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  1. Check out the store Deetalez, they got bom skin for genus and slink.
  2. Not my cup of tea, but I can see that some might like it.
  3. Hmm... nope! I have always thought that clowns look too goofy for me to be scared of, I can't ever take scary movies with clowns in them seriously. They can be a bit creepy but not in a scary way for me.
  4. Yeah it can happen and there is nothing wrong with that, it is not your fault if someone misunderstands you. I have had people remove me and getting angry at me because they have misunderstood me and my jokes.
  5. Violent seduction, Sweet thing and Insomnia angel got some lolita themed clothes and accessories.
  6. I would suggest a lelutka evolution head and the maitreya body, the genus heads tend to be clunky at times, however the lelutka ones are pretty smooth in various ways, would suggest trying a demo and playing around with the shape sliders to make sure the lips look the way you want them to.
  7. If your planning to stay in Second life for a long time then yeah you should probably invest in a good avatar, it is of course not necessary and by choice. However if you feel like it's just a temporary thing then I would suggest not to invest in it, making a decent looking avatar can be really expensive depending on what you buy. I don't know if your a female or a male but I will give you some suggestions regardless. In the long run I would not suggest on buying the first or the cheapest things you find, especially when it comes to bodyparts. When it comes to a body I woul
  8. I joined Second life back in 2007 as a 13 year old, my mother found Second life and thought I would like it, since I had a joy for virtual worlds like IMVU. My mom however wasn't aware of the adult items it contained, neither did I before I accidentally landed in a orgy sim when I was looking for freebies, yikes. Anyways. I was struggling with daily bullying since I was 6, so it had taken a toll on me throughout the years, so the internet and the virtual world was my escape. Second life made it easier for me to cope trough my struggles, if I hadn't had Second life in my lif
  9. I delete people when they ignore my IM's repeatedly over long periods of time, and only IM's me when they need something from me but otherwise ghosts me, I also sometimes delete people if they have been lying to me repeatedly or have done something that really upset me.
  10. I'm not 100% sure but it might be from Clef de peau ^-^
  11. I mostly stay by myself because I feel paranoid around people, thinking bad stuff will happen to me once I go out like copybotting and stuff, but I do hang with some friends now and then when I feel lonely in either my home or theirs. And when I do go out to events and such, I change into my pillow avatar. But honestly yeah, most of the time it's nice to be alone, no stress and just playing sims 4 and listening to music in the background
  12. You can always try and adjust the windlight to your liking
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