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  1. Naiki Muliaina wrote: Best ever. How you doin? :smileywink: hahahaha !!! That was a great one! My son used to imitate him, soooo cute! My least favorite after A/S/L is..... "So what are you wearing?" I'm 300 miles away, wtf does it matter?
  2. hahahaha Valerie, it never gets that cold where I live unless I visit the mountains!
  3. ajja Martian wrote: ilustration perfect for a large musical work, my dear Valerie nutcracker what imagination hehe I want to commend everyone on this topic, and a big kiss kisses love mi love for Valerie Hey ajja!
  4. That is soooo adorable! I got here in time to say, G'morning ! hehe Is it 4 o'clock yet, I'm ready to paaaaaaaaarty!
  5. hahaha .. nice curlers! ok, TGIF ! I'm on vacation next week, so I am one happy gurl !!!!! What's the plan for tonight? Anyone going to hang out @ the hangout? lol I'm not sure if I should dj or not, with the event planned for Saturday n. all.
  6. Marigold Devin wrote: Cali Souther wrote: I updated my post with SL pics. Is it still possible to bump a post in here ... I still have a difficult time finding anything (off topic) sorry. I'll go back to work. =] I don't know if the posts bump to the top any more - I'm really still getting lost in these forums :smileysad: But lovin' your pics - there seems to be an unofficial group of jeans and tees kinda gals forming here :smileyhappy::smileyhappy: Yes, still lost myself .. there does not seem to be a page for "new posts" , you have to go into each catagory... certainly makes it interesting when it gets spammed ... guess they just can't stop that regardless. I want to see if this one shows up now.. this is a great thread - I hope more people post pics!! Back on topic... Yeah !! for jeans & T's !! :-) As much as I enjoy dressing up for an occasion ... even in SL, I find myself putting on comfy jeans and my favorite Tshirt a lot! haha
  7. I updated my post with SL pics. Is it still possible to bump a post in here ... I still have a difficult time finding anything (off topic) sorry. I'll go back to work. =]
  8. Welcome! I'm still pretty new after about 6 months ... and sadly (and I do mean sadly) I'm at work right now - or I would try to help. Do a search for Forum Cartel Hangout, they have a lot of nice things for new residents & if you are lucky - someone will be there to help you a bit. Don't give up, it gets easier ... I was pretty overwhelmed at first too. If you are still around when I get in world tonight, I'd be happy to try and help in anyway I can. Good luck!!
  9. I will check it out when I get in world, thanks!!
  10. Aerosmith Rhianna Carrie Underwood Nickleback Trace Adkins Beyonce Eminem Patsy Cline Neyo Lady Gaga Black Eyed Peas Pink Enrique Iglesias Chris Brown Usher Lady Antebellum Billy Currington The list is pretty endless, but I gotta get back to work. :smileywink:
  11. Exploring Dancing Hangin out with friends Riding horses, boats, airplanes, submarines, bumper cars, motorcycles, hang gliding, hot air baloons,etc etc. Shopping Shopping Shopping Re arranging my furniture Taking pictures Keeping my inventory as organized as possible (yes, I do enjoy this) Live music
  12. I am confused because, I thought we could no longer "vote" for Jira's??? For me, personally - the screen on my ipad is too small to try and run SL. I'm thinking of getting an even bigger screen for my home pc, so I can see more more more !! ... but, I can get IM's via email, and visit the forums on my ipad- and that's good enough for me. Good luck! Maybe in time. - tho, I agree it might not fit into Apple's idea of controllable. ;-)
  13. I'm a jeans & t shirt kinda girl for the most part.. cept for @ work.
  14. DQ Darwin wrote: @Val @Hippie Okay just looked at my party planner check list and it's something like this: 1. Have party and plan with Maddy and Jen Think I need to tell Maddy and Jen When - not sure but weekends are good Where - well a surprise for some one on their land - might be hard. Order cake LMAO I like your style! LOL Weekend party? Count me in!! :-D
  15. Hey Hippie, I'm still pretty new myself, so I have not done any actual volunteer work in SL yet. I do try to help people - if I meet someone newer than me. lol In real life, I belong to the volunteer group where I work and a club that my bf introduced me to that is a non-profit organization who supports a variety of charities. I don't do enough, but I think every little bit helps!
  16. Well, I just found this ... I'm not very good @ finding posts in the new forum.... but anyway. I remember this thread from the old forum, and at the time the funniest thing that had happened to me was, when me & my friend (both about 5 days old) got on a bed (@ Idea) and started clicking - and accidentially started making out, while our 3 year old friend stood at the end of the bed laughing at us. That was a nice run on sentence. :-X Let's see ... a new one... I would have to say that it was when the same friend purchased something I think she called a piggy back ride. I am still not sure what it was suposed to do exactly .. but at one point it shot us up in the air and we were flying in circles at about the speed of light! We were on skype at the time, and we both laughed until it hurt. Nice thread Hippie!
  17. Chevel, I don't want to jinx it, but I've had really good luck making friends in SL. I have only met one person that turned out to be one enchilada short of a combination - and in truth, when I looked back - all the signs were there pretty early on, I just chose to ignore them. Maybe it's better to just go a bit slower, but don't give up! I hope things improve for you!
  18. Did the op ever come back to see all of our wonderful suggestions? :-) If not, no worries, I went thru this thread over the weekend and went shopping!!! I really love threads like this, because it's so much easier to find things with good search terms! So, thanks! - even tho, it wasn't my question.
  19. Mix Frequency wrote: In this 6 months of course it has changed! When I came here I was just exploring, shopping, doing jobs and letting myself getting used for 1 $ per 2,3 hours like poor kids in China! Eventually my friendlist started to grow too, so did my messages. I started to feel exhausted by those so called "friends" who were stealing my energy and time by complaning and sharing their RL or SL problems. This all was my fault for letting them do this to me because I like to listen to people and help them when they are feeling so low but by time passing by one day I cutted my list to only a few friends, left groups and so on. Today I dont wanna make anymore friends, maybe I am shallow now, but majority of people inworld are lonely, depressed, frustarated, OCD, addictive persons, so go away from making "true" friendships or letting them avaliable in you real lives too. Remember second life is suposed to be fun, dont do mistakes I did, leave your SL friends to SL and dont take them to your real life. I had a friend who I gave my skype, facebook, mobile phone contacts, she seemed so nice and fun person, nowdays I just stopped repling to her because I've seen she contacts me only when she has problems, always complaning, never listening to me, bringing her drama to my RL, I cant be someone's replacement for RL friends, just because you dont have RL doesnt mean I need to be your BFF in RL I'm sorry to hear you have had such bad luck, but I have to disagree with your observation. The friends I have made are intelligent, articulate, hard working, creative, upbeat, and a lot of fun!
  20. Persephone Emerald wrote: I'm in good mood today so I thought I'd start a thread about the Lindens we like best. Some of them really do go out of their way to be friendly & helpful. I think my favorite is Torely, because not only is he friendly & helpful, he's also wickedly off-beat. Amanda was very helpful too when she was still here. Who is *your* favortire Linden & why? Torely, for the same reasons as you.
  21. Maureen Boccaccio wrote: lol At the risk of sounding archetypal, this song always makes me want to have sechs!
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