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  1. I don't know of any skins exactly, but if you're using bom have you tried wearing a skin tinter? That way you can lighten up your skins a tiny bit. Heres one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/gift-EVERMORE-skintone-tintadjust-BoMonly-wear-me/19133362
  2. Most likely just going to watch horror movies and stuff some candy in my mouth like a squirrel. Halloween isn't a huge thing in Norway, but kids do go out trick or treating and there probably is some adult halloween parties here and there, but I celebrate in my own way, I do not care so much about handing out candy, but I like to decorate my home with halloween decor and watch horror movies, overall having a cozy halloween with my boyfriend or with friends and family. Decorating for halloween, and horror movies, but this year I've felt too lazy to decorate, but not to lazy in Second life, makes sense. The autumn season, the fresher autumn air, the comforting colors, halloween decorations and looking for new halloween stash in the stores, I'm kind of a halloween decor hoarder. People ringing the doorbell for some candy, I've got social anxiety so that is why, oh and tacky halloween decor made out of cheap plastic. Happy spoopy season 👻
  3. I don't know, I find the ebody reborn flexible, the only thing that really stays "big" is the butt, but you can fix that with a deformer, but then again what people find curvy and not curvy may differ. I didn't go minimum on the sliders except for the butt on the smallest shape, that's as small as it gets.
  4. I would say either legacy or ebody reborn, ebody reborn is very new and on the curvier side, but I think you might be able to make it look petite as well if you play around with the shape sliders ( it came out 10th october ) and doesn't have a whole lot of stuff for it yet but surprisedly a good variety for how new it is, but it seems like it's going to be one of the more popular bodies, given enough time, it also includes a mod version of the body! but honestly just demo them both and see which you prefer! There is also slink hourglass and freya but they don't get as much support anymore, but they are also on the more curvier side. However I would be wary of legacy because they do seem to deny giving some adult bits stores dev kits at least sensations, so in that department I don't know how much more support it will get, however there are V bits for it, but the question is if it needs updates or other bits it will most likely not happen, unless they will change their mind eventually, if you care a lot about that. Also Sensations are working on nether v bits for the ebody reborn at the moment, so that will probably come out around november or december. I personally use ebody reborn, but yeah just demo them all and see what you like!
  5. I second this, you can remove the bow and the straps via the hud, I was really surprised when I saw this, such a good deal
  6. Once in a blue moon, but the funny thing is that I do not do it to feel "satisfied" because I rarely ever feel lust, most likely because of depression among other things. I love the roleplay aspect of it and it is just entertaining for me in a non sexual way and I like the challenge to make it look visually appealing, I guess I'm a weird one. I could probably roleplay in some other non sexual manner, but I find it more difficult since I feel like people got higher expectations if it's a story driven roleplay.
  7. I do like how the body look, my only complaints really is the thin wrists and ankles, the toes looking short and stubby, the nails on the toes looking narrow and small so it kinda looks odd to me, and I find the fingers to be very thin compared to how plump the body looks regardless of of your shape's slider numbers, but that is probably just me being nit picky. But honestly, whenever I get the income I will switch from Legacy to Ebody, because tmp sucks as a company/store, their support is crap and they deny dev kits for certain stores, the hud is web-based crap, I also feel like they rely heavily on customers to help other customers with their body, and let's not forget how they bailed on their first body years ago.
  8. I'm not going to kinkshame but, I think most of SL's "findommes" are not actual findommes and aren't there for the kink but rather for the money, as stupid as it sounds. Meaning they are not commited findommes, it's not a kink for them, they simply just want to get their obsession with buying virtual stuff paid, I think there is a reason why there is so many of findommes and escorts now days, at least I've seen quite a lot of them by peeking on random people's profiles that I see in groups or random public places. It's the same with babygirls, there's a lot of them and it didn't use to be such a big thing within SL, but from what I notice, apparently kinks can become trends within SL because people want to get liked, or it got some other kind of " positive quirks" for them, which really isn't healthy especially when people really have no idea what they are doing, and couldn't care less about their partners. Also dudes and dudettes throwing the master/mistress/dom/sub title here and there, when most of them have no idea what even goes into being one, you know you can simply say you're a bottom, top or a switch. Not here to discuss anything, maybe my observation is wrong, but just saying.
  9. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone got any recommendations or know if there's any jumping puzzle places within Second life? I only know of the vault by The Crowley corporation ( which I highly recommend as long as you don't mind the adult store you have to go trough to get to it ), and that there is something similar in some of the games you get trough via the portal park, I also know that Madpea sells some type of games, but I prefer exploring Second life and finding some jumping puzzle or any other types of games that other people have created! I take any suggestions gladly, I wish there were more of them because jumping puzzles within Second life is actually very fun and challenging, but there is very few of them if any at all. Thank you! :3
  10. Not bad per se, but not someone I would add. If someone sends you a friend request without even talking with you. If someone is greeting you with the typical " Sup sexy ", and probably expecting and wanting to do something lewd. If someone is really hard to keep a conversation with, and only replies with short answers. If someone got a profile containing where they got banned from, or a list of people who stepped on their toes. If their profiles only contain sexual information about what they like and what they do and all that.
  11. Sadly there will be bad eggs anywhere, both in RL and on SL. As long as your not a "normal" person, but then again what is, you will most likely deal with people who got an issue with whatever no matter what you do or what you "are". But then again it isn't as black and white, sometimes there is a good reason for someone to react. My experiences being, seeing a toddler avatar with bdsm gear at an adult store years ago and getting "hit on" by a baby furry at a furry club. Second life does give a platform to both good and bad people, nobody can deny that there are bad people doing bad things with avatars as these, but that puts other people in a bad light, making people assume the worst, and that is just sadly how it has become. Furry, anime and toddler avatars will most likely get someone after them, troughout their SL life, there isn't much to do there other than block and move on, find somewhere else to go that are more welcoming for most. But let's not forget that there are bad eggs behind any kind of avatar and person, including "human" avatars, which I personally have experienced and do not wish on anyone. But that does not make me instantly think, oh that's a human male avatar so they must be a P*** etc, assuming things is never good for anyone, as long as there is no real proof, words should not be spilled.
  12. What if they "hired" users who have time and doesn't mind getting paid in lindens to do marketplace check up on wrong tagged items? They are not losing money that way, they will also give someone something to do, and maybe make the marketplace a tiny bit better when it comes to that. Actually... never mind that would be stupid, if that ended up in the wrong hands :U
  13. I play only on pc sadly 😅
  14. Hi there! 😃 I have tried this before, but I'm trying again! I'm looking for some new buddies, preferably someone with common interests, especially for gaming, I do have some already but I thought it would be nice with someone who also use Second life. You may call me Pixelberry or Pixel for short, I'm a 27 year old female from EU, I have been on Second life since 2007, I have been struggling with social anxiety for decades so I'm mostly stuck at home, having a lot of time to waste really. I really love the autumn season, autumn colors, the cold weather, halloween and horror movies, my favorite horror icons being Jason Voorhees and Micheal Myers. I also really like anime and manga, but I do not watch or read it as often as I used to, my favorite genres being Horror, Psychological, Shoujo, Romance, Fantasy, scifi and *Cough* Hentai, but mostly just the "art" tho. I love games such as Call of duty: Warzone, Hunt showdown, 7 days to die, Don't starve together, Dead by daylight and other games, I'm the chill type of person who just plays for fun, so I tend to not like people who turn toxic towards others because they can't handle losing, or handle people doing mistakes. I have always been tomboyish when it comes to personality, I get along better and feel more comfortable around male friends rather than female friends, I'm not crossing you out, but I'm saying it is more likely that we will not get along, or at least it will be hard to. I'm also quite shy at the start, but I usually warm up to people, unless they are introverted and awkward like me lmao, so I prefer people who are the opposite of me honestly, because it is easier that way. I of course got flaws, such as having trust issues with strangers, being paranoid and really disliking crowds of people, but I do consider myself kind and caring, so I hope it balances it out. You usally can see me wearing my anime avatar or human avatar, but it has mostly been my anime avatar recently, I also do not dress uh "casually" so to speak, so if you dislike that then, you will either have to cover me up with a big paper bag or something else I guess! Anyhoot. I don't think I need to say anything else, I think it would be more fun to get to know each other rather than writing a whole bible about myself! 😅 ( In short, I'm looking for gaming buddies, with common interests preferably males or other tomboyish girls who speaks somewhat fluent english, I tend to be picky on who I befriend with, it's not your fault but my own, because of how I am as a person. What I'm not looking for is romantic relationships, as I am already in love with my RL boyfriend, hopefully you can respect that. ) I prefer getting contacted trough IMs ( Pixelberry resident ). Thank you, have a wonderful day! 😁
  15. Snarky people, I really cannot stand people who are being snarky for no good reason. 😟 And people who only befriend you to use you in some way or another.
  16. ...It was just a suggestion, a stupid one I guess :U Let me just hide back in my cave where I do not get stomped on for giving one. Splat.
  17. Eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Let's just not forget that there are 16 years old and younger people on Second life, I'm not a anti adult person by any means, and I do not get disturbed easily but I do react on what people decide to do in a pg or a mature area, where potentionally young people hang at, and not everyone are into seeing those kinda things and can get scared off per se. I'm just thinking in a way that would make Second life more inviting for new people in general.
  18. The amount of items that got those scripts are very low and are only uh nether bits as far as I'm aware, and I know that it wouldn't solve the whole twitch thing but it would make it better if it was improved, don't you think?
  19. Such as people dressing very skimpy in a pg sim, people walking around naked in stores, people walking around in bdsm gear and being leashed at stores or any sim that they like, spankers, moaners in pg sims etc. Having pg, mature and adult sims don't really seperate them, which is why I'm wondering why they didn't implement pg, mature and adult tags for objects and clothes, like they did with copy, modify and transfer, that way people wearing adult tagged items can't access a pg or a mature sim for example, or people wearing pg items, or toddler items or being a toddler can't access an adult sim. If they did, you would be less likely to see lewd stuff in a pg or a mature sim, and would make Second life more streamable among other things, and would actually seperate it better for the people who doesn't want to see those kinda things. After all 16 year olds can join Second life, and I bet there are people who are younger in it as well, seeing how I was 13 when I first joined Second life in 2007. It wouldn't be perfect of course, how can Second life tell whenever a person is simply naked, but it would be far better I think that way regardless.
  20. Second life got a whole lot of more issues than the ones already stated, there are four things that I see as important to fix to make Second life enjoyable for newcomers, performance, a better way to seperate pg and adult content/sims within Second life, a better viewer that is easier to understand for newcomers, why is there not a built in tutorial rather than huds? And having less sims kicking out newcomers because their account is not 30 days old, saw a youtube video that demostrated that very well.
  21. I think its one of the genus heads and perhaps her own skin, or one of the skins she sells in her store.
  22. Yeah it is different over here ( Norway ), my boyfriend was shocked on how friendly and welcoming Americans are, meanwhile we Norwegians are afraid of starting a conversation with strangers, and tries to avoid any social interaction unless necessary, there are of course exceptions, but more likely most of us are like this.
  23. Now I haven't read trough all the pages of comments, but I will assume that this will affect a lot of creators who mainly focuses on gachas, I personally used to love them when the whole gacha thing started to blossom within Second life, but over the years I realized it is basically an easy way for stores to earn in some cash, and is basically a scam. So I'm happy to see them go. However I do understand how this can affect the stores who mainly focus on gacha. I have noticed over the years that some creators put more work, quality and creativity into their gachas than regular releases. With the same work, quality and creativity, your regular releases should do just as well, if I like something and want something, I will buy it regardless if it is a gacha or not. heck I will be more likely to buy it if it isn't from a gacha, I have been avoiding gachas for at least 2 years now. ( But no I won't pay 5k for a fatpack of gachas, I rather want to be able to pick and choose what I purchase, I think you are more likely to sell more like that, not everyone got 5k to spend on a fatpack, when they simply just want one color or one item from said gacha fatpack. ) Let's not forget there are people/customers who do not play gachas, so when you start selling your content as a regular releases, those people will start purchasing your content, depending on your pricing I can imagine. I also think one month is too little, it will probably take more time for creators to do the changes that needs to be done, and also figuring out what to do with already released gachas. I do hope that this doesn't affect the SL economy too much. Good luck for those who need it 😅
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