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  1. PixelBerry

    WCIF this skin?

    I'm not 100% sure but it might be from Clef de peau ^-^
  2. I mostly stay by myself because I feel paranoid around people, thinking bad stuff will happen to me once I go out like copybotting and stuff, but I do hang with some friends now and then when I feel lonely in either my home or theirs. And when I do go out to events and such, I change into my pillow avatar. But honestly yeah, most of the time it's nice to be alone, no stress and just playing sims 4 and listening to music in the background
  3. You can always try and adjust the windlight to your liking
  4. It is the windlight that is doing that, I get that sometimes too depending on the windlight and what angle the sun is at, but it doesn't have to be the sun, it can be another light source that does that too, try changing your windlight and move to a different location and see if that works. The lip curve of some heads are pretty defined so it can get lighted up like that. As well as the skin your using, the upper lips are smaller than the head's upper lip, making that line more visible, at least from what I can see.
  5. The reason the Vaw taco isn't omega is because They are not using the SL uv on it like at all. But girls, there are a ton of swatches on it, like a whole beeping lot. But either how if it had omega it just wouldn't work, because it's not made to replace your pelvis on the body but rather lay over it, so god knows how many glitchy issues would appear because of that, the textures need some kinda transparency to blend in with your body/skin. It's pretty much the only lady bit you can choose that is rigged for the Belleza Freya body, you have of course the unrigged ones but, yeah. I'm pretty happy with the Vaw, but there are always things that can be better with everything, but I know for a fact that the creator of Vaw does his best on his products and he always helps his costumers, and updates his products over time ( Free updates ). The Issues I have with it is the fact that it does not open wide as for example the bento bits that people are selling, and there are some rigging issues when your in certain animations, the hud is ugly as beep and somewhat small but it's okay, not that the bento ones have any better huds to be honest. Other than that I don't really have any other issues, these issues are probably things that can be fixed over time, I have already asked the creator if he would do another state that is wider and told him about the rigging issues I have with the Slink Hourglass size at least as I don't really use Belleza as much anymore. Anyways if you have constructive criticisms for him, he always accepts them with open arms. There are swatches for all kinds of human colors, including white if you wan't to tint it, as well as he does custom work for that so if there is a skin that you want it to match to just request it from him, at least last time I checked he does that, you do of course have to pay for the work. I personally don't have any issues with the swatches as I use the Pink fuel skins that are already supported. But you can of course just wait and see if there is anyone who's going to make a belleza bento bits or not, but who knows? I did ask the belleza creator if he were going to make built in bento bits a good while back, and it was a maybe answer. But I can't relay on that answer and neither should you. I feel like I wrote too much, but yeah. It's either vaw rigged, or other bits that are unrigged you can choose for your Belleza freya pretty much.
  6. There are a ton of shoe shops both in world and on the marketplace but I would suggest checking out Reign as they have a lot different types of heels, boots, sneakers etc. As well as Vale Koer that got a few heels and Empire or Phedora, but always try demos first before buying anything.
  7. I'm not really into the whole urban clothing style but, I'm pretty sure if you check out Vale Koer there will be some pieces you can use, as well as Vrsion got some cool clothes and accessories, but be careful because they still have some clothes that just come in "standard sizes" at Vrsion. But generally you should check the seraphim website and stay up to date with events and such, because you might miss out on cool stuff. And maybe you should join a group called L'homme in world, you might get better help in there as it is a male fashion group for a magazine. usually people are really helpful in there.
  8. Yeah you should go to Deadwool but I think Cold Ash and Versov got some nice ones too you should check out, but I would say Deadwool is the better choice out of them all.
  9. Hellu! I don't know how to even start but here we go. My name is Pixelberry resident, I have been on Second life for around 11 years and I'm still logging on quite often, so no this is not my first account. I'm a 24 year old female and I live in Norway ( and I'm not single, just a heads up), so preferably I want to find friends who live in Europa, because of European times. For a good while I have been sticking to myself, staying at my home and basically distancing myself from people, I do still chat with people trough IM's tho. Because I have been used several times, gotten stolen from, gotten stalked and basically just overall been treated badly by people, several times. And because of that I have become paranoid and more protective of myself, so basically that is why I'm lonely and just sticking to myself to not get hurt again. And maybe, because I also struggle with social anxiety and depression. But once I get to know people, and feel safe around them, I will open up and be myself 100%. But I'm now somewhat ready to meet new people, and try to get out of my shell. Who am I? To be honest I'm not 100% sure myself on who I really am, but all I can say is that I consider myself a kind person as long as people don't treat me as trash. I'm also always honest to people, because I don't like to lie or sugar coat things. Unless I feel nervous and afraid that my honest answers will hurt people. I consider myself a girl that got more of a boyish personality and a person that prefers male friends over female friends, because I more often have more in common with males than females. I'm also a creative person who loves to rarely draw by hand, I also love to texture and create eyes and skins for anime avatars, I really love to decorate and landscape, and I love to really work hard on my avatar to make it look somewhat unique and make my profile look clean and pretty, anyways overall I'm just creative I guess. I also really love to play games! At the moment I'm playing Apex legends, League of legends, Dead by daylight, Playerunknown's battlegrounds, Sims 4 and Minecraft. I have other games as well but I don't play them as often. But I'm a huge fan of fallout and Bioshock, just so you know. I'm also a massive fan of horror movies or horror generally, It's almost the only genre I watch when it comes to movies, but I also love sci-fi. I'm also a fan of anime/manga, but I wouldn't say that I watch anime that often and that I feel like only talking about that, but I sometimes do and it's been a part of me for several years. I'm a person that highly dislikes people doing bad stuff such as: Copybotting, stealing, harassing and being unoriginal and just straight up being a bad person. I don't mind you, but I just want to avoid people like that. I'm also this and that, but I think it's for the best that you get to know me yourself, if your interested that is. I'm looking for: - I'm looking for a long lasting friendship. - A person that actually show that they care about other individuals. - A person that I can play some of the games mentioned with. - A person that writes/speaks English somewhat fluent, it doesn't have to be perfect but I need you to be understandable. - A kind person, you don't need to be perfect. But don't be unnecessarily mean. - A open-minded person. - A person who got common sense. - A person who are 21+ years old. - A person who got some of the same interests as me, doesn't need to be all of them. - Preferably a person living in Europa, because of European times. - Preferably a male, but females are welcome too, don't be afraid to contact me. - A person that roleplay, not needed but It would be fun to roleplay together sometimes ( Not sexually ). - You don't have to be human, I accept any species, hellu aliens and fluffy friends. I don't know what else to write honestly. So I will just end it here. Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a great day ^ v ^ ( Is there a way to delete the post later on? > v >'' )
  10. I think I would stick to the SLUSER name, it's cheaper in the long run to say the least!
  11. The typical " Hi your hot " following by a " How are you? " or " What is a girl like you doing her? " as much as those are boring and way to common I tend to get more annoyed when people start with their questions like " Why does females/males do this and that? " When it's obvious that everything doesn't got to do with gender, but rather personality. I don't feel like explaining exactly that to a person who doesn't own any common sense. And I don't want to feel like a exotic species that got to answer for themselves.
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