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  1. That was their respose for their own little funny corner of the earth - as mentioned before however public internet streaming is international and therefore local rules apply. A German would have to consider German regulations, a Mexican would have to look up Mexican regulations and so on - more legal fun to ensue in cases where the streaming server is not within the same legal admistrative area as the streaming person. My 5 cents on a DJ career in SL? Migrate to Sealand!
  2. Some folks call them the "art" industry over here with art put in paranthesis on purpose. What constitutes as art? What is acceptable in art? What is the bare minimum of art? What is the purpose of art? Who decides on art? What is good art? Anyone offering a simple solution on any of the above propably might not be suited to answering them in the first place.
  3. I never understood why people would listen to live recordings anyways - with rare exceptions like for exmaple Arlo Guthrie it usually just is worse - doesn't stop people liking it however and thus requesting it from DJs - which brings us back on topic ...
  4. I guess it is a language barrier thing. People don't get the difference.
  5. Every stream in SL is public - there is no soch thing as "streaming just insideSL" once people know the stream's URL they can listen to it outside of SL - I often do as it is less buggy than listening through the viewer.
  6. Live recordings are not live music... not anymore - they were at the moment of recording.
  7. Your lack of considering perspective is remarkable - given the fact you came here to defend an artist
  8. They get granted the same chance as everyone else. Who decides who's art is superior than someone other's? This thread started with a lot of positive attitude and goodwill towards HL - but sadly the Hangarians do a good job of slowly eroding it away.
  9. Yeah right - there is absolutely no possiblity this might backfire and anger the resident enough to turn their back and never return.
  10. Report it - the fact that they even called it "spite wall" might help you in getting it removed with an Abuse Report. Just fill in as much detail as possible. No, sadly SL viewer cannot blacklist rendered objects.
  11. Btw. if you play live music you are a performer not a DJ anymore. DJs always play canned music per definition - they might however play live recorded music - which was live music at it's time of recording but now is no more. Sorry for the nitpicking but there are legal matters involved so concise definitions are inevitable.
  12. As you cannot confine streaming to listeners in SL only every streaming you do can be considered a public broadcast depending on your local legal legislation and the legistaltion of the server's physical location. Lots of DJing in SL is done under the radar - but that does not make it right.
  13. Fionalein


    Those two webpages do: https://slhunts.wordpress.com https://huntsl.com
  14. Hey to be fair please admit that goes for all tantrums - also those from your side
  15. Over there the closing still seems to be a threat - in the discussion over here it seems a sure thing - but thanks for the rest if the insights.
  16. err IMHO with the TOS changes of 2013 the creator agreed to that - they could have closed the sim back then instead of continuing under the new TOS that allows LL to use their content...
  17. Aha drake - now please point me out where that explanation reads - "you do not have to accept the Tilia TOS in that case" go spot it... and don't dare to return before you found it
  18. errr no that is not how it works - the sims effectively would be frozen in time (Which in the case of Svarga somehow seems to have caused the ecosystem to stop working proper) @Topic I find it funny how the picture painted in this thread differs from the info the creator gave in the NWN blog... just saying
  19. yeah but nitpickers since then realized 0.00 is "a balance" as well - which is a valid argument.
  20. When it happened; just now around 4:15pm Where were you when you tried to TP? mishmish Where were you trying to go? limbo If you ended up somewhere else, where was it? got disconnected from SL with a black screen could have been anywhere Were you disconnected or did you crash? see above What viewer were you using? Firestorm 6.0.2 (56680) Feb 8 2019 23:11:19 (64bit) (Firestorm-Releasex64) with OpenSimulator support PS: As a funny side effect the list of friends I can see online was cropped in that incident and has not recovered since - maybe only in so far related as that phenomenon might get caused by the disconnects in a chain reaction.
  21. Hey it is a customer telling them why they are unhappy with the account and why they cancel if they don't get what they want - the academics call that strange new phenomenon customer feedback. The Lab is free to deal with them however they want. However by bashing them you and your ilk anticipate a behavior by the Lab you seem fit for the situation... this might not actually be the reaction the Lab really would have shown. But now it is too late - the customer now for sure is lost thanks to a Forum's clique ganging up on them - Congratulations!
  22. canceling a Limit Buy that would never fullfill - the USD balance would then go to your balance
  23. But you have to admit the survivers for most parts integrated into Roman society quite peacefully (we will not speak of those Spartacus or Boudica incidents those were just atypical exceptions)
  24. Sometimes I think the Belli community must hate the Lab employees ... you realize that by making fun of paying customers - effectifely encouraging them to leave the subscription - you actually cost the company money and endanger the jobs of the idols you so fiercely defend, right? Good job, Bellis ... good job ...
  25. it's a feature - think of it as "last ditch undo"
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