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  1. Does he mean 'not the continent which contains North America?'.
  2. I may have gone the opposite way, I'm feeling a bit 'past it' now and disappeared back into opensim for a while to escape. Having landed that lovely Fourze houseboat gave me a dilemma, as I know how hard it will be to to get the prime stilt-home spots during actual release time, because of all the clickers out there competing. It really is nice to join in the rush but.... it may be easier and less stressful to get a great place later, and take advantage of an ultra-hopper letting go their excess catches. However we'll see how that logic holds out once the stampede begins!
  3. @Chloe Dolores thank you, I've snagged the Fourze houseboat, love the lake views
  4. Sorry, I should have been clearer, I meant is it too late to fit this idea into one of the designs not yet built. I'm wondering how fixed those designs are now.
  5. Having surveyed some mainland properties, I'm not sure how good it would look to have either extremely long poles, or floating poles either. A floating dock would be more natural for deep water? Is it too late for that?
  6. Water depth off the Houseboat in Yorith is around 6.4m, and the dock legs seem to *just* touch the sea bed.
  7. These @Abnor Mole posts really lend some insight into how things end up the way they are. I do appreciate them. I've just grabbed a houseboat in Yorith, a millipede property which floats over a fairly deep sea-bed (somewhere off the south-west corner of the Victorian continent, the map is playing up for me so can't be more exact) I wonder if the stilt millipede houseboats might have a better water depth for Mer construction?
  8. Absolutely, I know there is some underwater stuff, but I would like more. The old continent has some weird and wonderful marine exploration spots (watch out for hazards though!)
  9. Playing with a Quad while we wait for stilts, still plenty of Li free.
  10. Just Americans having the holiday, it's a local thing.
  11. Let's not get carried away with fanciful notions, imagine instead what could be made with all the spare parts left over from previous builds and a bit of retexturing....
  12. @Evangeline Arcadia @LunaThyme I believe your points about recycling may be correct...this could indeed be a Franken-farmhouse!!! Which makes me doubt if we would really get a re-shaped roof, maybe a retextured one? Leading to the idea that these won't be *that* different to everything else....
  13. Could be sandy campers also?
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