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  1. Keli Kyrie wrote: Maureen Boccaccio wrote: Keli Kyrie wrote: A good place to put stuff like this is the Music and Entertainment section. Too bad I am not getting home till 7:30pm, I'll see if I can make it for a little bit though. Thanks, Keli. If I post it there as well...do you think that would be ok? I am not a Mod so I can't say for sure but it sounds good to me. We can just use this thread for the online dance party. :smileytongue: hahah that one is great!!! I could not find a disco outfit .... (pouts).... so I went with the pool theme! I hope you can come late Keli !! I don't think we have met in world yet.
  2. It was my unfortunant experience to purchase a large number of items that never made it from the marketplace to my inventory. I had to contact the sellers, and most were kind enough to send me what I had purchased. I have since stopped using marketplace to purchase much at all - I use it to find things, then I go in world to purchase. If I find something on marketplace and they do not have a store in world, I will purchase ONE item at a time. It is very difficult, especially if you are new at it, to keep track of multiple purchases being sent at basically the same time. Good luck to you. I'm sure the long timers will have excellent advice for you - they did for me.
  3. Quinn, You have explained it so perfectly! It seems like yesterday, I was trying to find someone to talk to and wishing I had a circle of friends to hang out with. In truth, it hasn't been very long at all... and thanks to you, and a few other very nice people - I have suddenly found it more of a challenge to keep up with things when I am in world. It's a good challenge to have, and I revel in the comaradarie - but worry too, that I am not giving each new friendship the attention it deserves. It does not help that it still takes me a long time to get dressed, adjust my hair, shoes, etc .... to go thru my inventory after a shopping spree and organize it so I can actually find things. And then there are times when I am in the mood to simple explore and experiment with building something... not especially social - ya know? I believe all things in life are about balance, and so I try to do it all - and like you, I may worry sometimes that I am not being successful .... but in the end, I think our real friends understand and share the encumbrance that can accompany "multi tasking" and so, do not feel slighted because of it. Multi tasking = the ability to screw up several things at once" ~wink~
  4. Jagdish Indiawood wrote: So after sifting through quite a few sims and talking to more than a few people trying to find an approperiate place in which to roleplay and a group to do so with, I had an idea. What if someone were to take it upon themselves to network the rp community (for a fee of course). Say Suzie Q is looking for a dominant Gor man to play along with (as I actually have a friend who is looking) and can't seem to find seem to find a man to call master. Or say is someone is looking to be apart of an rp family but is new to SL and hasn't done enough networking in order to find a home. Well what if there was someone who kept track of both parties?! Someone who kept track of the master looking and the slave looking and steered them together. Kinda like a matchmaker but with rp sims and rp-ers. I think there's certainly a demand for such a thing as there are always new threads with people asking where a sim for this and where are people who enjoy playing out the same things I do? Is there already some resource like this? If not I think I just might try and put something like what I've described together myself. Comments or Suggestions anyone? As a sorta newbie that is quite interested in learning about the role play options in second life, I would say that this could be a great business venture, but I agree with Mags, it will be a lot of time consuming work. I also think it will take time to make any real lindens, because you will need a sucessful reputation in order to command such payment.
  5. Greetingz Oskar, Look out, it can be a tough crowd. :smileywink:
  6. SID Riler wrote: As the saying goes, one door closes another door opens, there are many interesting places to visit in the showcase, and even not in showcase ^^^ me agrees ~ like proverb say "Change is the only constant"
  7. While I do not condone this behavior, I find it unrealistic to expect nothing like this will ever happen. Anytime a child / teen / young adult enters the www they risk being exposed to adult material.
  8. I love that pic, the event was epic, and I too miss those posters who are now MIA. Welcome back to Quinn - You can rub it in anytime!
  9. Best is highly subjective, so I will simply tell you - the last two places I purchased a skin from were Mynerva & Unique. I seem to collect skins like some collect shoes, so I do a LOT of looking around first... and there are so many awesome choices out there, my advice is to shop around for what you like and try the demos!
  10. Caitlin Tobias wrote: Yes, I am a Domestic Goddess. Not only in real life, but also in Second Life. <snip> Bows! If I could make any career change it would be to that of a Domestic Goddess. ...sorry no pics to share...
  11. Trust takes time, to build - to be earned. I like to believe the best of everyone I meet, in world & on the forums --- until shown otherwise. I trust with breadcrumbs. :-)
  12. Pep wrote: Oh, most mad Irishmen are really good fun once they have a drink or two inside them. Pep (And as for the mad Irishwomen . . . ) Indeed, I swear this to be true ... at least of one Irishman I know well. PS. I agree, don't mute - it's better to know what this person is saying. I would suggest avoiding her though, why waste your time in SL on someone who does not make you smile?
  13. I’m always sorry to hear when someone has a bad experience, but like others have said – you did not provide any details to which we can respond with constructive advice. In the 5 months I have been in SL, most people have been very nice to me. There are a few rude ones here and there, but that's to be expected. Good news, Second Life is way bigger and a great deal more free than SimsOnline – in Second Life the possibilities are endless. As someone who used to play a lot of Sims games, as well as subscribe to Simsonline, I think SL just takes time to get used to. Overall, it has more to offer than any other virtual world I’ve found to date. I have only gotten kicked out of one place & that was because I went afk and my avi ended up on the stage somehow – the club really had no choice but to eject me. I was welcomed back with open arms the next time I came, and I have since learned not to leave my avi just standing there when I have to step away from the computer for more than just a few minutes.
  14. No change for me, tho - I also miss the dashboard - it was a quick way to see what was going on in here. I keep in touch with my long distance friends via skype, email, phone, inworld, yahoo, forum & once in a blue moon, on msn & FB. I set up a twitter acct. once, tried it - but it's tmi for me. I might try it again, I might not. As long as I can keep in touch, and spend quality time with my friends ... I can live without Twitter.
  15. No. I'm a mother in RL , I don't want to repeat the process in SL. I'm in SL to enjoy my adultness. To each their own ... if it's something you would like to do - go for it. Be careful.
  16. What I find less than amusing is, even with that big box over your head - the demo will sometimes obscure the item.... for me, when I try on neon pink hair, it's still difficult for me to tell what it will look like in a natural shade, and when the skin has lines all over it - across the face ... it does the same thing. I do understand the need to protect one's creation, and the boxes are fine and yes, funny @ times... but I think some people go a bit too far and defeat the purpose of the demo.
  17. Unoionu Hilltop wrote: That is like asking: Does RL promote Health and Wellness. No RL does not, but PEOPLE in RL do. If you want Health and Wellness promoted in SL, YOU can be the one to promote it here, although there may be some type of Health and Wellness businesses in SL. I think that's what she is trying to do with this post. *wink*
  18. Sandra Frascati wrote: Jeesus where do you live? In the UK the end of the school day signals massive amounts of extreme language from pre pubescent teenagers on buses, in shops, in parks everywhere. Yeah ... same here, where I live in SoCal USA.... f'bombs be a flyin! + all the rest.. I have to admit, I don't like hearing it out of a middle school child's mouth.
  19. Ossian wrote: You're looking at it backward. It's the avatar/badge setup that's flawed. Why do they stick that writing over my picture? lol is what I was thinking!
  20. Imho, I would not intentionally go into someone else's home. I have done it by accident, but I quickly left. I lovee to check out homes, and furniture etc, so I go to the places where they sell them - and you can use the tub, test the shower, peek in the fridge. It's tons of fun! Someday, you might want to buy a home of your own - and then you'll have a good idea of what is out there. I've explored, and no doubt walked around on someone's property - but if they do not ban me from doing so, I believe they want people to explore and admire their creations. If I see someone, I speak ... if I'm asked to leave, I do so politely, and I don't go back. I find it extremely irritating when I'm flying around looking for land to buy and I can't cross because someone has the air banned. I lock my front door, but I live in a Linden home, so there is no such thing as privacy.
  21. Hi Kinn, I almost never buy directly from the market place - find it, follow the link to purchase in world. Best practice. If you find something and they do not have a shop inworld, buy 1 item at a time. Do not purchase expensive items over the marketplace. 2 cents from someone who learned the hard way.
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