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  1. Congratulations @Leora Jacobus ! Amazing that someone didn't want this.
  2. The view towards the coast. You can just see Stanley the Koi Carp swimming around in the pool outside. edit: as you can see I have been so busy decorating I haven't had time to take my coat off
  3. More jumping about on the Old Linden continents! I'm loving this new home. It's a Mountainview 1 near the coast and not too crowded round about. I have 1 prim left, until I can find another way to squeeze things in.
  4. Erroneous use of the word protected, or false claims for water access seem a problem also. Also descriptions talking about views which may of course disappear. I wonder if some of this could be automated?
  5. Imagines Patch adjusting monacle and giving evil cackle as he pulls the 'let's mess with Leora's head' second release lever.
  6. ...but surely you are just as likely to pick up your old home as anyone else?
  7. @Anidusa Carolina "I am keen to grab a house boat" .. sounds like you want one houseboat "I am keen on grabbing a house boat" sounds as if you enjoy grabbing houseboats
  8. In case anyone missed this gorgeous Loftroom makeover when originally posted on the forum I'll link it here; https://billybeaverhausen.com/2019/07/21/its-a-cover-up-2/
  9. Oh wow, I really love that! I never thought of doing an extra raised floor and your fifties look works so well. I tried to swap my loft room for another this weekend and they were sold out, so still popular. Not cheating at all, it's a really creative idea, looks great too
  10. Lovely news, congratulations Patch!
  11. @Mardoll Kroll I love the look you've achieved here, really clever how you divided the space. I was confused by the Quad and you nailed it! Your furnishings are gorgeous too. @Elena Core we need an Upcycle Mole!!
  12. Impossible plot. A mainland house with boat launch to a large ocean, and lovely neighbours. I would need Interesting views, talented builders and some sort of balloons that I could release which would attach themselves to any low slung sky platforms, anti-grav airports, full bright prims, blinking low lod meshtrocities and vintage primtaculars from the year dot, then gently float them upwards out of view whilst hypnotising the owners of said objects so they were convinced that that's where they had always put them.
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