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Found 9 results

  1. So this is a long shot but i figured id ask. Is there any way to hide objects or entities that another persons avatar has? For example; they have a piece of clothing or an object or some kind of added on entity that is attached to their avatar but its causing lag / frame rate drops or is causing other problems, and you want to hide that particular item so that it will improve performance (or what ever other reason you may have for needing to hide it). The catch is that I don't want to adjust anything in the options menu as it may also hide things that are ok or aren't causing problems. I know that i can adjust some of the graphics settings to do that but it will usually effect the entire avatar. If anyone knows a way to hide objects and items on avatars that are not yours then let me know or if there is something i would need to download to do that
  2. So, I've seen that you can hide a bed within a bed (or couch within a couch, w/e). I have a bed I just love but the animations are dated and I'd like to try to hide another bed on top of it. Can I just clear out all the animations from the visible bed, make the animations bed transparent, lay it over it, and that's it? It can't be that simple...right?
  3. hi! how to make a script for a linkset of two objects (poseballs) that will hide them only when both people sat on them?
  4. i'm trying to find a simple solution to hiding a hud i built. i thought i found the answer using a simple door script that flips(rotates) the HUD off screen. that works perfect, i put the script in the root prim and when clicked it hides the HUD. the problem is when i click a child prim in the linkset it also hides the HUD. i've tried to solve this but i don't understand what i am reading well enough. from what i understand by default when the root prim has a touch handler and the child prims don't, when a child prim is clicked it passes that touch onto the root prim and it's script is executed. there is a Pass_Never flag that when used within a script that is placed in each child prim, the child will not pass the touch onto the root prim. that is what i need to happen but that would mean every prim in the linkset needs it's own script. that's not feasible for my project. is there a simple way to do this without putting a script in each prim? i know very little scripting and at this point my head kind of hurts, if someone can just help me get past this sticking point it'd be very appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Hello! Need a script for three-button HUD to make one of the objects in the linkset visible. Reward 1000 Ls.
  6. Hello! Please help to make a script for three button HUD to make one of the objects in the linkset visible. Thanks for any help! Im noob to scripting and already posted at wanted too, please pardon for double post! Very needed!
  7. Like the title somewhat suggest the goal for this post is to find a way for http request from virtual world to the great outside, and not have destination ip address show up in logs for the virtual server holder (other then linden, if the object is active in SL). Don't know if this is a problem but assuming so. Reason for this inquiry is at bottom line that i'm a noob when it comes to server and therefore security is not the most molded concept. By doing some foot work in lsl code this can be partially remedied. This would be applied to a single lsl script with no modify permission that will handle http/https communication to and from the internet. The script would most likely be used at different regions, therefor most likely have little to non know data to compare and confirm if a Linden Lab server are the current host. The Application is not super secret but would not be hurt from better security towards not showing server ip address and other server holder information to current host. Any suggestions or hypothesizes is greatly appreciated. Concepts for a partially remedy tincture: Use a 3rd party server to verify from sender and act as a relay. Cons: Cost, complication, implementation. Pros: Would assumme a very high chance to not show destination ip address Check if ip address are known to be Linden Labs ones http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Simulator_IP_Addresses , this would necessity be verified by a 3rd party server. Cons: Can probably be simulated by a non Linden Labs server Use a if statement in lsl code for known values that should equal return from all/any llGetSimulatorHostname | llRequestSimulatorData | llGetRegionCorner | llGetRegionName | llGetEnv Cons: Can probably be simulated by a non Linden Labs server, Not always enough relevant data to accurate confirm if data is true. Edit: Is it possible to show a lsl code(with any permissions) in a web browser like firefox with and without login credentials? Is possible for a lsl code to get a 'bird eye view' of where it is run and confirm that some how? : Not only look inside its "bubble of operation environment" but the greater "image".
  8. Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a hud, and it goes well, but ran into a problem, I created a button and have the script to show?hide the hud, only problem is that when the hud is hided, the other buttons are still clickable,, SO I tried to change the script so when I hide it the it will also move the rest of the hud (that will be hiding) off screen, so it's not in the way anymore, and when you click the button agian to show it up again, it will go to the right position again. but it's not working for me, any idea's? would be great if you guys/gals can help me out. Thank you
  9. Hey,, well ughh this Is my first time asking for help on the forums so I'm sorry If this annoys anybody. I have a female kemono avi and I've been looking for quite some time now trying to hide "JUST" the chest, like a strip of it to hide just enough.. Now my hud for her body only has a short sleeve shirt hide, I've tried male chest didn't work (please don't make fun of me I'm still new and trying to figure things out, so I will make mistakes.) Can someone please give some advice on how (please add steps) well If It Is possible to change the basic short sleeve hide to something more advanced. This Is too confusing and getting overly frustrating to handle anymore. If anyone can help me that would be awesome, thank you.
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