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  1. There are other activities classified as adult besides sexual activities - horror, violence and illegal drug abuse for example. There are even adult rated regions in SL that strictly forbid sexual activities. I would have no problem with a child avatar in a Cthulhu sim ...
  2. This needs some fishies... Too bad it is not available as home...
  3. you realize Mopire and Rierri are part of the same sim cluster?
  4. Vista hand are omega compatible though... never had skin matching problems with them
  5. They are still around and building and vehicle designers use them a lot. Details on how they work might vary though.
  6. But people are spoiled - they expect more from a public beta these days. The premature release might have burnt it forever for lots of potential users.
  7. ... who is a grumpy old man by now, singing gloomy Dowland songs and all... =^.^=
  8. Of course that could have been easily handled by a checkbox if anyone had thought about that during the system design...
  9. It is also more than 2 employees per concurrent user,...
  10. as "downgrade me now" is the same as "cancel automatic renewal" in the Lab interface some folks kinda have to, ... they might not want to "downgrade now" at all
  11. The Lab seems to have a different view on the importance of access to a Linden home perk for the overall Premium experience though - just look at the New Linden Homes dilemma...
  12. you could try and use a high priority wrist lock /hand pose
  13. the sleeves might be pre bento riggid hand stuff, there is quite some of that around that simply does not work with bento hands anymore
  14. They erm do? I was able do drive my houseboat beneath them... of course you might run into problems with a true scale warship...
  15. may I quote yourself? Not today, Satan!* *taken straight from your signature
  16. Honestly - what good is a hoard if you do not use it occasionally? I personally feel unhappy if ever dropping below a arbitrary amount I declared as my emergency reserve but that is just me being reluctant to upload money on a whim (I gladly spend out of my stash though)
  17. Repeating the obvious won't help... She already found out they are gone by now.
  18. Patch seems to have mentioned elsewhere that you can ask for a refund... EDIT: Looksie here:
  19. uni-cat is a copy cat?
  20. Be glad you only found a lost box @Abnor Mole lost one of his eyes at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fox Chase/43/242/87
  21. As they only have half prim allowance as traditional or houseboat and the initial responses to them by my inworld friends were quite negative I really think you will have good chances on them. I dare to foretell a lot of angry forum posts by users complaining they just got 512 after not reading the small print though.
  22. ... a 512 home... yeah I can totally see that happening...
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