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  1. I have not tried logging into aditi since a mishap during a crash ate my login credentials,... But if I remember the Aditi TOS right the Lindens can close it down or restrict it's functionality anytime without a warning - maybe you went there while they were testing something...
  2. Sometimes that might not be enough - for example: let's say someone enjoys designing mesh cloth - and does kids wear as well as kinky stuff ... seperate stores are pretty pretty reccomendable in that case
  3. Obvioulsly Squishy did See how her nametag is not the same operator colour as the other mole's?
  4. Did you pay attention to your heat? I once had a dust pad collecting up in my laptop's vents - naturally with less and less airstream it took less and less time to overheat ...
  5. No it isn't - the buyers of that model are desperate for some cloth - right now there might just be enough money to be made to pay the rigger for an extra rigging. But let's see who will stick to provide support for it in the future.
  6. it might take a while.... see calculation here - the only unknown is how many people want a new home - actually that is far simplified. If for instance more people - like you sugggested for yourself - won't renew their premium if they don't get a home .... it might dramatically decrease the waiting period*: * which makes for another nefarious reason some people might announce they intend to drop their premium - they might not even consider it for themselves - but each competitor that follows their call is one competitor less...
  7. So you are suggesting they (partially) give up another premium perk to compensate for the one they don't get? I don't even know what to comment on this one
  8. They call that bad thing culture. Suggested read: Huxley, Brave New World ...people really hate being told how to feel...
  9. yeah like people stopped using Skype ... LOL @OP No they cannot - well unless the would use a TOS violating viewer that is ... nope, it's more likey they just had scheming snitches among their colleagues...
  10. I outfit my alts with much of the stuff Vanity Fair publishes on her Blog... and a lot of treasure hunting - hell, each of my accounts has at least a male and a female bento and omega compatible mesh body... come to think of it - as long as I have time for this - I don't have enough alts yet... =^.^=
  11. You can calculate the waiting period once you know the numbers of your competitors... with about 75 houses a week that will be about 300 per month or about 3500 a year... Now lets say we have 7000 possibly interested folks - that would make 2 years - half life of the homelessness time would be 1 year then - that is after one year you have a 50% chance of being not homeless any more...* *given the estimated numbers and assuming every one is as fast in registering - thus giving everyone an equal chance,...
  12. Another possible case with the same sad result for you: the bottles could have been officially licensed but for another environment/video game and were illegaly ported to SL - totally different beast then but results for you would be the same.
  13. when it actually got removed from your inventory - pretty much
  14. same might be true to a lesser extent with the form of the bottle itself... it's another intelectual property protection than copyright which is at play there but distincive forms and design elements can be protected - just think 3 stripes for Adidas and such...
  15. but are unhealthy - think of all that crap they eat - stick with gazelles...
  16. Because they are average humans, not techies or accountants or lawyers, just plain humans who often get things wrong and behave surprinsingly predictable as a group.
  17. The town hall was the wrong choice of medium to point people to for looking stuff up, it simply is: not structured not easy to navigate not legaly binding That is why everyone but the millenials prefers written documentation. The town hall was the right thing for LL to do in order calm down the folks... but now they will have to do some extra work to create a documentation.
  18. I can only tell you about Germany. having identified your IP address is usual enough... having a record of ip address, date and violated intelecual property they can usuall get a court order for the ISP to hand over your identity for the purposes of a cease and desist order and/or a court case. While there have been court case rulings that IP adresses are not always clearly identifing users most cases are settled out of courts - before a judge can evaluate how good an evidence the IP address actually is. The fees for a cease and desist orders are so exorbitant high, some unemployed l
  19. No we need court orders - but those court orders are a matter of minutes if the accusing party has sufficient proof.
  20. Honestly I doubt that even matters AFAIK HL is a French collective - their non-profit status in France hardly matters in California. LL decides for itself who gets prefered treatment on their services - und under what circumstances. I am member of a non profit NGO as well - and we boost out finances by selling food at local community events - this does not challenge our tax status as non profit in any way as out total still is mostly donations funded. If however someone offers us to to get a booth at the community event for less because we are non-profit but only under the oblig
  21. It depends on how balance is defined - yet another case for the nitpickers...
  22. *headdesks* but everyone has a USD balance ... that's the whole point
  23. but she would have never accepted the Tilia TOS even though she had an account... duh
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