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  1. Thank you! Got it working, though had to modify your command a little - here's what I've got now: if((number != 10006) && (number != 10008))
  2. Hey! I'm having trouble getting a script to read the incoming number from link_message, and if it doesn't match either numbers, then return. Here's the code I've got: if(number != (10006 || 10008)) { llWhisper(0, "Wrong number!\n" + (string)number + "::" + message); return; } I've tried the statement as many different forms, such as: number == !(10006 || 10008) number != 10006 || 10008 number != 10006 | 10008 number != (10006 | 10008) number == !(10006 | 10008) None of which seem to work properly. How can I perform this check?
  3. Unfortunately, what Chibi said is true. Also, modelling is usually an uneconomical way to upgrade your avi, as most jobs are only interested in applicants who have already mastered their look. But yeah, get a Flickr, and take some photos to use as a portfolio!
  4. That worked, thank you! For reference, my code is now: list animtemp = llParseString2List(llList2String(localmem,i),["@"],[]); string Anim = llToLower(llList2String(animtemp, 0)); Anim = llStringTrim(Anim, STRING_TRIM_TAIL); Added a llStringTrim to get rid of the space before the @ sign!
  5. That *kind-of* works, but is returning weird parts of the command if the animation name is short (e.g. relax)
  6. Hey guys, I'm having problems getting my script to find a word match in part of a list. I've got my script to read configuration values from a notecard, and store each line of the notecard as a list entry, so for example the notecard is: Animation1 @ command @ number @ location @ frequency @ sitter Animation2 @ command @ number @ location @ frequency @ sitter Animation2 @ command2 @ number @ location @ frequency @ sitter Animation3 @ command @ number @ location @ frequency @ sitter And these are stored in a list called localmem. I'm trying to use llListFin
  7. Hey guys, LSL noob here so forgive the mundane question, but I'm completely stuck and Google isn't helping anymore. I'm trying to create a script that issues commands when an action is triggered from AVSitter -- I've got the communications between AVSitter and the script working, but I'm stuck trying to get my script to read from a config notecard as I want to store multiple values on one line, for example POSENAME @ COMMAND @ CMDVALUE @ LOCATION @ FREQUENCY @ SITTERNUM I'm not sure on how to get my script to read up until it hits an @ sign, and take the value, so that I
  8. Does anyone know how often the list updates? I want to change both my first and last name but I don't like any of the given options (LL -- why isn't the list longer?) so will wait until the next cycle to see if I like any of those names
  9. Hey there! I'm a new model, just starting out but have been steadily building a portfolio! Contact me inworld at 1Hannah Actor! My Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/crystalyne/
  10. I'm having this too. For some reason my mesh avatar just appears invisible instead of showing properly. Any news on this?
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