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  1. you are confusing two silly kiddy games, drake "the game" is not even remotely related to the "circle game" ... well aside that people considering either a valid pastime must be bored as hell.
  2. Can a script even play more than one object animation at once? THis approach sure won't work in AOs as scripts can only play one avatar animtion at a time... sure... you can have multiple animation scripts listening to linkset communication... but that usually is a mess and you do not want to go there.
  3. I guess one of teh culprits here is LL. There simply is no option to have tier based land ownership off-site. It has to be on mainland and not everyone wants to use the mainland "features" like neighbours or cohesive builds... Some mainland users just want to be alone, they are not on mainland because they love mainland but because they have no other place to go. This should have been addressed a long time ago and it simply is too late to fix now.
  4. Welcome to reality .
  5. That was my suspicion as well but I tested it on an alt - mesh looks different to me
  6. Just AR him and the creator of the automated SPAM device ...
  7. https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/community-standards Disclosure Sharing personal information about other users, either directly or indirectly, without their consent—including, but not limited to, gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual orientation, alternate account names (including account statuses, such as whether it is on hold, suspended, or active), and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their user profile—is not allowed. Except for the purpose of reporting abuse or any violation of policies to Linden Lab, the remote monitoring, posting or sharing of conversations without a participant’s consent are prohibited.
  8. No idea what it is, it runs fine on Ubuntu 18 here. Try adding a second desktop environment like kubuntu or xubuntu to see if the problem is is specific to the Lubuntu components. Also try running kokua or singularity alpha out of their folders (no installation needed) to check if it is FS specific... Good Luck! pages @Whirly Fizzle PS: My system has been patched and upgraded for 4 years now without reinstalls... I run my personal hell of Mate desktop on classical ubuntu with dozens of fixes... Might not be the ideal reference system... PPS: Look if the update nuked your GPU drivers or accidentaly made them only work with root privilegdes (Yes that crap happened to me once) if "sudo firestorm" brings it up you know where to look at.
  9. Perhaps reason caught up with them and they realized this: People who pay premium to feel better than others (don't tell me those don't exist) will loose their incentive with stacked premiums... The whole "top of the food chain" idea goes out of the window when you get reduced to "slightly bigger fish" by higher premium tier levels
  10. they have resurrected several sims in the past..
  11. Strange, if you don't have to - why do they write it in their wiki then?
  12. And why did you leave stuff out? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Adult_Content_FAQ#What_does_.22behind_closed_doors.22_mean.3F No one form outside your parcel will be able to cam on you as the stuff has to be on a parcel set to private ... Please don't ask me how to set a mainland skybox to group access only (As a later example for "Partly adult" demands) This IMHO only works on private lands - if it is indeed possible on mainland it must be one of those dirty mole secrets.
  13. zero orbs are just silly - use a ban line instead ...
  14. DUDE! Did you just try a style over substance argument, Dude? Trying to discredit your fellow Forums users by highlighting what they like to do in SL will sooo backfire on you LOL
  15. because we all know they (bloggers that is) never keep up with recent developments ...
  16. Wait.... how dare you not appreciate the extra level of the Glytch game and the extra sandboxes? Bad customer!
  17. If they don't fix this, mainland rally will get even more funny...
  18. That and no one cares about the rules anyways...
  19. Has't it been in that process for years now? BTW sim crossings defiantelly are not affected by your GPU LOL
  20. looks like object cache corruption, try wearing the default avatar and slowly builidng up yout old look again
  21. Once I bought it it's too late - this should not be restricted to land owners but accessible to any potential land owners...
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