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  1. Yeah it is different over here ( Norway ), my boyfriend was shocked on how friendly and welcoming Americans are, meanwhile we Norwegians are afraid of starting a conversation with strangers, and tries to avoid any social interaction unless necessary, there are of course exceptions, but more likely most of us are like this.
  2. Now I haven't read trough all the pages of comments, but I will assume that this will affect a lot of creators who mainly focuses on gachas, I personally used to love them when the whole gacha thing started to blossom within Second life, but over the years I realized it is basically an easy way for stores to earn in some cash, and is basically a scam. So I'm happy to see them go. However I do understand how this can affect the stores who mainly focus on gacha. I have noticed over the years that some creators put more work, quality and creativity into their gachas than regular releases. With the same work, quality and creativity, your regular releases should do just as well, if I like something and want something, I will buy it regardless if it is a gacha or not. heck I will be more likely to buy it if it isn't from a gacha, I have been avoiding gachas for at least 2 years now. ( But no I won't pay 5k for a fatpack of gachas, I rather want to be able to pick and choose what I purchase, I think you are more likely to sell more like that, not everyone got 5k to spend on a fatpack, when they simply just want one color or one item from said gacha fatpack. ) Let's not forget there are people/customers who do not play gachas, so when you start selling your content as a regular releases, those people will start purchasing your content, depending on your pricing I can imagine. I also think one month is too little, it will probably take more time for creators to do the changes that needs to be done, and also figuring out what to do with already released gachas. I do hope that this doesn't affect the SL economy too much. Good luck for those who need it πŸ˜…
  3. It will have to be maitreya for me, big shocker. I was fine using it when we didn't have much other options when it came to bodies, but over time I just found more and more issues I personally had with it, then came belleza and slink hourglass, I used belleza for a good while before I switched over to slink hourglass, and over time just switched between belleza and slink hourglass but mostly used slink hourglass until legacy came out, I was kinda off putted since it's tmp were talking about here so I didn't buy it right away when it came out, I did eventually buy it and it's my favorite body out of them all, the only Issue I have with it is the way the hud is made to work and it's creators and how they tend to treat some fellow bodypart creators, I did end up buying kupra as well after pondering about it because it is body for a specific group I would say and I like flexibility which it doesn't really have, but I found out that it just worked well for the anime hentai vibe I was going for on a outfit, but then again I'm not so picky about a body being realistic or a more sex appeal, since I like to switch body types. But in general maitreya for me is the body that didn't stay on for long, however maitreya lovers won't get any judgement for me, it's just that it didn't work for me and it's pretty bland and meh compared to other bodies in my own opinion, but is a good body for newcomers and people who dress casually and like to have a slim petite body type, it wasn't flexible enough for me and felt lacking and I didn't enjoy using it, so tbh I deleted it from my inventory as well as any maitreya sizes I get with clothes lmao, I just like to save space where I can.
  4. Since she couldn't handle that or the help that she got, she wouldn't of lasted long in SL anyhow with that attitude, Second life isn't for the impatient, never has been.
  5. Even the ones who seems nice and innocent, can judge you and do other *****ty things behind your back, even if you don't notice it, it does happen no matter what really. Just don't end up like me, sticking to your own home 24/7, growing unhealthy paranoid over time. But to be real, everyone judges everyone, some more than others and in a less *****tier way than other ways, heck you might not even realize that you do. Ignore the judgement, and just have fun, even if it won't last as long as you would want it to.
  6. I have always just had general information like gender and age, birthdate and whenever I'm taken. I used to have a RL picture of myself years ago but learned the hard way that it wasn't a good idea, bad people will use it against you.
  7. Not to sound mean but... it is not cute to beg for money and will scare people off instantly, play linden realms or something to save up some lindens, or try to find a job within sl, or simply purchase lindens yourself if you can, obliviously there are kind people out there, but they surely won't hand out money to a stranger that solely looks for cash.
  8. I have been pondering about this before since I'm a big fan of horror movies , having a horror roleplay would be interesting but like Orwar I have just seen people who do it as a sexual thing, but I would also imagine it being tiring having to make a new character each time they die per se. But it would of been a cool concept none the less.
  9. I would of loved to see some moss or something on the bottom of the fences and the buildings so they would not be so right in your face against the ground, so it would fade with the ground a bit, maybe a little less trees and replace those with some more mesh grass so the ground is not so flat. However I do love the idea of the place.
  10. I think it also depends on how you dress, how mature/young your face looks, breast size, it all comes down to a little bit of everything, even if you say that you are an adult and your character is an adult, but your avatar is wearing lots of pastels, frills, got small breasts or no breasts at all and have a very young looking face, perhaps wearing baby girl themed things, it comes to a point where you end up looking like at least a young teenager and even sometimes a child. Obliviously breast size should not matter, neither height because there are adult females being short and barely have any chesticles, but then again I think it depends on the rest as well, heck even how you behave, short avatar, small breasts, pinks and frills, young face, baby girl themed items, childish personality, all that combined ends up looking and seeming questionable. I'm not assuming what you are wearing and all that, I'm just showing examples on perhaps some reasons why people will assume that some are a child or a young teenager because of a combination of things, sometimes the height is not the sole reason for it, giving us a picture of your avatar would probably help us giving you a better answer on what to do, but if the land owner is just super against short people then there really isn't much to do since it is their land and rules.
  11. That is pretty normal, I sometimes crash in the middle of teleports when I have been standing at a spot for a while, so I find moving a little bit before tping helps at times.
  12. I would totally use Flickr for that if I were you, there are some nice advertisement groups that you can join, also having a pic on your profile for advertising what you do. I wouldn't bother much with Instagram, I think barely anyone use Instagram for Second life, at least not as much as people use Flickr. If you get a bigger audience you can probably make a Second life Facebook account to try and advertise there as well, but I don't know how affective that is.
  13. I took myself the time today to delete the sizes of bodies that I don't use, with gachas as an exception. I will probably go trough my inventory more, because I totally have things that I do not use or never will use. It takes time but I think it is worth doing now and then, it is like cleaning in real life, the result is satisfying! 😁 I have my inventory sorted by lots of sub folders, but I made an legacy folder when I got it, that needs more sorting, so that is another project mhm.
  14. I feel like the adult content part has become more normalized over the years, I mean there has always been adult content in SL but I feel like it's become so normal compared to the earlier days.
  15. Sometimes I like to imagine myself as a new user, to imagine the first impression people would have when finding out about Second life. What is the first thing people usually do when finding out about a game or something along those lines? YouTube, a trailer, or something that can give people a visual of what Second life is and what you can do within it. I'm still waiting for a video that shows Second life for what it really is, There hasn't been a video for me personally that really hit the nail for me, that made me scream "Yeah that is Second life alright! ". The video with the most views is the video by Videogamedunkey that came out in 2016 which doesn't really paint Second life in a good way at all, shows clips of trolling, mocking and bad avatars, and the comment section of it really shows what people's first expression of Second life is/was. On the other hand, it probably did attract "weirdos" or people who are curious and got interested in Second life, but for most part it probably weirded them out, making them not give Second life a chance at all, I do assume that most people who know of Second life thinks it's a *****ed up "game" for "outcasts" with only sex and weird kinks in mind, or "outcasts" who doesn't have a life and takes this "game" too seriously ( like the typical MC people who ends up being the victims in the trolling videos ). Sadly the more positive videos never really get the views or attention that the other types of videos does, but even then as I said earlier, the videos that exists doesn't really show what Second life really is, they don't really hit the nail, perhaps it's only me that sees it that way. But let's imagine as a new user, finally finding a decent video of Second life, and get's interested. Now I will have to create an account, the Second life webpage has always looked bland to me, it's probably one of the least important things to care about, but it does leave an impression, even the Second life page in my opinion doesn't showcase what Second life is about, it doesn't even scratch the surface. As a new user, I probably expect to look alright right away, the decent videos shows decent avies, the pictures on the webpage shows decent avies... then you logg on for the first time, with a not completely Ruth but still a Ruth avatar and yeah I would probably feel tricked and confused as to why I look so different compared to what I have seen so far. So then I probably realize, ah that is probably because they have spent money on this "game", but where the ***** do I go now? How do I do this and that? How do I make myself look better? Alright they have learned me the basics with these tutorials, but I don't know what to do now, everyone is quiet and standing there like dead penguins. There is another issue with Second life and that is how scattered it is, for people to stay up to date with events better is via the seraphim website, for people to stay up to date with products is via the flickr website, to share the snapshots with other Second life users I will have to use the flickr website because that is the more popular alternative, we have the forums of course but it is dead compared to flickr, for people to ask for general Second life issues they have to use the forum, but from my own experience a lot of the responses that people have gotten is snarky, the forum itself doesn't get used much by the people within Second life either, so people's impression is that Second life is pretty empty, people don't know where to go or where to find people. Heck even the groups doesn't even work and made creators make discord channels to give people help and news for their products. So yeah scattered. For new users to know these things, they will need to find people or ask the forums, perhaps they don't even know if there are alternatives like that to begin with so they never ask, basically Second life turns into a confusing mess for new people that even bothered to give Second life a chance and probably scared them away right away, unless they meet someone really nice that uses time to learn them things, of course there are youtube videos but even then people have a lot of confusion and questions. Sorry for the long post. :U
  16. I honestly find older users more spooky in my opinion, there are bad eggs no matter how old of a user you are of Second life, I become happy whenever I see new people, but the question then is if they are an alt or not.
  17. I do wonder, is Second life fixable? If someone had the passion for Second life, the money and what not, if someone hired a team of coders, would Second life be fixable? Or is it impossible because of the "ancient" and messy coding?
  18. I have never felt that I could share my Second life with my friends or family, because to be honest it is not family friendly at all, even with the adult, mature or pg regions, you can still find people walking around with their tiddies and *****s out. There are a lot of issues within Second life that needs to be solved, I have an idea that could potentially solve the mature items being out in pg areas, just like how you check modify, transfer and copy. What if you could check adult, mature and pg on objects and layers or anything that you can wear? Might be a stupid idea, but why not share it anyhow. But that is just one of many issues Second life has. There are some youtube videos of normies visiting Second life, and their first impressions are usually wack, and usually paints Second life into this virtual world that is only about weirdos and sex, making it hard for me and others to share the wonderful world of Second life. Linden labs themselves don't really or haven't tried hard to advertise Second life well, first time in years I feel like they are trying something new with the site layout, but it is unfinished or maybe it is finished? I don't know. I feel like Second life needs to have it's reputation changed before anyone really can advertise it well, and I don't know how people can do that. I do want more people to join our world, even after all these years, even if Second life is old and not robust, Second life is still the only world of it's kind, there's nothing that can replace it for me, at least not currently, I have been here since 2007, and I'm not quitting before it's literally dead.
  19. Compared to Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra and Belleza freya, Slink got less support overall, it has always been that way, even when I was still wearing Slink hourglass, which is understandable because there is a ton of bodies out there now, and solo creators simply do not have time to create sizes for every single body there is, which is probably the reason why bigger brands with multiply people working on said brand still creates sizes for less popular bodies, either that or creators painfully goes trough hours of hours of work to try and satisfy every single costumer.
  20. Oh those are really good! I live in Norway so when I could travel over to Sweden for some shopping I would buy some of those. πŸ˜„
  21. Just as the title says I'm looking for fantasy/medieval/armor apparel for the female legacy body, I already know of Pucca firecaster creations, Antaya, P.0.E, Noble creations and Plastik ( or whatever their new name is ) but haven't really found much, at least not something that covers more than just the nip nops and the private parts. So I was hoping that you guys had more store suggestions for me, because so far I have really just peeked on the marketplace and I'm probably missing out on stores that I don't know about, I prefer smaller pieces over full outfits so I can mix and match stuff, oh and is there a decent bom chainmail somewhere? Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you! πŸ˜„
  22. I do not miss pure flexy hairs to be honest since it clips trough your body and everything else, and got a unnatural movement in my opinion, but I do think it would of been nice if creators added some flexy strands with their hairs, so there's some movement going on, like for example barberyumyum's 47B hair, which is a rigged hair with a few flexy strands.
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