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  1. Might as well be first signs of missing net neutrality...
  2. How often do we have to repeat that "only certain users seem to be affected" part?
  3. that's true - don't you dare to forget windmills and camping trailers...
  4. and then they asked real scientists and not the Elon Musk of the 80s ... Who told them no cable will be strong enough ...
  5. different seats require different animations... even the same seat might require a different tail anim depending on what sit animation is played...
  6. "Me too" is about something else ...
  7. I like to add tail animations to my sits... mod stuff lets me do that with avsitter plugins - I recently decided I'm to lazy to click a fitting sit anim from my tail AO every time.
  8. Does this change the fact it is "one single animation" from LSL's point of view? How that single animation is actually represented on the simulator does not matter to LSL. (Though it might count to the 30 animations limit)
  9. Why not just use landscaping material to build up a ground around your pool... ?
  10. I often ignore IMs becaue I am busy with many IMs already - I do not ignore you on purpose... I just don't notice folks sometimes.
  11. the other way round... i still did not leave lara due to clothing support
  12. hypnose does similar stuff, not sure if it is by them
  13. I found this, which looks promising ... but not bought or tested it yet https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Swim-HUD/11476 you must buy one that works with prim water on top of linden wtaer to be able to use it in a pool - you may need specially prepared prim water so buy a mod pool
  14. No one can build that high in RL, in SL we can build at whatever height we choose to.
  15. ? Explain the empty landscapes with render lag I TP into then - that is not how it works...
  16. The crashes are disconnects during teleports, if you now can explain me how client side graphics hardware can affect the connection I would be more than happy. I still doubt it is EEP connected, might be some bug uploaded to the simulators the same time EEP got deployed... My guess is it is preparation for the "Going to the cloud" process where inter-simulator communication will need to change (and they can prematurely deploy the changes in their local net - IMHO anything that will work in the cloud should work in a local serverfarm as well)
  17. I doubt that, I will try tracking down a waffler costume but I'm not sure I can find one.
  18. But can you come up with a tagline for that name that can compete with "tasty lickable avatars" (which would definatelly fit a magazine called YAM! )
  19. Hey, at least you have an account there - I don't =^.^=
  20. YAM! (yet another magazine) but better look if that name is already taken In world copies can be made with intelibook - quite nice stuff but for sure an investment...
  21. It's still tuesday isn't it?
  22. Could be about anything, who knows? Maybe it is an obstaclecourse for the long promised ponies (No, Ebbe, we have not forgotten about those)...
  23. you are confusing two silly kiddy games, drake "the game" is not even remotely related to the "circle game" ... well aside that people considering either a valid pastime must be bored as hell.
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