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  1. Oh yeah? Oh look here at the your own indiegogo campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/save-hangars-liquides#/ Platinum Rooftop Lofts €1.000 EUR €2.000 (50% OFF) Exclusive access to one of the top 4 private rooftops & homes, 500LI & breathtaking views. These environments have been built especially to experiment a one of a kind immersion,I will personally assist you in this experience & I can also arrange it taylor made for you. You will get all my previously released environments and the ones to come. PS: If you look cloesly at the crowdfunding website you will notice one of the 1000 dollar rewards was claimed...
  2. just tried to confirm - same here - could not log in
  3. or install an Ubuntu Linux double boot and run SL on Linux with legacy Nvidia drivers.
  4. Give them time - they will drop TMP again, not sure they will then take up Isis again though Just vote with your wallet.
  5. *drumroll* ... and the weekly thread necromancy award goes to ...
  6. Maybe modern vendour systems don't allow this anymore - I have seen some though who still offer this serrvice in the shop owner's profile.
  7. You simply don't get it. It is not their rallying - more power to them if they rally for a good cause. It is because of the way they rally. They called everything else inferior. When this was first published I was hoping for HL to stay on the grid - but then they produced so much vitriol that I could not care less if they left the grid and took the agressive part of their supporters with them - I'd actually welcome it.
  8. Because that would be even more work I guess ...
  9. Careful, people have put worse on pizza - for example pasta
  10. Especially since those gadgets usually just count scripts - not script time - I have been named and shamed by people using one quarter of my scipt number but using almost double my script time, ... *sigh*
  11. There was not much. All I remember was a thread a while back (1 to 2 years?) accusing LEA of being dysfunctional (like instead of giving new artists a chance we saw the same faces aagain and again) - shortly after the program was put on hold and this now seems to be the final conclusion. I have not been around long enough while LEA was still a thing so cannot judge for myself - but if the claims were right I'd say change was inevitable. Given the Lab's notorious lack of communication skill they might even have a replacement project up their sleeves and simply have forgotten to tell us so
  12. Also another question remains to be asked: @Lawrence Celestalis Who the hell are you? You keep telling of "us" and your relationship to the original artist... But what exactley is that relationship? Are you a member of Hangars Liquides? Are you their official spokesman?
  13. Those together sure have enough Dollars to save the Hangar Liquides sims ... where is your problem then?
  14. The artists might get encouraged to head over to SANS - not working with your OS - AR
  15. I would not be surprised by now if we all had to agree to Tilia TOS despite what the townhall said...
  16. Opensimulator is a technology, Inworldz just was one company using it. Djehan could easily conserve the Hangars Liquides cluster on a private Opensimulator 'server'* but apparently doesn't want to. Maybe running it on a grid that is owned by a company that will not hesitate to shut it down once money stops flowing just adds to the angst of the dystopian concept... Many contemporary art is doomed to expire - it's part of the concept - for a famous example see here. *which can be any halfway up to date desktop PC, hence the parantheses
  17. There are lots of pastel coloured outfits inspired by Japanese culture - however you have to keep in mind they often are buildt for specific avatars. Maybe it is best for your wallet to do some window shopping first before settling on a body with a support for the outfit styles you prefer.
  18. I think that would be smart as it over time reveals lots of bad seams and stuff but all the self important people seem to use calwl and seem really surprised when you don't as well
  19. Payment info used means just that - you used you payment info to buy something, either Linden$ or a service. It always costs real money to get that status.
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