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  1. deleted threads? No idea either so IBTL!
  2. You might just visit the wrong places. If you try to chat to random people opn the street they will pretty much react like in real life. Try visiting some discussions or "make friends" regions. Makeing friends here works like in RL - they just happen or not - you cannot force it.
  3. No Problem Sir, we will dispatch a patrol car of the roleplay police to investigate if you sim's complies with RP standards as soon as possible. Might be helpful to leave RP and state what and whom you need when and where...
  4. Nope - at least not as I understand it. Monthly theme could be anything... cars, planes, "your favourite unique item"... it isnt settled what it is about yet
  5. gaming laptops are usually optimized for today's games and not optimized for the prozessor power SL needs ... I should do fine if you don't expect high end graphics - but I would be watching the motherboard heat... the IO between GPU and CPU can lead to quite some unexpected (from a gaming POV) heating...
  6. You will not be abe to get rid of that neckline - you would need to find a fitting skin for head and body ... if someone by cahnce knows which skin producer fits the abar built in skins you might. Freebie mesh clothing? Not much around for the two bodies you have - sorry to disapoint you. However maitreya bras usually fit altamura body and you might be able to tweak your shape to fit into classic size pants/skirts (XS/S worked best for me). My alt ran around for half a year as 0L proof of concept thing based on a free Altamura mesh body.
  7. Er no, better use one texture with both images and have a script flip through the outtakes of that texture - pretty much like a sprite frame of old. That way both textures will be preloaded already.
  8. Or a simple half sphere with lid painted on rotating or even just having a texture rotating over...
  9. Came to think of it: a 80s NY/London like Urban Linden Home are with subway/ street cars would be fun.
  10. If you can avoid animesh - avoid it! It's limitations are severe, like "Only one attached animesh item per basic account - only two per premium one" people wil most likey already have it reserved for their pet. You can animate stop motion by flipping alphas or by rotating textures or by repositioning/rotating linked items. Yes it will be not as cool as animesh but you can wear dozens of such items. If the animation is simple - don't use animesh. If you wanna animate something like a bullwhip however animesh might be just about the right thing.
  11. Sansara and Hetreocea are IMHO the only mainland continents with a noteable railroad... at best a railway viaduct spanning the ANWR channel would make sense - there simply are no other railroads to connect.
  12. because the AO producers have no idea what ears and tails you will use, full avatar producers on the other hadn clearly have. One company does a fox one with an included tail but even that one falls short as the paw licking animation of course does not include the head and tongue animation... ROFL
  13. Every company has those. What seperates a good company from one gone tomorrow are managers that cull those types wherever they sprout...
  14. @Dakota Linden I understand your frustration, but please understand the the feature was deployed makes it look like the QA team was on vacation during it's conception and implementation... Your company wasted money and human resources on a totally need- and useless feature. Worse yet: instead of even taking the time to evaluate what it(the feature) should do and what it actually does your company insists on selling it to us as a great thing...
  15. Err just a question: you know how to do textute repeats, right?
  16. that bug came to me in cooperation with the teleport bug - after a crash my HUDs would turn back to the state when I last logged on, not how I had them when I crashed - no fun in scripted HUD hunts LOL
  17. I recall something about the function returning sun angles being off earlier in the discussion
  18. One Linden wrote something about how to get the MP fee back ... search Forums on how that works...
  19. Depends if it is a product people want to publicly admit buying... The snu snu industry would clearly get more reviews if they were anonymous.
  20. Actually I think it is a great feature, it is an instant reminder on how old the product is.
  21. You didn't use Limit Buy, did you?
  22. Can I doubt that? SL was a unique success story - something similar will not happen ever again. It is not about features - it was about the right product at the right time in the right place.
  23. Could well be a mole game associated with the region. Nothing like people randomly dying right in front of in your 1950s retro-dystopia lawn...
  24. Engineering is science too, material must be repairable and withstand the conditions in the atmosphere layers, ... don't listen to false prophets. Unpatchable cables cannot be the solution US based ivory tower scientists will tell whatever their money sources wants to hear and leave out important details, like How long will it be save to use? What is the backup plan if it breaks down? How fast can we replace it?
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