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  1. For me what puts me off whenever I have tried to rp at sims is that I never felt included/welcomed, I know that isn't up to others to do, you should usually try to include yourself, but as a shy person with social anxiety I find that really hard, so I wonder how many shy people or people who struggle with social anxiety there actually are in Secondlife and maybe that might be some of the reasons people don't tend to stick around or roleplay with someone, then there's also people who got really high expectations from other roleplayers and that kinda scares me away, because I know that I'm not the greatest at it and my English isn't perfect in anyway. And of course like someone mentioned earlier, there are more roleplay sims than roleplayers, and people got different tastes in what kind of roleplay they like, if there were fewer sims for each theme I think the sims would be more filled up with people, but now there's so many sims so people are scattered around. However I do wish you luck with your sim! ☺️
  2. I don't know if anyone remembers this store, but I found this corset a while back on my old account from the store TheAbyss that I bought back in 2010. it was my favorite corset for many years while a mix of system layers and sculpts were a thing, I remember they had a really cute white/pink scifi outfit for sale that I never had the chance to grab, I do wonder what happen to the creator. Anyhow, I still love and appreciate the creators who aren't around anymore. πŸ˜„
  3. When you say discord, do you mean as in voicing or writing? If so if it's writing there shouldn't be any different, people have their own way of roleplaying and some people have preferences on how they like to roleplay and some don't really care as much as the roleplay and story is good, usually roleplay sims have different rules and stories to go by, so if you have found a place that your interested in roleplaying at, find the rules and read trough it. as long as you don't god mode or do the other the typical no no stuff, then you don't really have to care about how you roleplay. You can always learn over time and so on. ☺️ Also most people prefer that you use /me when you write your roleplay post instead of using stars like these *, whenever your character got something to say use these signs " hello how are you? ", but I'm pretty sure you know of that already!
  4. This whole post is confusing, Underage sexual actions in Second life is not allowed, you can roleplay as a child but not in a sexual way, you can roleplay as an adult but you can not interact with a child character in a sexual way, that is common sense because it is illegal both in real world and in the virtual world and for a good reason. They are both in the same ***** theme yes but ***** in it self is not bad, when it becomes bad is when underage characters gets involved in sexual situations. Being an 33 year old roleplaying as a 20 year in a sexual way isn't the same as being 33 year old but roleplaying as a underage character in a sexual way, because as a 20 year old you can give consent and it is legal, but being underage you cannot give consent and it is illegal and you know...it is a child, doing sexual things as a underage character is wrong no matter how you see it. You are free to roleplay as a underage character as long as you have no ill intentions, you are allowed to roleplay as a 20 year old or a 20000 year old vampire in sexual situations no matter how old or young you are in real life ( As long as your not actually underage ), because again your character is an adult and you are an adult. However, no judgement here but I can see how the whole babygirl thing in a sexual way can be problematic at times, behaving as a underage girl ( or boy ) and wearing diapers, child like accessories, pinks and frills, being short and petite, with barely any chest and have a overly child like face might enable pedophiles in some ways, but I think that kind of depends on the severity of it, not everyone does the same thing but then again I personally do not get the whole babygirl kink and think it's kind of weird and creepy, in my own opinion. Sorry if whatever I'm writing is confusing as heck, but for short underage characters involved in sexual situations is bad and illegal and not allowed within SL.
  5. Eh yeah, whenever I draw something I tend to avoid the seams as much as possible, thankfully I didn't have to touch the torso seam when I added the abs, however the normal maps I'm modifying was made for the belleza freya body so that is probably why there are slight seams at the connection of the upper body and the lower body, however when I try to correct that, smudging and blending the seams via blender with the standard avatar model it doesn't seem to work at all, it only makes it worse than it was, but I also do not have a dev kit for legacy to be able to do that on the legacy dummy, so I have no idea how the legacy body works with normal maps and how to be able to make it seamless. But I'm grateful for your information, thank you! ^^
  6. Pet peeve shopping event edition~ - I dislike when people wear really unnecessary items in events that causes lower performance. - I dislike when people bring more than one friend at events and rather uses time on chatting and gesturing instead of grabbing demos or purchasing whatever they came to purchase. - I dislike when people uses spankers, or moaners and walks around pretty much nude at shopping events that are not 18+. -I dislike when master/mistress's drag their pets/slaves with a leash and slamming them into people or walls, which is hilarious to watch but I don't think that belong in events that aren't 18+ in my opinion. - I dislike when people are standing right in front of vendors, making it hard to purchase anything. - I dislike people who complain about an item or the event trough voice at the event itself. - I dislike events that are overly decorated, got a confusing layout and a low performance because of said decoration. - This is probably not a shopping event only pet peeve, but when people are wearing the catwa lollipop with the sounds on! That's all I came up with at the moment, I'm pretty sure there is more that tends to annoy me. πŸ˜…
  7. Hello! So I love playing around with textures as a hobby, but I'm by no means good at it, I'm pretty much a headless chicken just doing whatever I think works. I do have a few questions regarding this subject tho. So I have heavily modified a normal map for the legacy body (with permission of course), and have created abs for it, however I want to make the legs and arms appear more toned, I have tried hand drawing muscles and tried looking for images or textures that could be used but without luck, so my questions are is there any websites with high quality full body pictures from all angles of a muscular female that doesn't cost me my liver and all that? I also have issues with making the textures seamless, even after using blender with a model of the standard avatar, there still are seams when I test them in world at least where the torso and the waist connect and in a few other areas but they aren't as noticeable. Honestly any tips and tricks when it comes to creating normal maps for the body, especially muscle details are welcome, I really want to learn more when it comes to normal maps and specular maps. πŸ˜„ Thank you!
  8. I really miss the hair store KIN by Kin Keiko, used to be my favorite hair store back in time. πŸ˜„
  9. The pants in the top picture is from Rebel Gal but that is all that I can help with, good luck
  10. That shouldn't matter no, But yeah contact the creator Utilizator Mode, he is online most of the time in European times. ^^
  11. I have never had this problem with my kemono avatar, so I'm wondering are you wearing anything else other than the kemono avatar? If not try that, take everything off and only wear the kemono body to figure out if there's anything else that causes it, If not I would suggest contacting the creator of the avatar for help, they will usually know the causes for most things.
  12. I do not mind the body at all, but how the breasts were shaped just looks very weird to me, how it sinks in above the breasts as if you were wearing a corset pushing your breasts up 24/7, there are a few things that I do not like about it, but it is a matter of opinion and what you are looking for in a body, I've seen some people really pull it of but that is usually with some deformers. While demoing the body I found waist/belly + breast deformers a nice way to make it look more pleasant ( in my eyes ). But then again kupra is not a body for everyone, if you are a person that switches body types I would go for another body.
  13. Doesn't happen to me at all, but I think it might be because I wander around as a fellow pillow in public to avoid getting copybotted, I've had my share of bad luck regarding that, but I don't mind seeing people wear the same top, dress etc. It is another thing if they have the exact same outfit you have spent your time on putting together, or if their avatar look exactly like yours, that's when I start to feel uncomfortable and feel suspicious of it, since I never tend to follow any trends or look up for some inspiration from bloggers, I just stick with my own style that I made up over the years, what I discovered that I feel most comfortable with. It might sound silly to some that some people might take that kind of stuff more seriously, but it is a way for people to really express themselves, I don't feel like I have that luxury to really express myself via fashion and what not in RL, so it's way easier for me to do so on SL which I really adore about it.
  14. Maybe you can try and go to clubs for example, I personally don't, but I know that most people in clubs are pretty social and friendly Also write more about yourself in your profile, like hobbies and what not, doesn't have to be too personal or anything.
  15. I know that the Apricot paws store is going to release some lower leg hooves at a event, their bom enabled but you will most likely need some kinda bom leg fur since you have a human skin. The description of the ad * Hoofy Toes! SLUV hoof-feet that join to your mesh body's ankles, so you can still wear pants. Fits Maitreya, Slink, Belleza & Legacy female bodies. They are Bakes on Mesh by default but will take Omega skin appliers - needs extra purchase of system kit to enable. These will be available at the [Mod]ify event starting May 1st. I'll add a link once it opens! *
  16. Double packaged stuff is so annoying, especially if its a demo, and the scripts it leaves behind. I have around 70.000 items in my inventory, and I feel like it's already too much, a lot of it I don't use because I have moved on to a different body, but I probably also have stuff I will never use, I feel like Second life is such a shopaholic world, you feel like you need something every time there is a event which is all the time, so I buy stuff without a second thought at times, however I have for the most part stopped playing gachas at least and I try to think over if I really need something or if I will end up using whatever it is.
  17. I think this is up to each individual person if they want to share their gender or not, however I can understand if someone is simply curious because I am a curious person myself, I do not want to know someone's gender because it matters, or because it is important for me to know, or because I was falling in love with them, in my case is because I prefer honesty above anything else and that I want to make sure that I'm not offending someone because I'm unsure what people go by, or because I simply care about them as a person and want to be there for them if they are having a hard time when it comes to certain things regarding genders, since most of the time being alone with overwhelming sad thoughts is not a good thing. However if this is someone you have a love interests in, I think it is important to know who you are getting with, because it is not about only one person, but both of them.
  18. PixelBerry


    There are two venus heads, M4 and M3, so you have to make sure that the skin you are buying is for the same version of the head that you have, the uv/layout of the head is different on the M4 so if you have bought a M4 venus skin, it will look weird. Good way to figure that out is to read the description of the product you are buying if you are buying trough the marketplace, however I'm not sure how much information you can get if it was a in world purchase, you can always ask the creator of the skin if you are unsure.
  19. From my experience, the anime community in second life is pretty *****ty but it has been a few years since I was in it, now I don't know how other communities are in comparison, but it sounds like you have been surrounded by awful people regardless, I know this is a typical response, but you should ignore what other people think about your avatar, it is your way of expressing yourself and nobody should get in your way of that. Besides, we are a ton of people with different opinions and preferences, so it is impossible to please everyone's eyes, as long as your happy with how you look, that is everything that matters, if someone got anything to say, simply just block them and move on, they are not worth your time at all. πŸ˜„
  20. I don't know what they had in mind while making it, but from what I understood they are probably trying to say " Make your fantasy a reality " But I might be wrong, they are probably trying something new to see how people react to it, trying to make it a bit different compared to how they did things before to bring new people to Second life, since what they used to do probably doesn't work now days. Even if the video doesn't really hit well with most, I do appreciate the effort of them trying to bring Second life to light again.
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