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  1. Thank you Profaitchikenz. That thread wasn't coming up for me in search no matter what I searched for ("projector", "projection", "projected", "projection texture"), so I really appreciate you linking it. This Jira request therein certainly makes me hopeful. ☺️ https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-6961 Thanks again!
  2. Do you have a link to that mention? I’m having trouble finding anything else about this topic on the forums.
  3. Bumping this because it is 2020 and I'd like to know if Linden Lab has by now implemented a prim parameter for setting the Prim light projector image. I'm guessing by the looks of the wiki, they still haven't implemented anything but I just thought I'd ask because it would be really amazing if they did and just forgot to update the wiki. πŸ˜…
  4. The +1 is so that it returns the prim-count value, not the UUID value in the list. And thank you for making me look at the notecard because that was the issue all along! There were spaces in it in front of each UUID, so "Builder" was showing an additional space in front of each UUID. *facepalm* Thanks for opening my eyes wide enough to find that. πŸ˜… It works as intended now. I really appreciate your help Wulfie!
  5. Hmm I tried this and made sure I changed the global variable from "key Builder;" to "string Builder;" but yielded the same results. integer x; for(;x < gLines; ++x) { Builder = llList2String(builder_UUIDs, x); llOwnerSay("Builder = "+ Builder); string Prims = llList2String(OwnersCounts,llListFindList(OwnersCounts,[Builder])+1); llOwnerSay("Prims = "+Prims); } llOwnerSay output: [13:25:47] Prim Counter: Builder = 40f0a24b-d94e-4c6e-8575-716d586bc62a [13:25:47] Prim Counter: Prims = 0f6747a6-ea64-4f41-ba4f-30df2ddbb370 [13:25:4
  6. I am attempting to script a prim counter that will count only the prims rezzed by specific team members (not every single prim owner on the parcel) and it gets their UUIDs from a notecard provided by the user. I understand that the below code will get the prim count for a single user (where "Builder" is the key/UUID of an avatar.) But I'm stumped as to how to make "Builder" rotate through the UUIDs from the list to get the counts of only the few specified avatars in the list. OwnersCounts = llGetParcelPrimOwners(llGetPos()); string Prims = llList2String(OwnersCounts,llListFindList(OwnersCo
  7. Oh, I see. Looks like Linden Lab has more than a few issues to iron out regarding the profile problems then. πŸ˜…
  8. I am having the same issue and my question is: did you all who are experiencing the same thing recently change your names? I changed my name April 15, 2020 and noticed that my in-game snapshots were no longer posting to my.secondlife feed at all. Yesterday was my first successful Profile Feed post (got a popup with a link to the post in my viewer) and when I clicked the link, it dawned on me that the link went to a completely new profile URL with my current/new name https://my.secondlife.com/ember.ember yet all of my old feed posts still exist on the URL with my OLD name https://my.secondlife.
  9. Thanks a lot for your help! This is good info to have for future uses. πŸ™‚
  10. @Fritigern Gothly The notecard with the supplied UUIDs will be editable by the end user and that's where the script is pulling the list of UUID's from. And the user who is entering the UUIDs will already know which is a Group and which is an Avatar, so I could just leave it up to the user to enter Group UUIDs under a separate flag in the notecard than the Avatar UUIDs. XD
  11. Ooh! I feel silly for not thinking of this beforehand! Thanks!
  12. Ah ok thank you, Fritigern. I'll give llRequestAgentData() a try. πŸ™‚
  13. I'd like to use the URI name space to print a list of individual Avatar and Group profile links to chat from a notecard of supplied UUIDs (up to at least 20 individual UUIDs with the possibility of more), but I'm having trouble figuring out how to test if a UUID is an Avatar or if it is a Group. Below is the simplest general idea of what I need. (I've already got the dataserver event figured out so it reads the notecard lines and puts them in a list. if (UUID == isAgent) llOwnerSay("secondlife:///app/agent/" + (string)UUID + "/about"); else llOwnerSay("secondlife:///app/group/" + (string
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