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  1. Seeing how long we went without maps .. Treasure the friends you already have.
  2. Orwar


    No clue where the outfit is from, unfortunately. But I'd like to add that a lot of people don't dare put credits on their pictures, as Flickr is infamous for banning accounts that they perceive to be advertising without being a Pro account. Sometimes even having a link to a blog page where you have the credits can get you shut down. As for sending messages on Flickr .. They're very easy to miss. Especially if you log in to 100+ notifications because someone decided to fave every picture in your portfolio and comment on half of them, and followed/unfollowed you 8 times in 24 hours because they urgently want you to notice and re-follow them. Some people have their in-world contact details on their 'about' tab, if it isn't evident by their username - sending them an IM or NC might be better.
  3. I think all Evo heads are now updated to Evo X. At least Sasha and Lilly are, which are what Neph and Mina have. The update changed the ears' shape a bit to make them compatible with rigged Evo X piercings, and they have the option to choose between the old UV and the new UV for BOM.
  4. Commissioned photography. As a host, at least you've got your time slot, you can suffer through it and tender your resignation after that time limit .. But working for people because they checked out your Flickr and want to have their profile pics taken, but their avatars look like the half-breed offspring of the genetically unfortunate union of a giraffe, a monkey, and a T-rex, and there's no amount of image editing that's going to change that. I'm not doing any commissions these days as I fear I'd find myself having to resort to the Mr. Bean method of retouching to make a passable profile picture.
  5. I don't go skin shopping much, but I've seen far more ads mention 'shown on XYZ' than 'exclusively designed for XYZ'. Except back when I was using Genus and only 'could' use skins/makeup made specifically for Genus Strong, since the other two had a slightly different UV that made many things completely incompatible.
  6. It depends a bit on context. If someone writes a response with their 2 cents on a technical issue someone had 4 years ago that was solved prior, but the poster couldn't be bothered to read past the thread title, it's just unnecessary. Same with personal adverts for people looking for friends or partners, if it was dormant for a few months it's probably better to send the OP an IM, PM, or NC than to revive an old thread to go 'I too want friends hit me up' (which becomes especially annoying when the poster revives several dormant threads within a few minutes - just make your own thread if you absolutely must rely on the forums to make friends). If it's a relevant addition to an unresolved or otherwise still relevant subject, it's not necessarily wrong.
  7. Few people have sufficient imagination to envision my handsomeness.
  8. There may have been some who feared that I might be a dolphin in disguise, that wanted to verify my species, I suppose?
  9. This is technically true, but if you take a skin designed for Head A (a very angular head with sharp features) and put it on Head B (which is a lot softer and rounder), certain features (shades) may look off. But then that's also true if you have a drastically different shape than the skin creators' whilst using the same head anyway, so, I suppose that's kind of a moot point .. I know in the past there were some issues of alignment for things like nostrils, but I don't know whether the Evo X UVs are more precise than head UVs from a few years back were with such things.
  10. I'll volunteer! Though what should be the basis of our enmity?
  11. And the other way around. Despicable people come in all forms. It's not difficult to find those who fulfil our expectations of negative stereotypes, but attributing ownership of certain behaviours to certain sorts of people seems to me a form of wilful ignorance of a very complex reality. Besides, how do you know that there are men behind those female avatars? Because they said so? Because someone else said so? I find it interesting that a 'man' admitting to being a man is so easy to believe that one will accept it as truth based on a statement alone, but if one is having any doubts about a person who claims to be a woman, they'll be asked to voice verify and/or send pictures. Of course, that, too, is a generalisation - I've had women ask me to voice verify and send pictures quite a few times throughout the years.
  12. I'd bought a few pairs of the garment/accessory used to keep one's trousers up via straps going over one's shoulders. On the packaging it was printed in a few different languages, but the English word used was 'suspenders'. They looked at me funny when I ran around in London asking in various clothing stores asking whether they sold any. At some point, a somewhat confused-looking lady told me there might be something in the women's department, and I, equally confused, went to stroll around there for a bit. Finally, since I were wearing a pair at the time (though not over my shoulders), I lifted it as I asked someone and they stared at me for a moment before asking whether I might mean 'braces'. I then found out that 'suspenders' in British English are .. Well, the straps that hold up stockings in garter belts ..
  13. ye we cn al be talkin lik dis nsted n ad sum hiroglyfs to smil wid.
  14. I generally write in British English, so it has happened a few times that I've searched for things like 'armour' on the marketplace and got very few results because most listings only have the American English abomin-- I mean, spelling variation.
  15. Not much. Sorting my inventory and throwing things on and off, which works .. I did have a TP crash a few moments ago though.
  16. Insomnia Angel. They have some other headwear in that vein too.
  17. I'm curious about the conversion rate of megapixels to square metres .. Because how many pixels you get into a square metre is entirely up to the texture resolution, so that measurement always struck me as peculiar.
  18. Throw not beavers in cabins built of logs.
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