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  1. I'm just now getting back into SL after a 9-year hiatus. One of my fav things back in the day, was visiting creations/destinations that were visually spectacular. Do you have a curated list of such destinations? Thanks in advance for sharing!
  2. I've done a few custom tats for myself, and some people have told me to start doing some for people on the side so here i am. Know i will not do anything copyrighted. Such as Hello Kitty, Disney, Marvel, etc. I can do custom body freckles (as shown) or cute little bears, cats, flowers, etc. I can also do names, hearts and such. Just as said, anything you want as long as it's not copyrighted. And as shown below I can do any color and any percentage of fade you want. These will be for your use ONLY. You may not resell or alter the texture. Any changes after payment can be made for little to no charge depending on the complexity of the change. FEMALES ONLY AT THIS GIVEN TIME. WILL UPDATE THREAD WHEN/IF MALE AVAILABILITY COMES TOO. Please see my samples HERE you can click and enlarge them as well. (Click the "Here" ^ as it's text linked) You will receive demos of the texture if you wish to view it on your exact body rather than my own. Demos WILL have a watermark to avoid theft. Final product will not. You receive a fade option of your choice and a 100% or 50% fade FREE with any order if you choose. You only pay the upload fee. (You do not need to upload it to your inventory for demo purposes. Need help on how too? Let me know ) You are in charge of uploading the textures. It costs $10L or less (Per texture) based on your subscription level. Higher levels are charged lower fees. Full body will be two textures separate; this is how the templates are. That is 20$L (Or less as mentioned above) to upload both. I will send the finished product via email after receiving payment. I do not do refunds. Demos and final product will only be sent via email for best saving quality on your end. Discord is preferred for discussion of commission. Notecards / IM can work as well, Discord is just much easier and quicker. Especially if one of us is offline on SL. My prices are as the following: • Full body (from the collar bone to the ankles) 125$L- 500$L. If you just want a custom freckled or body with cute moles, then about 125$L or less. • Just thighs, arms, or hands: 15$L-25$L Know that for arms and hands the design will show on both left and right. Thighs can be different. Want extra tattoos included on the back of the thighs? +5$L • Chest Tattoo: 10$L-35$L. Depending on complexity and size, price may vary Please send me an IM or notecard in-world (Llamau) if you're interested in working together. Much thanks. ❤️ Note: It'll still cost the extra L to upload the textures. No matter if you send it to me to transfer the textures to you, or you upload them yourself. To save us the trouble, I decided for you to upload it on your own. And again, I can help you do that along with how to create the tattoo. ❤️
  3. My friend is returning to SL. He has an old avie and wishes to upgrade to a mesh body and head to pretty much duplicate his old avie. He has a Jake body. Please contact me to discuss project and fees.
  4. I have some knowledge of 3d mesh objects creation and I wanted to learn to create my own mesh clothes for mesh avis in Sceond Life. I went through some creation tutorials and I got the jist of creating clothes and sewing and some buttons work and even pocket creations. One thing I had issues with trying to learn in Blender 3d mesh creation was texturing. I know you can only add 8 materials per mesh object. And I know how to map out faces for texture applying in Blender. From what I saw in Marvelous is that you can have the normals and uv maps and specular created in it. Here is my question(s): 1. Do you export the normals and uv's and Specular maps FROM Marvelous and upload that into SL? Or do you take that to Blender with the mesh OBJ and assign it there after rigging? 2. Can you re edit the uv map by picking more faces to a mesh clothing item and if so what does it do to the Marvelous designer uv image then? 3. It was my understanding that Marvelous does all the mapping and you jsut take in the mesh obj clothes to rig it to body types in Blender and import that into sl? 4. Are the ao's uv maps, specualars and normal maps that creators import to give out as full perm from Marvelous directly or from Blender? Any help creators can provide would be so helpful I have looked and looked for this information in youtube can't find proper information.
  5. I scanned the forum and didn't find exactly what I am looking for. So please forgive if this is a repeat of an existing discussion. I am look for a basic (doesn't need to be simple) primer on adding prims/objects to an existing full perm object. As in, adding small pieces of my own design/build to a full perm belt for example. Is there such a primer or basic template of the process somewhere? Thanks! Bran
  6. Hi I am looking for a script for hugs poses, I am a pose creator and AO made with blender, but I want a script for two people to come together to hug and be in poses stands together. I did a lot of research before asking here, but I can't find anything. Thank you for your precious help LB (French) Je suis à la recherche d'un script pour des poses hugs, je suis créatrice de poses et AO faites avec blender, mais je souhaite un script pour que deux personnes se rapprochent pour se prendre dans les bras et être en poses stands ensemble. J'ai fait beaucoup de recherches avant de demander ici, mais je ne trouve rien. Merci pour votre précieuse aide LB
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if you can share your solution to transfer your customized shape to the mesh you made for selling. I am new to the mesh creator circle so there are still many problems for me to upload and list my mesh to the marketplace. The shape I adjusted is not able to transfer so the mesh someone else buys may not have the same appearance with mine. But I meant to made an adjustable body mesh so anyone can resize it in their own way. Who know how to transfer the shape or any other alternative way to solve the problem?
  8. Somehow I haven't found a tutorial on this. I'd like to design custom shapes to sell in world and on marketplace. Shapes you edit remain no-transfer of course, and i haven't seen which tool or work-around is necessary to use to create your own. thanks for any help or for pointing me in the right direction.
  9. Id like a custom avatar made of my male nekomimi OC that I have a digitally drawn reference of, which is shown below. HE has 2 arms btw...If you are someone I can commission for this or know of someone who could be please respond.
  10. Hello! I'm relatively new to Blender and using it within Second Life but have decided to use this lockdown as an opportunity to learn. I've come into an issue which i'm sure is just me doing something stupid. When assigning different materials to different 'walls' on my Blender models, when importing them into Second Life, I find that the textures on one wall will be correct and on another wall at a 90 degree angle. Is there something i'm doing wrong? Or is it a case of having to use materials wisely to combat this issue. Here's a photo for an example of what I mean... Any help would be much appreciated! Stay safe out there, everyone!
  11. Hi, excuse me if this question seems very naive (especially having been a SL user for over ten years) but....is it possiblt to pay professional creators/animators to create 'bespoke' animations and equipment to order? I've often looked for such services but with no luck thus far... Thank you Elizabetha
  12. Hello! I'm an old skool player, of almost 13 years, but I've had a break and have come back this last week to discover mesh is all the rage and bento is a thing and my avatar now looks, well. Old skool. He probably renders quicker tbh? Maybe not with all non mesh sculpty addons... anyways. I've decided it's time to recreate my avatar and weirdly (or not) I'd like to create one that looks more like my RL self (see my profile pic - yes I do have an actual rainbow mohawk in RL) - SO.. I need to find a body that's not ultra ripped (or can be customised - Bento and a less defined skin?) Having said that I'm unlikely to be naked, or topless tbh... maybe. And I also want to at least put my own real face as a skin onto a head - probably Bento, because of getting the shape right. I'm no stranger to photoshop et al, (I'm an artist and designer) so skinning should be straight forward (ish?), and I'm wondering whether doing a Blender projection painting on a head would be best, then editing the texture some more in photoshop. Although that's going to mean I have to do a little bit of Blender learning tbh. Is it worth getting a Head like erm Catwa Daniel - and using a dev kit for the skin? I'm 46 so I'm not looking for a teenage or 20 something looking avatar either. Am I asking too much?
  13. Hi. Have for a little while now wanted to be a part of a medium scale project that employ agents with different skill setts. I possess good .lsl knowledge to think i would be contributing towards a group. My main curiosity point toward avatar creation, complete with hud for both avatar, avatar apparel and attachments. Maybe in a worn down cyber-steampucky design. And maybe static environmental object such as generator, steam battery, lights. etc. to create items the user can have at home. I have never worked on avatar creation or such, but have made some huds and mini games to think my skill will suffice. In regard to such a project, if someone have a bit of knowledge to share on the basic of update system that may be useful. That would be appreciate.
  14. https://gyazo.com/0355392060f80a7a23cbda3370ef2baa this is a left side view of a mesh body neck and shoulders,, there are these unfilled lines which are not fitting each other, is there a way to fix this ? Thanks in advance...
  15. Bonjour, j'aimerai me lancer dans la création de vêtements sur Second Life, mais je ne trouve pas où télécharger les templates gratuits. Quelqu'un pourrait-m'aider s'il-vous-plait ? Merci d'avance.
  16. Hello! Looking to hire a mesh creator with experience in creating mesh body-parts for the Aesthetic body. I understand with how the creator of the body does their creation kits this is a difficult task. Requirements -item needs to be rigged, or possibly resize-able with multiple sizes -item will need to easily be textured, i can do this part. The item itself im looking to have made i will explain to you via IM in SL. Its a body-part nothing scripted or NSFW.
  17. Okay so its a slight issue for me since my avi is pretty tall, muscled and wider then the average avi which i know is my own issue but i love the look. The normal Aesthetic tops , wrist, neck stuff fit fine my issue is the lower body most all the lower half items don't fit my avi do to thickness and having digitigrade legs on.. the thighs of the Aesthetic pops through everything i wear luckily the HUD allows me to hide my thigh meshed so shorts are fine on my avi.... but long pants and boots are forever out of my reach musta spent close to $L 800 on digi boots pants only to have my lower legs to clip through due to my shins being wider and thicker its so frustrating :/.. Anyone got any solutions? please i don't wanna just wear a thong or sorts all the time lol.. I want to start making my own Clothing but cant seem to find a solid digitigrade mesh obj so might need to make one but that'll be my last option if i run out of them.
  18. Hello everyone, my name is Türkay. This is my first post. ^.^ I hope I am writing it on correct forum. I want to create mesh clothings. I know how to make rigging etc. but I am stuck at one point, which is I need a body to work on it for creating my clothes. So do you know how can I get Second Life bodies? I plan to create clothes and sell them.
  19. I never know how to start these posts but maybe I should give you a little background - I am Rhae and this is my first year on Second Life. About three or four of the nine months I've been on SL, I've been away, but I've always been curious about building mesh. Granted, part of the reason I started wanting to do it was because I couldn't always find what I want, but I've finally decided to take the initiative and start by, well, getting Blender. I've looked up tutorials, scrolled through pages, but all of it is too advanced for someone who doesn't even know how to adjust the camera view yet. I've spent few minutes, learned few of the basics, and plan to keep at it until I am comfortable with the controls. But, as someone with anxiety, the fact that I don't even know what the next step is - is a little unsettling to me. If I asked you for a guide, for a 101, for a list of what you should get or what you should learn first - what would you include in it? I feel at loss, because my brain is shouting words I've read over and over again like 'rigging' and 'texturing' and 'baking' and 'developers kit' when I don't even know what I would need to start. I don't want to make clothes, for example, that are for standard sizes (alone). It feels a lot like attempting to learn a language without knowing the alphabets. And I don't know, I want a place to start. A list of essential programs and add-ons and items as well as a list of, well, what you should learn. Obviously, once I cover the basic and learn to be comfortable with it, the rest would come from tutorials and blogs and forum posts but... I'd benefit from having a place to start and others might, too! Thank you and I am sorry for rambling.
  20. Hello everyone, I want to create mesh clothes in "Second Life", but I need basic references about the shape of the body. I understood that for the bodies "SLink", "Maitreya", "Belleza" ... it was necessary that I pay to have their references for an avatar mesh in Blender. So I would need references for a normal body, regarding the sizes that the current magazines use: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Thank you for your answers.
  21. How to make a mirror surface? I wand add simple cube mirror to my house
  22. We can create clothes, accessoires and objects please fill out this for and you will receive a quote for your item : https://mesh-agency.blogspot.com/p/chargement-en-cours.html Rates will vary depending on the complexity of the items. Rates for rigging depend on item complexity and the numbers of bodys requested. Available Bodys are Female : Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physics, Belleza Venus - Isis - Freya Male : Signature, Aesthetic , Slink A deposit will be requested before starting any project. You will receive all details before starting the project. I do not answer to inworld notecards please use the website or email to : meshagencysl@gmail.com
  23. I am seeking a skilled mesh clothing creator, I pay in US dollars over $120 Dollars per project and typically I would like to have two full outfits (two projects at a base starting price of 240 dollars in total which can reach 400 US dollars in total per month) per month one for men and one for women, plus bonuses for add ons and such that can be 40 - 60 dollars. I own a business and I am looking for someone to work with for a year, this is a monthly income that is steady and contractual. If you are interested in working with me please contact me inworld by saying " Bonjour " so I know what you're messaging me for... IF YOU ALSO ARE SKILLED IN TEXTURING THAT IS A PLACE, BUT NOT NECESSARY! my username is orlandodechristoph. Thank you and I hope you who are a skilled mesh creator of clothing message me.
  24. Greetings everyone, and thank you for the time. I have been working to prepare a new avatar of mine, my latest and I have rigged up and made a lot of avatars before so while I am not a professional user of Blender, i am familiar with it and in making mesh avatars for Second Life. This time, i have decided to prepare something non-human where the shape I have i made it hunched a bit, however with bi-pedal legs and a hunched stature it makes aligning and working out the template armature really advanced for me. Too advanced so far, I have tried a lot of things but in vain. After sweating with this for a while, now I would like to turn to anyone experienced in rigging avatars where I have not managed to succeed and request support if anyone wishes to rig up my non-human model for me and turn it into an avatar. I would also like to be sent the file and work as an educational means so that I can study and learn how all of this works out with non-human models. It would mean so much if I could have support with this. I would offer lindens for the trouble if this is preferred, though it should be discussed first. Feel free to drop me a message under the username Krokheimer in Second Life, too. Hope to hear from you soon, Krokheimer
  25. I'm sharing a resource that would be helpful, it's not an SL group. Commission Central is a Discord created as a community to share art and link up content creators with clients. https://discord.gg/dbxcqNz If you're into building and texturing you can find others sharing their work and wips in the community and bounce ideas and questions off each other. Please join others in sharing this helpful resource!
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