed it in another thread! :smileyvery-happy: And I swear I did not put her in there! I was going to empty the dish washer when the phone rang. By the time I came back in the kitchen, here she was, lol, so funny I had to take a pic! Oh my goodness!!! That is too funny!! She must have liked the warmth!! :-) Thanks for putting here, I haven't had much time to look thru all the threads with the way they sort them here now. Hugss!
  15. The Forum Cartel Hangout is awesome! It comes up in search, I believe .. if not, feel free to IM me when in world, and I can send you the landmark. Welcome back! :-)
  16. ahhh, I've heard of that, but have not tried it ... or really seen it in the App store ... will have to check it out. Does it work good?
  17. I'm sorry to respond without an answer. I can barely post in these forums with my new Ipad2 .. so I don't know of anything that would let you run SL on a phone...but will be interested in the answer(s) you get. I had to tell you that I really like your name! haha ... it's creative. :-)
  18. Gooood morning everyone! At least it isn't Monday is all I got to say. hahahaha Val, I love the campfire pic. Snoopy & Woodstock are my favs!!
  19. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Greta is beautiful, and I really really want to hug her!!! ETA: Waves hi to Dee, Val, Hippie & All !!
  20. I spend more time being confused on these new forums, I tell ya.... I posted to the other one, but figured I better come over and post here too. I'll be around that evening, so count me in! Hugssss
  21. Hiya Dee !! Sounds like a blast! Count me in. I work that "day", but I'll be around that evening/night! I'll look for you inworld. :-)
  22. awwwwwwwwwwwwww I wanna pet her!! Greta that is ... hugss to Mum! :-) I'm having lunch for breakfast. :-)) Hugsss to all around the campfire!
  23. If Second Life becomes Facebook, I would leave. It is the freedom to do whatever I want here, without fear that my employer or the like will be able to scrutinize my personal life that I enjoy. In my opinion, Facebook has become a marketing machine - spam! I am tempted to delete my account, if not for a few old friends there, that I do like to keep in touch with (the easy way). I have zero problems with whatever persona people choose to present in SL. It is the personality behind the avatar that holds my interest, not their plumbing ... LOL Voice can be deceiving, since I knew a male avatar who was a dj (and spoke with a low voice), and later came out and said he was a female ... of which, I was never quite sure. I personally liked his/her persona better as a female - since he/she was a *bleep* as a male, but seemed more pleasant being a female - which was more fun to interact with.
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