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  1. I would totally use Flickr for that if I were you, there are some nice advertisement groups that you can join, also having a pic on your profile for advertising what you do. I wouldn't bother much with Instagram, I think barely anyone use Instagram for Second life, at least not as much as people use Flickr. If you get a bigger audience you can probably make a Second life Facebook account to try and advertise there as well, but I don't know how affective that is.
  2. I took myself the time today to delete the sizes of bodies that I don't use, with gachas as an exception. I will probably go trough my inventory more, because I totally have things that I do not use or never will use. It takes time but I think it is worth doing now and then, it is like cleaning in real life, the result is satisfying! 😁 I have my inventory sorted by lots of sub folders, but I made an legacy folder when I got it, that needs more sorting, so that is another project mhm.
  3. I feel like the adult content part has become more normalized over the years, I mean there has always been adult content in SL but I feel like it's become so normal compared to the earlier days.
  4. Sometimes I like to imagine myself as a new user, to imagine the first impression people would have when finding out about Second life. What is the first thing people usually do when finding out about a game or something along those lines? YouTube, a trailer, or something that can give people a visual of what Second life is and what you can do within it. I'm still waiting for a video that shows Second life for what it really is, There hasn't been a video for me personally that really hit the nail for me, that made me scream "Yeah that is Second life alright! ". The video with t
  5. I honestly find older users more spooky in my opinion, there are bad eggs no matter how old of a user you are of Second life, I become happy whenever I see new people, but the question then is if they are an alt or not.
  6. I do wonder, is Second life fixable? If someone had the passion for Second life, the money and what not, if someone hired a team of coders, would Second life be fixable? Or is it impossible because of the "ancient" and messy coding?
  7. I have never felt that I could share my Second life with my friends or family, because to be honest it is not family friendly at all, even with the adult, mature or pg regions, you can still find people walking around with their tiddies and *****s out. There are a lot of issues within Second life that needs to be solved, I have an idea that could potentially solve the mature items being out in pg areas, just like how you check modify, transfer and copy. What if you could check adult, mature and pg on objects and layers or anything that you can wear? Might be a stupid idea, but why not share i
  8. Compared to Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra and Belleza freya, Slink got less support overall, it has always been that way, even when I was still wearing Slink hourglass, which is understandable because there is a ton of bodies out there now, and solo creators simply do not have time to create sizes for every single body there is, which is probably the reason why bigger brands with multiply people working on said brand still creates sizes for less popular bodies, either that or creators painfully goes trough hours of hours of work to try and satisfy every single costumer.
  9. Oh those are really good! I live in Norway so when I could travel over to Sweden for some shopping I would buy some of those. 😄
  10. Just as the title says I'm looking for fantasy/medieval/armor apparel for the female legacy body, I already know of Pucca firecaster creations, Antaya, P.0.E, Noble creations and Plastik ( or whatever their new name is ) but haven't really found much, at least not something that covers more than just the nip nops and the private parts. So I was hoping that you guys had more store suggestions for me, because so far I have really just peeked on the marketplace and I'm probably missing out on stores that I don't know about, I prefer smaller pieces over full outfits so I can mix and match stuff, o
  11. I do not miss pure flexy hairs to be honest since it clips trough your body and everything else, and got a unnatural movement in my opinion, but I do think it would of been nice if creators added some flexy strands with their hairs, so there's some movement going on, like for example barberyumyum's 47B hair, which is a rigged hair with a few flexy strands.
  12. I think the safest thing to do is to just remove the name from your profile, I don't know how serious linden labs takes that kind of thing. But just know that you are not the only one, I have had my profile copied twice and probably more that I know of, but there really isn't much you can do about it other than to tell the person doing it to not do it again, or show them that you actually know that they did that to you. Instead you could just make a profile pic and write down that you do not appreciate people copying your profile or other things, at least that is what I have done, if
  13. I have only experienced this once years ago, it was pretty obvious that they were faking it, since "whoever" were telling me that they had died, wrote in the same exact way that the person who apparently died did and was telling me trough their account, I never got it clarified but I thought to myself that it is whatever, I'm not going to bother getting answers when that said person decides to fake their death, so I deleted them as a friend and moved on, I never got to know the reason for it. But to whoever decides to do that as a grown up person, you are disgusting. There are other ways to se
  14. For me what puts me off whenever I have tried to rp at sims is that I never felt included/welcomed, I know that isn't up to others to do, you should usually try to include yourself, but as a shy person with social anxiety I find that really hard, so I wonder how many shy people or people who struggle with social anxiety there actually are in Secondlife and maybe that might be some of the reasons people don't tend to stick around or roleplay with someone, then there's also people who got really high expectations from other roleplayers and that kinda scares me away, because I know that I'm not t
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