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  1. Unfortunately it seems like you missed a lot of forum discussions earlier on about this
  2. @Arduenn Schwartzman Mainland sky clutter was my biggest shock when returning to SL after a long break in other grids. That and humungous 2D backdrops. As for photo backdrops, I think SL survives because it is so flexible. I get that it makes photos more interesting to get every available bit of detail in frame, and the sets created are really well done, but the lack of appeal to me is in more or less recreating the same shot taken by so many other photographers. If I was more focused on fashion instead of landscape it would probably be different.
  3. @KiriLife that looks gorgeous and what a lovely outlook!
  4. Back in the old country (Inworldz) an orb scripter sold his wares with the default setting to tp intruders into his orbitally high shop. I really hate unnecessarily short warning orbs, but using orb software to try and capture potential customers was so bad it was hilarious.
  5. It's cheese to go with the pickle!
  6. When I had a traditional I my neighbour had a passenger balloon permanently tethered above her garden. Well over 15m and it seemed it was there to draw attention to her plot rather than as a vehicle. I found it irritating, rule breaking... I don't know. I do know that I pay more attention to those builds, and builders who cleverly fit the theme but have an original twist. Much harder to do of course. However I wouldn't narrow the theme to fifties suburbia. A smaller wind turbine would work better.
  7. Many of us explore by ourselves it would be nice to have activity areas which cater for that. What about a fitness trail with animations for equipment, or a golf driving range? Those kind of things would work for singles or groups. Also feed the ducks!! With duck feed dispenser and rezzing waterfowl. Maybe photo friendly viewpoints with something touristy, like a signpost with distances to other landmasses.
  8. If you mean at the top of the sl map that's the mole's 'staging area', is that what you saw @YewaSoul ? edit: yes that's what I meant. it isn't somewhere to live, just a building area.
  9. I have been buying mix and match pieces, within a colour palette, so I can make different outfits with the same clothes. That would make your three outfits expand to many more. If any of your buys came with options, ie pattern / solid, or something is tintable you can create even more looks. This take more effort to do, because not all separates will physically go together and it is necessary to test out each piece, , but it is fun in its own way also. Also my mesh body came with some bonus items (underwear). I think you can do it, maybe it could be an sl minimal capsule wardrobe challenge? This website was in my mind when I started out https://www.theviviennefiles.com/
  10. @Blush Bravin that's an accomplished makeover, what a great look! This is the ground floor of my partner's houseboat, which I have been decorating. It's a Barnacle. I took inspiration from a previous poster who used a lot of dark colours inside her HB to get the feeling of the light flooding in from outside. I blocked in part of the staircase, this made the layout easier for me to deal with. Not many extras as it is taking me a while to update my inventory after being away so long. Also I'm finding it a challenge to place extra things without them upsetting the calm look I was after. This really is a skill that I'm trying to learn.
  11. What if desert (camels), trains and nuclear bases are clues for a new continent rather than part of Belli?
  12. Belli does have two air strips already though. I would love trains, hoping the moles have a cunning plan.
  13. Those dogs are so cute!! The top of Mount Rabelais http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rabelais/134/113/58 Slurl in case anyone doesn't fancy the walk What a fabulous viewpoint. 60m tall.
  14. Those might be the advertised prices, but apart from unusual situations I'm not sure those values would be realised. I totally agree with your point that aggressive orb usage is a disadvantage for the whole community.
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