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  1. It's a northern hemisphere bias, but August still feels like summer to me. Mid September onwards?
  2. I was referring to an old thread which you maybe missed, when the topic first arose. A belli resident posted pictures of the interior of her neighbours house, which was filled wall to wall with horses. One of the moles, maybe Abnor or Quartz said that this could be reported as a resource hog. I guess this covers the situation 'massive amounts of breedables?' I can't understand your second sentence, what are the useless subjects? Maybe you meant other things which may use up a regions resources, I don't think it's a waste of time to raise awareness of those, sometimes it is lack of knowledge which leads to issues.
  3. I was actually looking for a couple of outdoor pieces, such as a bench or a couple of chairs, which I would allow to be more primmy. This is more useful information Chic, I'm amazed how much stuff you know!
  4. It's the cold hard stare of a herd of horses crammed into a house which gets to people. You could start another thread if you want to raise awareness of other more hidden problems? It might be useful.
  5. Ooh who (and how do I search for that?) @Christhiana 'fading away nicely' is a huge bonus. After more furniture poking around I realise that disappearing altogether looks a lot better than creating photo ruining jagged triangles. I have one of your house shells btw, and it works wonderfully.
  6. I'm open to messages! Thank you everyone for the detailed information, it really helps to have more understanding. I didn't realise that this is what was happening! I saw a thread in the main forum that said correct behaviour for long distance / small objects was a flat image, and that would be so much better than the disruptive triangles. I bought an house addon recently which was nicely made, but the windows used (full perm retextures I believe) seemed to only have one short distance which worked properly. A flat image of the same window would have been SO much better. I would think a lot of content creators are at the mercy of whoever made the base meshes they need to get the look required.
  7. What a lovely find, congratulations!
  8. My LOD is 2. It's weird to me how sometimes things in the same set can behave very differently, I bought a sofa and passed on the matching armchair because they behaved so differently at a distance, yet to look the chair seemed like the same mesh 'squished' and retextured. My feeling is that tight curves cause a problem, see also the cushion (pillow) of doom scenario where a perfectly good couch is ruined by a ill considered accessory (which of course will have a baked on shadow behind it and somehow won't look right even if you swap the offending object for something better). I don't model myself, but from observation I think some creators are over ambitious when it comes to adding details and then over-compressing their model to get a low LI. I'm grateful for all leads given, it narrows down the search!
  9. Thanks Elena, I didn't realise that either of those did outdoor items, I'll give them a try!
  10. I've been frustrated in my search for outdoor items that have reasonable behaviour when seen at a distance. Some items seem to explode into triangles when seen from just outside my plot. I love taking photos, and the basic linden homes behave really well when seen from afar, and it's a shame to spoil the look with flickery furniture and plants. Not looking for miracles, or ultra low Land impact, but something basic which doesn't fall apart when at the slightest provocation. Any ideas?
  11. Good post! Hopping is a good way of exploring, and just when you think there's no chance...
  12. I buy demos to test for fit, and only bother with those things I already know I want, so 3 demos per 2 purchases on most things. Hair is a bit different, as I try styles out out to see how they feel, as well as how they look. I will sometimes reject hair even it fits well and looks good, if it doesn't seem to sit in the same universe as my skin and clothing. Hair could be 5 demos to one purchase.
  13. @Leora Jacobus Sorry , I got carried away there, translation = The look is nice, but it doesn't fit with the other boats. I doubt if an AR will work.
  14. I may like the style better than the surrounding houseboats, I guess this niche will be filled by the stilt homes? However, having said that, it looks jarring to me, and out of theme with the surrounding plots. Though as it isn't a starving breedable packed, yellow smog belching, floating plywood platform stuffed , siren blaring, porn and drug den surrounded by a region sized full bright animated rotating cube it could be tricky to motivate the governance team to intervene.
  15. @Alwin Alcott looks great! I guess there must be a lot of people who want to look good and buy their look 'off the shelf', and currently that's easier to do with mesh (once you have the hang of mesh!) Now I want to go back and work on my system avie
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