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About Me

  1. Hi. The Second Life viewer allows my avatar to speak using my computer's microphone. The exact same settings in the Firestorm (v 6.3.9) viewer puts the "voice dot" over my head, but my voice isn't heard. It seems like a microphone activation issue. I opened preferences and changed the mic activation from "middle mouse" to another key (used z) but still no voice. I went to the Firestorm wiki and the instructions there mimic the settings I already have in place. Tried different mics on the off chance but still no voice. Any ideas why voice works normally for me in the SL viewer but not in Firest
  2. I apologize if this is a stupid question, but what's the best way to give an avi a voice (even for just a few phrases) without using a microphone?
  3. Hello. Can someone tell me how to hide the flashing green light above the avatar, when using the voice, in the Alchemy viewer? The command "ctrl / alt / f1" hid all commands, including the green light. The current one, (ctrl / shift / u) does not hide. I make machinimas, and that is a necessity for the films to appear clean.
  4. {SUGAH} is NOW HIRING! Tired of working at typical, boring clubs? Want to work somewhere you'll be accepted no matter what gender, sexuality, or even species you are? Looking for a LGBTQ+ positive environment? {SUGAH} is the place for you~! Perks of being a {SUGAH} Baby - We hire Female, Male, Transgender and Nonbinary SUGAH Babies with equal pay and perks! - Earn 80% of all tips onstage. - SUGAH Baby of the Month with special prizes and benefits! - Work in a supportive, LGBT+ inclusive environment. We hire regardless of gender identity/express
  5. LOVENSE ENABLED TIP JARS! Are you a cutie? Wanna make some $$ Pop by Vanilla Unicorn today and see what we can offer ♥ LIMO HERE
  6. ♥$ Visit us in-world for an application $♥ ♥ ♥ CLICK TO VISIT CLUB ♥ ♥ Have Club Management Experience? We are looking to hire A Club Manager, Assistant Club Manager, & Staff Managers. Experienced Escorts & Dancers Wanted A$AP! $$ HOURLY PAID POSITIONS $$ Join Our New Applicant Group Copy Link In Local Chat & Join: secondlife:///app/group/43a4f93f-e0cd-ceb8-1461-77cd683b4267/about ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ S O C I A L $ M E D I A ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ღ◦ Facebook ♥
  7. The Fetish Lounge is Currently Hiring Voice & Cam Escorts/Dancers who cater to all types of unique fetishes. We are looking for staff who enjoy a teamwork environment. You must be 30 days or older to apply. We are looking for confident, Real women who can voice or cam only. NO Experience Necessary http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Your Fetish/53/56/4002
  8. Merry meet! The Coven is a brand new brothel looking for striking and intelligent Goddesses. Looking for people who are not afraid of roleplay and lean towards the occult. We have private rooms and cater to everything (within the rules of SL, of course). Stop by to check us out and fill out an application. SLurl: The Coven
  9. Hiya! I saw something interesting on someone's profile the other day, and I wanted to know how debatable or true it is... Basically, they were a DJ or something, and they said that it's against TOS to record voice in SL, therefore, anything you may want to report in SL from a voice conversation or whatever, is hearsay and not permissible in court or to LL or the like. I can't find anything that may relate it to a DMCA or anything to make sense of what that brief profile glimpse I got actually said... https://www.lindenlab.com/tos & https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/community-
  10. The Fetish Lounge is Currently Hiring Voice & Cam Escorts/Dancers who cater to all types of unique fetishes. We are looking for staff who enjoy a teamwork environment. You must be 30 days or older to apply. We are looking for confident, Real women who can voice or cam only. NO Experience Necessary http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Your Fetish/53/56/4002
  11. Hi! Looking for an inworld job that has good pay (Preferably over 50L an hour, but I guess beggars can't be choosers!) Some info about me for any interested employers: 1. 100% English only speaker-American/British 2. I've been active on SL for over 6 years now with occasional hiatus, so I do have basic understanding of how SL works. 3. I own non-Human avatars only. Fursonas/Nekos. 4. Understanding of modding/editing. 5. Happy to voice verify/cam verify. 6. Happy to do texting, calling, camming/NSFW work. 7. Can dedicate at LEAST 5-7hrs a day if not more.
  12. Premier Wrestling is based in Second Life giving you top WRESTLING action each week on YOUTUBE. This episode of Premier Wrestling features wrestling stars such as Nakita, Doobienator, Gambit, The Hunter, Tyler Crisis, Isaiah Jenkins, Honey Potts, BK, The Omen, and so much more! This show was hosted by Dante, Violet Tophat, and the return of Mace. Please support us by SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube channel today. Thank you for you support we couldn't do this without YOU. -Video Link-
  13. ╔═♡═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ D A ♡ S P O T Introducing D A S P O T! Second Life's New Premier Urban Adult Entertainment Nightclub. Come party with us every Friday and Saturday night 9pm est 6pm slt ! Every week we do themed sets with the best urban DJ's sl has to give! come chill, smoke act up at da spot! no rules! We Also specialize in text, voice, cam escorting, private dances, fetish services, elaborate RP, Them
  14. Hi I subscribed to voice morphing at Voice Island but i5 don’t work. I think it tried to give me a link but the hyperlink did not work. I paid 750 ld but 5here is no help. Very frustrated. Really appreciate some help. thank you
  15. 🦄 MAKE $$$ @ VANILLA UNICORN 🦄 LOVENSE ENABLED TIP JARS are you a cutie with a booty?? Vanilla unicorn wants to hire you!! Come and make some money $$ Apply today! 🦄 LIMO HERE 🦄
  16. Day 2 Long Weekend Summer Love Beach party @ Mile High Club - SL Live DJ performance afternoon schedule: DJ Armina Bijoux (Playmates) 12PM & 2PM DJ Faye (MHC) 1PM & 3PM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Knights%20Cove/106/87/3701 https://www.facebook.com/MilehighclubSL/ https://www.facebook.com/armina.bijoux.14 https://www.flickr.com/photos/arminabijoux/ Inworld VIP/Info/Events: secondlife:///app/group/35db1772-8941-0f88-2495-585392296018/about *Hiring: Check-In world* Host: Armina Bijoux (JaneyBijoux - Inworld)
  17. 🦄 MAKE $$$ @ VANILLA UNICORN 🦄 LOVENSE ENABLED TIP JARS are you a cutie with a booty?? Vanilla unicorn wants to hire you!! Come and make some money $$ Apply today! 🦄 LIMO HERE 🦄
  18. No puedo escuchar la voz de los demás avatares, tengo todo activado, de hecho, puedo ver arriba de los avatares las típicas lineas verdes como si estuvieran hablando, pero yo no escucho nada. He probado con otros juegos y programas donde demas usuarios usan voz y si escucho, solo mis visores de SL no escucho nada, he ido a varios sims,de distintas partes del mundo y me sigo sin escuchar nada.
  19. Hello there! I've been getting pretty frustrated with this issue. Voice can't seem to connect and I've tried nearly everything I've found in here https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_voice. It was working a week ago perfectly on Firestorm, when it stopped I jumped to use in the meantime the SL Viewer but now I get the same error on it. If anyone has any other ideas on how this can be solved I'd appreciate them~ Here's the message I get (translated since my viewer is set in Spanish, sorry): We are unable to connect to the voice server: www.bhr.vivox.com The ports that m
  20. Been using an external voice morpher called MorphVOX Pro. Generally, it works well. Today, I find that the voice morph isn't working in Second Life. I don't know what changed. Any suggestions?
  21. The Juno Mansion is looking for text/voice/cam escorts who want to work on their own time at their own rates. We offer rooms and spaces for you to rent and have ZERO restrictions (within the rules of Second Life) on services you want to offer. Come rent a room and fill out an application. Click here to visit us in world!
  22. Here at [POISON CRAFT]; You are your own deadly poison, choosing correctly. We are sort of the outcast of sl and some would call, The Misfits. We don't categorize in the bubble gum pop strips that are over populating the strip joints of SL. But we promise you that we accept and take in all types! A short list of the ladies you will find at [Poison Craft] are alluring and tantalizing Findoms, Goth Girls, Femdoms, Enchantresses, Alternative, Tattooed, BabyGirls, Femboys, Shapeshifters, Demons etc. We know exactly what it's like to not fit into anywhere in second life but that is why we cre
  23. SPUNK Is looking for some enthusiastic people willing to work and be rewarded for it! We are after: Escorts - We are specifically looking for VOICE and CAM but are happy to accept TEXT also Managers - Looking for someone who is prepared to put in the time to make the club as successful as possible Dancers - Even if you'd prefer not to type, voice, cam escort we are welcoming dancers also WE PAY A WAGE IN ADDITION TO TIPS Our only major requirement is that you're mesh! We are laid back, and really just want you all to have a good time The cl
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