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  1. I have only been through the process once from a seller's perspective, but I did change from group to single owner for that.
  2. If the alt wins then the owner would end up paying SL the selling fees for land they already own.
  3. There are a number of people who can't do (In RL) what others might take for granted. One of my friends, for instance really likes being able to walk easily in SL. Yet i know there are others who want to reflect their rl disability in world, of course we can do both.
  4. There seems to be some difference of opinion as to what the majority do in SL, I'd love to know the stats. I couldn't market my own virtual lifestyle, because it would sound extremely dull to anyone else!
  5. I took advantage of my usual off-peakiness and just rolled up in my normal gear. There were people around but it wasn't too busy.
  6. Not understanding what you said here Damona. Did you mean the period in which there would not be enough houseboats etc? In my view I don't think the Lindens are being that cynical, just the normal chaos of doing things with limited resources.
  7. Oh no, very frustrating! I used autorefresh to work out when the plots mostly came up, and had quite a few disappointments, then got my home using manual refresh on a very old android tablet.
  8. My garden planting this week! Also erected the lovely carport made by @Chic Aeon
  9. I'm loving the feel of the landscaping around the trailers, especially the dirt tracks. I was hoping for some forest trails in Belli and this gives me hope for that! With the smaller plot sizes the surroundings will be really important.
  10. @Innula Zenovka but Adrian was such an idealist, and quite kind to aged pensioners and pets!
  11. Not moles who place them, though the original object is mole made. I rather like them, though I haven't seen them used to prop up garbage bags yet!
  12. I've always thought of him as an Adrian (but he is my favourite 😘)
  13. @Marianne Little although that build you linked to looks fine in itself, in my opinion it doesn't really fit in (is that what you were saying?). There are others which achieve a change of purpose without being too jarring in the street scene. I do love the temporary role play scenarios though, it adds to the fun.
  14. I am a little nervous at the idea of completely repurposing buildings if it changes the look from a residential home. It's such a tough job to keep up to the quality of the mole builds and not spoil the look of a street.
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