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  1. I'm with Arnaud Amalric on this one - AR them all and let LL sort them out. Seriously everyone downplaying this deserves an AR - just make sure you include the chat transcripts in your AR.
  2. Oh I see how big this is - I ARed this thread* and explained why I did so... because the sooner LL reacts the better... * not against you but to alert the Lindens on the situation. LL has the ability to remove the offending item from their servers... that would be one quick solution that will upset a lot (or maybe not I bet a lot general area shop owners will be angry as hell as well as they had put good faith into the company - I doubt they wanted to risk an AR)
  3. Not sure if advertisement or word salad... ahh It's a complaint, takes awhile to understand but sounds legit. Err... AR and move on - condoms should not be given out in general areas ...
  4. Maybe you should have called Tilia support
  5. no excuses, they are alts - that alone shows they are run by untrustworthy people
  6. megapuss sized kitties are rideable and and there exist unikitty variants ...
  7. No idea ... keep you on track maybe?
  8. And I thought you all just wanted to stay positive in here, ...
  9. They don't have too, they could even get into trouble for doing so - the whole DMCA thing is a bad joke - LL just plays along and so should you. Find an attorney and find out what you must do to counter a false DMCA takedown.
  10. Rarely did quoting "It's dead, Jim!" carry so many innuendos at once =^.^=
  11. Not really if you do the planning instead of the planting - but yeah our lumberjacks (they do the planting over here as well - both felling and planting is part of the same job here) are clearly underpayed for their hard work.
  12. Forums (not just these ones) are soooo 2000s - they are a web 1.0 relic - the new generation* prefers to discuss their stuff below mansplaining video tutorials on YT... *generation used here as the area people got familiarized with the interwebs - it is loosly corrrelated to RL age but not neccesarily.
  13. err.... if it is animesh you need not consider other attachments (unless you want to create linkable accessoiries to your object - which would need to share the same skeleton setup) - every animesh object is a self encased full bento avatar skeleton. A sliding door and two barrels would need no more than max 6 joints (2 per object) but more likely just 3 (1 per object). Just abuse any part of the joints of the bento skeleton that seem suited to you.
  14. Explain the current situation then - I wish it would have - but it clearly hasn't. Media (some weirdos aside) more or less try to stay politically correct - but I bet the picture media paint is not 100% accurate to the real situation found out there.
  15. Yeah, ... I remember battleing my tax officer over the deductability of a military grade compass, ... he insisted on it being a a pure hobby investment and I had to justify every damn little feature that thing had to him (I was in the forest service at that time - we plan and control dirt roads dedicated to silvicultural use...)
  16. nintenpet, hellhund, TWI wolf and hallowpup all are very popular dog avatar choices - are you sure you always saw the same person wearing them?
  17. I even have it's documentation ... IMHO it's crap - I much prefer openCL which runs on NVIDIA and on other producer's GPUs ... and those crypto miners might be forced to switch to FPGA boards at some not so distant point in the future... I really hope they will bethus making those boards more widespread - this Kitty wants to get it's paws onto some VHDL toys... But concering software... yeah, just because it's not graphics does not mean it is not running on the GPU... any massive parallell integer operation might perform better over there - depending on your card massive parallell float operations might as well. You might want to look up the term software in a dictionary...
  18. I doubt they would do that though, the Galaxy was a rental business designed as a 3 sim long cruise ship - while it got preseved it does not do rentals anymore.
  19. If RL politics are going to be excluded you cannot have a CSD event either... just saying. The line between what's political and what not is blurry. The faireground was opened in pride month with a rainbow coloured Magellan statue on it - which can be interpreted as a political message by the LDPW itself... When politics come around they're just doomed - there will be conflict wether they allow it or not.
  20. .... not quite - it might lead to sudden growth spurts of the witness list in some legal systems ...
  21. but even under those circumstances it must not contain " gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual orientation, alternate account names (including account statuses, such as whether it is on hold, suspended, or active), and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their user profile" https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/community-standards
  22. I have not tried logging into aditi since a mishap during a crash ate my login credentials,... But if I remember the Aditi TOS right the Lindens can close it down or restrict it's functionality anytime without a warning - maybe you went there while they were testing something...
  23. Sometimes that might not be enough - for example: let's say someone enjoys designing mesh cloth - and does kids wear as well as kinky stuff ... seperate stores are pretty pretty reccomendable in that case
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