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  1. I do appreciate the effort that goes into planning and executing this project. Also as someone who was resident on a different grid which collapsed due to financial problems, I am glad that attention is paid to getting a return on any investment. I guess as we don't have access to the details of the long term plans, then it is easy to build up hopes and ideas which were never intended to be fulfilled.
  2. I've already abbreviated down to Vicbelli
  3. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to experience second life from a USA timezone perspective. Did anyone go to this event?
  4. I did thanks for working it out! I've just noticed that my edit to that post with that info didn't stick. @LittleMe Jewell I do feel somewhat anxious as to how this turns out, both the design and the user reaction.
  5. I have done that as well, have to stop short of proportional though due to camera clipping (I'm sure that could be fixed just haven't got around to it!).
  6. I just spotted another millipede in the north-east of VicBelli, was that there before?
  7. Responding to the point about live chat disappearing whereas forum posts remain to be read years later. That is true, but, even forum posts which were made a few days ago can be easily missed, and unless someone had malicious intent and has kept links for years (which they may!) the general lifespan of any post in a forum thread seems about a week at most to me, more likely three days. Unless there are some very specific search terms involved and someone thinks to look for those. I find live chat in large groups overwhelming. If I can type in a five word sentence before the text disappears off the page I'm winning. Face to face one to one, or small groups is a different story.
  8. I do tend to sail at off peak times, and live map reading at speed can be fun or stressful! I know seasoned slers probably know already, but watching out for sim corners also helps to prevent crashing. Got to agree with @Pussycat Catnap that size can be an issue!
  9. Having a decent boat makes a difference to the experience. The realism of the sounds, trimming the sails, trying out journeys under different wind conditions...or just lying on deck and watching the clouds go by. Edit and start simple! Get something you can use right away by yourself, try the demo.
  10. 1) Modern, large windowed houses with open floor plans 2) Something watery which isn't a houseboat but still is ok for sailing. eg beach house 3) A non fantasy forest house, doesn't have to be a cabin. 4) Space-station I think the terrain, planting and layout are equally important when it comes to views, sense of privacy and the feeling of being part of a community. I'm voting for more hills! They are interesting to look at, allow for more visual space out of windows and give the feeling of the plots being wider spaced apart.
  11. Those houses will be deleted though once there are enough plots available in the new continent.
  12. I took advantage of my lack of decorating so far to use the free prims for the supplied lights. I was amazed that they snapped into place first time. On the Fish Tale houseboat I had to rotate a quarter turn for lights and snow.
  13. Possibly better then damp?
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