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  1. That's the core of the whole problem though... did they know? I think we agree some market analysis would have revealed that easily enough, but did they ever do one?
  2. never looked into palm trees so only can give you some points of general advice: consider how others will percieve it - look at landscaping stuff from far away with LOD factor 1.5 and a high draw distance - if it looks fine enough under those circumstances: Good try getting mod items and items with alpha mode set to masking - play around with group gifts by stores you already have - some designer's textures take switching to masking mode very well and some become useless (This is to reduce hair glitches) keep using the same trees again and again - mod helps you vary them in size and general shape by skewing - that way you visitors only have to fetch the mesh and texture files for one tree in every 20 or even more... btw. don't underestimate the variation you already can get by rotating a tree.
  3. No, no, you don't get me - if you disabled the self destruct in an otherwise unmarked fitmesh clothing demo... what would you get?
  4. That is quite an agrrogant stance... ohh the entitlement. I really doubt you improve the owner's negotiations with LL with your actions...
  5. When SL goes away but Sansar is still there all* would just try to cash out ... eduacated guess of 99%, that is
  6. Who apparently redirect folks to the closed FAQ...
  7. Who are the ones throwing the mud here? I don't need a background in contemporary art to hold up a mirror - it's a proven ages old technique.
  8. And I was beginning to wonder what role you were playing - thanks for the clarification But why does Djehan send you hither then?
  9. Djehan failded big time then. I think Qie and I did - irony's keen edge has been a staple tool in sarcasm and black humour for ages. Claiming you cannot use it ironically without being a fascist while using oneself in a provokating ironical way leaves me to say: @Djehan Kidd Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses.
  10. I only know Ember's games, Lizail's and TBF (The Black Forest) - there are no doubt more good game designers out there but those three seem to be the most widespread for classic tabletop games. If you also look aside board games try Dustin Gilman's games - he does play- and enjoyable billard, dart and air hockey games.
  11. Not neccesarily - from info we have so far the hunt was intened for all maturity ratings and the hunt organizer had a good reputation - the hunt item spawners most likely were put out in good faith - I don't doubt some landowners who got alerted about this sitaution already removed them again.
  12. that guy is cray cray... I just say "pulse jet bicycle"
  13. I'm with Arnaud Amalric on this one - AR them all and let LL sort them out. Seriously everyone downplaying this deserves an AR - just make sure you include the chat transcripts in your AR.
  14. Oh I see how big this is - I ARed this thread* and explained why I did so... because the sooner LL reacts the better... * not against you but to alert the Lindens on the situation. LL has the ability to remove the offending item from their servers... that would be one quick solution that will upset a lot (or maybe not I bet a lot general area shop owners will be angry as hell as well as they had put good faith into the company - I doubt they wanted to risk an AR)
  15. Not sure if advertisement or word salad... ahh It's a complaint, takes awhile to understand but sounds legit. Err... AR and move on - condoms should not be given out in general areas ...
  16. Maybe you should have called Tilia support
  17. no excuses, they are alts - that alone shows they are run by untrustworthy people
  18. megapuss sized kitties are rideable and and there exist unikitty variants ...
  19. No idea ... keep you on track maybe?
  20. And I thought you all just wanted to stay positive in here, ...
  21. They don't have too, they could even get into trouble for doing so - the whole DMCA thing is a bad joke - LL just plays along and so should you. Find an attorney and find out what you must do to counter a false DMCA takedown.
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