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  1. Yeah, there was this one guy that I had a big crush on in my early Second life years, mind you I was very young because I started Second life in 2007 when I was 13 years old, I can't remember exactly what year it was when I met this guy, but anyhoot. He used me for lindens even when I didn't have access to any myself, told me to beg for lindens from a friend who I then lost because of it, he also cheated on me multiply times, even right in front of me. Even when he did I was young and stupid and still loved him and gave him many chances, but I shortly grew up from it and told him to eff off eventually. But I have also felt hurt because of what friends have done towards me, even if it's not love related but it left me heart broken. But it learned me early on not to take relationships in Second life seriously, and yeah I met my bf trough the game Tera instead some years later, so it was worth being single for some years ☺️
  2. Yeah they should! πŸ˜„ It would be nice if they added different kinds of avatars. I really do not mind them using real people in it as long as they show some actual avatars in it as well.
  3. ^ Forgot to quote you, but my response is above.
  4. Silent when did I ever say that it was made in Second life? I said that they might be adding parts from second life in the finished video, since they are taking so long to actually publish the finished product. " the video is a work in process so they might be adding avatars in there to mix it up "
  5. I honestly do not mind the new colors and the look of the page, the video is a work in process so they might be adding avatars in there to mix it up, creating videos in Second life is not easy and that might be the reason they are taking so long to finish up the video, the whole fantasy thing is probably a way to show " you can be whatever you want to be " so adding scifi and fantasy themed people in the commercial is a easier way to show that compared to just adding normal looking people. It is also possible to make that blue elf, if you are creative enough. And that is a big part of Second life, to be creative and create, have some fantasy etc, I've seen avatars that are way more complex than that blue elf would be. Also saw someone wonder why they are hanging, they are probably trying to recreate the flying we fellow second lifers do now and then. In the end I do like the changes, however I do agree that it can be misleading, but most people can see that it is a real person and probably won't expect Second life to look like that, especially if they do research before joining.
  6. I used to have my rl picture in my profile years ago, but some someone decided it was a good idea to take my rl picture and someone elses and make a offensive meme out of it and post in a public group, and yes that someone was my bff back then, and I had no idea it was them because they used an alt to do it, mind you I didn't do anything towards them. So after that I decided to just stop having my rl picture on my profile, I have also had my fair share of crazy people who can use pretty much anything against you if they don't get what they want, so having any sort of rl stuff in your profile is in my opinion a bad idea. But I'm very open to voicing and like to voice with people.
  7. I quit IMVU years ago around when I started in Second life in 2007, Second life showed me the world of roleplay pretty much.
  8. Check out the store Deetalez, they got bom skin for genus and slink.
  9. Not my cup of tea, but I can see that some might like it.
  10. Hmm... nope! I have always thought that clowns look too goofy for me to be scared of, I can't ever take scary movies with clowns in them seriously. They can be a bit creepy but not in a scary way for me.
  11. Yeah it can happen and there is nothing wrong with that, it is not your fault if someone misunderstands you. I have had people remove me and getting angry at me because they have misunderstood me and my jokes.
  12. Violent seduction, Sweet thing and Insomnia angel got some lolita themed clothes and accessories.
  13. I would suggest a lelutka evolution head and the maitreya body, the genus heads tend to be clunky at times, however the lelutka ones are pretty smooth in various ways, would suggest trying a demo and playing around with the shape sliders to make sure the lips look the way you want them to.
  14. If your planning to stay in Second life for a long time then yeah you should probably invest in a good avatar, it is of course not necessary and by choice. However if you feel like it's just a temporary thing then I would suggest not to invest in it, making a decent looking avatar can be really expensive depending on what you buy. I don't know if your a female or a male but I will give you some suggestions regardless. In the long run I would not suggest on buying the first or the cheapest things you find, especially when it comes to bodyparts. When it comes to a body I would suggest Maitreya if your a female, and Signature gianni ( At least from what I know. ) if your a male as they are the most supported bodies out there, you will also most likely find more freebies and group gifts for those bodies which saves you some money as you don't have to invest in clothes and other things if you find something for free that you like. Maitreya body: 2750 Lindens. Signature gianni body: 4000 Lindens. When it comes to heads it really depends on what type of face you want, but I would suggest taking a look at the Lelutka store as they have permanently lowered their prices for their Lelutka evolution line, there are both female and male heads. Why I suggest Lelutka is because the function, the quality and the animations are all top notch for what you pay, and is not lacking in any way I would say, compared to other heads that I feel like you need to invest in extra stuff for it to be working properly. Lelutka head: 3990 Lindens. Everything else you will have to do some research, please try demos before buying anything to make sure that you will like the items that you buy. I would suggest taking a look on the marketplace, put the sorting on best selling and you will most likely find promo products that are decently priced. Also do not rush when your making your avatar, take your time. Other bodies you can check: Slink hourglass, Belleza freya, Female Legacy classic or perky, Male Legacy classic or athletic ( There are others, but aren't as supported. ) Other head stores: Catwa and Genus. Skin store suggestions: Pepe skins, Amara beauty, Deetalez, The skinnery, Stray dog, Bold & beauty and Mudskin. Hair store suggestions: Magika, Stealthic, Doux, Yumyum, Tram, Moon and Dura.
  15. I joined Second life back in 2007 as a 13 year old, my mother found Second life and thought I would like it, since I had a joy for virtual worlds like IMVU. My mom however wasn't aware of the adult items it contained, neither did I before I accidentally landed in a orgy sim when I was looking for freebies, yikes. Anyways. I was struggling with daily bullying since I was 6, so it had taken a toll on me throughout the years, so the internet and the virtual world was my escape. Second life made it easier for me to cope trough my struggles, if I hadn't had Second life in my life I think I would of done something to myself that I would regret or have been in a worse state than I am currently ( I struggle with social anxiety and evasive personality disorder to this day because of my childhood. ) I was a lonely teen in real life, so it really helped me socializing with people on Second life, it gave me freedom to be whoever I wanted to be, and to be myself 100% without feeling any shame, I also met a lot of amazing people throughout the years whom I have lost contact with but I still appreciate the time I got with them. I would say that my English wasn't the greatest either when I started, but Second life made me really improve a lot, which I'm really grateful for. The things I have experienced, the people I have met and Second life in itself made me more mature and more thoughtful of my actions in a early age which I'm also grateful for. Second life also gave me a platform to be creative in many ways, the way I express myself, the way I dress, the way I decorate, playing with edit mode and inspired me to try making my own textures, which I'm not the greatest at but it is still a skill that I'm glad that I have archived. I have so many things that I'm glad that I learned and experienced in Second life, to much to even mention. I have of course had bad experiences in Second life, since it is a world of people regardless how you turn on it, I have been back stabbed, lied to, stalked, used, stolen from etc. But it doesn't spoil the good memories I have had and still have, it has just learned me to be more strong and careful. I'm now 26, I still have issues and probably will for a long time but Second life still helps me cope trough it and is still my happy place, so thank you linden labs for giving us a platform.
  16. I delete people when they ignore my IM's repeatedly over long periods of time, and only IM's me when they need something from me but otherwise ghosts me, I also sometimes delete people if they have been lying to me repeatedly or have done something that really upset me.
  17. I'm not 100% sure but it might be from Clef de peau ^-^
  18. I mostly stay by myself because I feel paranoid around people, thinking bad stuff will happen to me once I go out like copybotting and stuff, but I do hang with some friends now and then when I feel lonely in either my home or theirs. And when I do go out to events and such, I change into my pillow avatar. But honestly yeah, most of the time it's nice to be alone, no stress and just playing sims 4 and listening to music in the background
  19. You can always try and adjust the windlight to your liking
  20. It is the windlight that is doing that, I get that sometimes too depending on the windlight and what angle the sun is at, but it doesn't have to be the sun, it can be another light source that does that too, try changing your windlight and move to a different location and see if that works. The lip curve of some heads are pretty defined so it can get lighted up like that. As well as the skin your using, the upper lips are smaller than the head's upper lip, making that line more visible, at least from what I can see.
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