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  1. It is all Region transfers, wether vehicle, teleport or on foot, yesterday was the first time I crashed while sim crossing on foot in Linden Realms...
  2. The Lab saved money on the new authentification servers? I dunno,...
  3. Good physics depend on your intentions,... a box suits most but for me as a kitty boxed roof physics are a big no no... I sit up there
  4. Inventory size affects log on speed, I bet some people just jumped to conclusions from this (wether they be true or not)
  5. I hope gridwide experiences will help us get rid of RLV for non-fetish uses.
  6. And once the initial rush is over we will have an almost dead sub-Forum
  7. I still have no idea what this place is about, I long ago met one of the creators of that place in a group chat and visit it occasinally ever since. If you want to clam down after a busy day in SL, consider visiting that place and taking one of the many rides(boat, trains, horses) through beautyfull landscapes. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lexicolo/113/70/46
  8. or wait for the free premium SSP houses to hit the grid
  9. Now this thread degraded quickly...
  10. Kauna worked fine, gabriel worked fine... unless you wnat skintight latex suit you should be fine with Altamura... I found the body a welcome alternative to the steroid throwing mesh bodies by the competitors.
  11. because the damn same thing pops up 100s of times... I don't like no copy crap anyways so usually I'm save of them. But I understand those that want a limited quantity filter.
  12. And that is why most RP places lok the way they do
  13. Simple answer: you don't anything labled "off sim" is just an object extending out of the sim, the root of that object is still "in sim"
  14. it is just those pesky angels and demons stuff again...
  15. How well does vista fit the SLUV? Maybe omega works fine on it,...
  16. I found no problem fitting the male Altamura into standard sizing clothings... it might be different for that bare chest look the Russian president likes so much but it have no desire to look like that.
  17. I hear you, I found a small Japanese creator though who does neat tuning tires - most of your affected vehicles will be ACS scripted - if your vehicle is ACS and mod you can transplant the 4 diffrent wheel scripts into better ones and replace those wheels... ACS is pretty idiot proof on that one, even different original orientation of the wheel mesh seems to be taken care of...
  18. Sometimes contents take some time to load while manualy unboxing. Hit unbox and wait a little.
  19. I read in some very old article that the Lab intially planned to fill the void with water sims.... the cut off coastal waterways might be a remnant of that now abbandoned plan...
  20. That is a typical probe to test wether an individual is even worth trying to have a conversation with... I hope your boss reads here because you just failed big time
  21. only of you cannot set up your email properly
  22. says mod - but LI might increase,...
  23. Why are we even discussing this? Isn't this case fitting the very definition of "Non item listing"?
  24. When I was young in SL 10L meant a lot to me and I had no freakin idea what would happen to me if I don't pay. I didn't - nothing happened. But this crap really should be ARed from mainland - use them in your RP communities as much as you like, but please stop confusing newbies who use open access public Linden roads,...
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