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  1. most bandwidth is not governed by that slider though...
  2. You have to remove search restraints for "current region only" Isn't it funny how the thing that should remove the need for TP hammers actually increased their frequency of use?
  3. if you understand at least 2 languages you should not have any problems with LSL whatsoever - if you don't understand even 2 languages I would hardly call you a scripter...
  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences - yeah my advice would be to stay away from any group that offers more than being there to talk with you, offering a safe retreat and regular community activities... as Orwar said: better leave the rest to the professionals
  5. I guess it would not be hard to program a swim HUD that works in any phantom prim with "water" in it's name...
  6. that would help lag - not help avoiding lag...
  7. Profiles are supposed to be general... picks are a part of your profile - simple as that.
  8. That might not be a bad thing, SL is full of weirdos - a healthy dose of distrust in making friends won't hurt here. Be kind but trust no one unless you know them very well sadly seems a good advise around the internets in general and SL in special.
  9. Just don't spend all your SL time there. The advice you were given "to get a hobby" most likely was to get away from your problems - get new perspectives, so hop around and explore SL - being around self help groups won't be such a big distraction at all.
  10. I do not see why that person had to copy Marshall's "trademark" varying dimensions through all his 3 examples though ... they are impractical in RL and almost no other amp producer does that silly stuff - keep those dimensions consistant - your roadies and logistics team will appreciate it.
  11. try "survivors of suicide"* - but also follow @Orwar's advice *other than the name suggests they are open to all manner of psychosocial conditions/traumata
  12. That is what picks are supposed to be - sadly SL users abuse them for everything else and actually wonder if you really have some.
  13. Isn't it funny how certain people always assume the worst intentions in their opponents and the best in their own chosen side? "My side cannot err because that means I would err by association." is a dangerous fallacy. @kiramanell you were quick to imply I would have called Anne Frank a fascist - something I never did - yet when your protégé slips in tone and actually calls other people fascists ... there you handwave some "Lost in translation" explanation as if nothing happened. Do you actually believe in your own double standards? Do you actually realize you apply them onto others? Please don't. Treat others the way you expect to be treated... Also goodnight all. Godwin's law has been invoked it won't be long until this thread combusts.
  14. It is a commonly used word ... it might be something the harley owners group deliberately associated with by choosing their acronym (god knows why they chose to though). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_hog
  15. art? no idea, really it is the most recent post on their website at this moment: https://web.archive.org/web/20190514213311/http://www.hangars-liquides.com/ (archive link to anticipate future changes) this is the language they (even Djehan herself here) themselves chose to be represented with - not my choice - theirs
  16. You are cherry picking your interpretation yourself - Djehan is part of of an international acting alternative art collective using a pretty aggressive language ( writing "manifestos", going to trash Berlin ,...) we can assume she pretty much meant what she wrote there. Would fit their pattern pretty well.
  17. No. An ironical context does not necessarily mean to negate the quote - placing it in an "inappropriate" context is sufficient. Art has many liberties, political art often uses those to provoke a thought - a movie ending in mutually assured thermonuclear destruction with the wind blowing this very quote into the end credits would be applauded for it's irony - no one (well Djehan aside) would dare to call the director a fascist though... Who tells you it was still Anne's point of view to the end? She wrote that line before they caught her... No I do not share it - individual humans have some morals remaining - but humanity as a whole pretty much eroded them away in the 90s - if the next generation does not find a way to kickstart values again we will be doomed. And yes I still object being called a fascist for that point of view.
  18. Please read the whole text Luna quoted and then come back. Djehan called others fascists - that is what I was referring to. you too
  19. no one cirticises Anne's words Djehan placed the quote in her dystopian 3D model - nothing wrong with that Djehan insisted on not meaning it ironical - well a waste of potential but still nothing objectable. Djehan then called everyone using it in an ironic way a fascist (after using it in an ironic context herself none the less)- proving she lacks the tiniest bit of self reflection or artistical perspective concerning this delicate matter. The last fact is the one I - and others - object. You don't seem to understand the distinction. No one objects Anne Frank's quote - no one tries to devalue it's tragic beauty (and please admit it would be way less a strong quote without the author's tragic end). But that does not make everyone using it right. Djehan used it (out of artistical instinct I guess) in a pretty ironical and aggressive way. And she would have gathered much praise for it if not for her uninvited ill-voiced self defence where she tried to instate herself as morally superior who has the sole authority over it's use.
  20. It was an add on explanation - Djehan is still wrong on that silly fascist quote,...
  21. But apparently Djehan didn't understand the extent of her own use of the message - that's not on me that's onto her PERIOD! She placed the art she has to live with the interpretations ... and as she chose to write a comment on the interpretations she has to live with the interpretations of that comment to. Cannot stand others interpreting your art? Don't go public with it.
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