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  1. Dang, some days I wonder what those Moles think of us
  2. So they are retro-fitting water connections? That's a great idea. It seems like the team's thinking has moved on since they made the Victorian extension. Hopefully all our feedback has helped in that process!
  3. Looks like they experimenting with larger scale cloning, 6 region patterns?
  4. At this point, I can only say, 'beware of the leopard'.
  5. I think that not being able to travel over the borders is a political decision actually enforced by Ebbe's magical cat. If we were able to dig a shaft straight down we would find world of warcraft players on the opposite side of a somewhat elastic sphere
  6. My new enormous lawn by the look of it!
  7. It's a good way to get an extra 'prim parcel' too! Some mainland plots undercut the linden's base value. If someone is about to abandon they can try for an ultra low sale price just before they do!
  8. Since the system changed, and only land sold directly by lindens is allowed on the auction page I believe the situation has improved. Plots of land regularly sell for the minimum 1 linden dollar per metre squared.
  9. All beautifully done, and I love your lounge wallpaper!
  10. Holding hand over screen so as to avoid hopping temptation in this thread Via a long and massively circuitous route we got a replacement houseboat for my partner! This time, in a somewhat undeveloped row of either absentee tenants, or sailors who use their water for boats. Open water, low lag, joined to the land and a short boat ride from my own place. Skip, skippity skip!!
  11. Nobody has a 'keyboard smash' name for their house? vbuhjmkl Actually, there's usually a Raspberry in mine somewhere. One houseboat was proud to be known as ''The Floating Raspberry', which seemed to amuse me at the time.
  12. I was thinking about that also. I'm glad I'm not on the governance team trying to make these decisions. For me there's a big difference between appreciating someone's building skill and how I feel about living next door to an art installation. My head ding dongs about reading these threads, seeing things from others points of view, whether that's the artist needing to respond to our virtual suburbia, the frustrated neighbour or the anger of someone who feels like their life experience is in danger of being air-brushed out of Belli, in pursuit of the niceness of outlook that so many of us (including me) crave. Maybe it would be good to have a counter-culture art festival, instead of displaying linden homes dressed up to the nines (i wish i could reach nine, I'm more in the fives) we could have linden models given over completely to artists. I know there was at least one house at the Home and Garden that did this, but what if they all were?. It might be a risk, and limits could be set but there is a legitimate case for an artist response to this amazing phenomenon, a huge, thriving, virtual housing estate located in cyber space. This isn't something i could possibly have imagined pre-internet, pre second-life, or even pre Belli.
  13. I think it dashed past! ...and the Buttery one slipped away also
  14. Overall very positive. Landscaping looks really great, I really appreciate the larger windows on some models. I noticed that one of the houses had a blue/grey exterior, otherwise I was struck by the amount of brown and cream. Maybe I've got @Alwin Alcott's wood problem?
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