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  1. Calling folks Luddites who do not live in the weird paradigma of the only country that counts as well as industrialized and third world sounds .... arrogant. Smartphones are mostly useless toys that just waste way too much energy in both production and use... those little "Throw away after a year" gizmos have children's blood on them - why should I support that crap without a need just to support my own vanity? In case you wonder who on the Forums does not own one - I for example don't.
  2. that is what they try to pull off at Sansar right now, ...
  3. The default recent TP problems... why should sim crossings be any different from other region changes?
  4. The SL userbase is international, we usually have real personal data at risk in 2FA, not some throwaway US tokens. Yeah, sure, by now you should know the Lab better than that ....
  5. They just decided to stay consistant with the Gaeta/Zindra look...
  6. those and Exmachina Davide AFAIK might be more I did not really follow who did those early adoptions
  7. The not so small remains of the Maya population might want to have a word in the extents of "America" ;-)
  8. I just hope all those creators who prematurely released BoM stuff will be fixing it now...
  9. Won't stop anything - I was a reindeer once riding a yava pod (as all reindeer have antlers no matter what sex, gender would be hard to tell) but i still got invites to snu snu from random strangers
  10. of course they are - no talking them back here
  11. sadly that kind of stuff happens a lot in SL... I just seem to subconsciously like to shop LOL spent about 3000 that way by now with accidental shoppings
  12. well guess someone has to catch up on this one, FS shows it each other TP
  13. It is called EEP and it is Linden Lab's newest addotion to SL - They glady announced they have licenced "the Nothing" from the Neverending Story movie to slowly eat away the world untile a very special player in the upcoming new game can rename the Childlike Empress... ... well no, but that would be fun, wouldn't it? ... it is just some unreleased future environment stuff messing up the world.
  14. People insisting I read their profiles before IMing them... LOL sooo 2006
  15. I convinced Jehova's Witnesses into believing I am clergy in training by denying it vehemently ... does that count as legit alternative?
  16. of course it is very American ... already the Brazilians alone are among the top ten (if not top five) most active countries in SL...
  17. Roleplay is wen you play a role - sex crazy sugar dad can be one... Emoting (typing /me) is what you do when you cannot afford to buy animations,... it is juat ome way to roleplay advanced users do stuff - but roleplay can be joined by bloody newbs - you need no editing skills for that.
  18. actually gender is a float running between 0 and 1 ... if you want to be weird you can choose to be 1/π as your gender...
  19. The thread is an expample of internet drama at it's finest.
  20. Quitle likely - just keep in mind that most calls for 2FA come form a backward country that up to this day has not managed to introduce a national ID card
  21. Maybe the owner just liked the looks and had no idea they would fire on their own.
  22. They don't "fail" they can sit on the land for ages apying tier. If it sells ater some years it still is profit for that parcel. In the big picture however they need to sell a lot of parcels again after some years - and that is not gonna happen (but might take them longer to realize).
  23. What is the minimum graphics setting for this to happen? I am pretty sure most users won't notice
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