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  1. There are a fair few ones around. Body Language, Tutys, The Mocap Shop, Voir, to name a few.
  2. "Svärdet till lek, yxan till allvar". "The sword for playing games, the axe for doing business". Supposedly a Viking age idiom. Not sure of its actual origin though. But there are a fair few sources from the period which points out that the quality of swords were often poor, to the point that warriors occasionally had to step back to try straightening bent weapons between their knees, and that those who had swords often had to carry a secondary backup weapon, which would generally be an axe (and swords were a secondary weapon to begin with in battlefield situations, where spears were the primary weapons for pretty much everyone, and axes were the go-to secondary for most people). There were exceptions though, most famously the 'Ulfberht' swords produced in Frankonia (probably) in the 9th-11th centuries, which were made from crucible steel (also known as 'wootz steel', which was probably imported by Vikings along the Volga Route to the Caspian Sea). Unlike ye average European early medieval sword which were prone to get bent or snap right off, such swords would bend and flex right back - experimental archaeologists have produced ingots of crucible iron with the old methods, which were almost comparable to modern, industrially produced steel.
  3. It's perfectly simple. When signing up to Flickr, as just about any other online service, you'll be asked to inform yourself of their terms of service and you'll be expected to adhere to them. Failing to do so, they're completely entitled to suspend or delete your account. It's exactly the same as with SL, or Facebook, or any other virtual platform. Getting yourself suspended for failing to follow rules and then whinging about it is just childish. Flickr have been quite clear in their position on Second Life users: we're welcome to use Flickr, as long as we don't break any of the regular rules - namely: Full Flickr Community Guidelines here: https://www.flickr.com/help/guidelines That includes credits with links to the MP or SLURLs to in-world stores.
  4. How is it an extra step? Right-clicking the SLURL -> 'Teleport to Location' = 2 clicks. Opening your inventory -> opening your LM folder -> clicking the LM = 3 clicks.
  5. You don't have to do that, though? If you have an SLURL in-world, you can just copy-paste it onto your location bar, or right-click on the link and select 'teleport to' in your viewer.
  6. Netflix. Browsing for a new series to watch, and the cash grab off of popular IPs has just gone out of hand. Gems include a live action film of Dora the Explorer, and a manga of DotA. Has originality just outright gone extinct?
  7. Meanwhile, I get excited when I successfully grab a script from the library, read the instructions for how to replace the message between the quotations, do that, click the script and experience the magic. I can make a prim talk!
  8. They're not 'de facto monopolies', there are alternatives for all three platforms you just mentioned. It's not the 'evil overlords' that need to be thrown down with bloody revolution, it's the cattle that 'suffer' from their 'evils' that need to waddle on over to the greener pastures that's a few mouse clicks away. That Flickr offer a free service at all is generous, they don't have to do so at all. That they reserve certain privileges for those who pay for the service so that they can in turn pay for the storage, staff, and everything else that goes on to keep the site up and running is in no way, shape, or form 'evil'. Running a website of that kind isn't free, so no one can expect to be entitled to use it for free without any restrictions.
  9. Alt + P. You can also put it on your UI as a toolbar button by right-clicking on any current buttons you have and go to 'Toolbar buttons...', then drag and drop them wherever you want it.
  10. Orwar


    Oh it must have been while you were kissing me. You took the words right out of my mouth, Oh I swear it's true, I was just about to say I love you! (Love you!)
  11. It's one of those simple questions which can have a very complex answer, depending on who you ask. LL generally adheres to the 'traditional' definition of what is and isn't suitable exposure, which I suspect is the least risky option for a platform that caters to an international audience (though to be fair, even if it was strictly US only, I don't think the rules would be any different). It's basically the same rules as other platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It's a pretty deep-rooted cultural thing. In fact, in many countries it is legal for women to be topless in public (laws vary a lot, in most of the US it's legal to 'sunbathe' topless, in some states it is illegal throughout, and in some states you're allowed to be topless in public whether you're sunbathing or not), but whilst legal, it's still considered socially unacceptable by a lot of people, and, as a rule of thumb, if people take offense to something you do in public which might be a legal grey area, law enforcement may be inclined to ask that you don't ('disturbing the peace', 'indecent behaviour', 'objectionable conduct', etc.). I'm not involved enough in the legalese mess that surrounds online platforms and communities to say for sure, but I think certain things might turn a little bit problematic if they were to change the rules (such as, would they have to kick out the 16-year olds and make it strictly 18+? Would you have to have a pop-up that asks for your consent to open a site which contains 'adult content' every time you want to peek into the forums? Would they have to limit their service to certain parts of the world wherein such things might be legally pornographic? etc.) - but frankly, I don't think it's really an issue; I've made several topless or risqué pics which I either made a forum-friendly edit of, or just didn't share on the forums. Wilburisation!
  12. Background music. Because friends want me to go. Because friends are DJing. To look around. To profile peep and see if there are any interesting people about to chat with. It's a bit like asking why someone would go on an aeroplane after they complained the film that was being shown wasn't worthwhile to watch.
  13. I think I might have something to the effect of "I seldom pay attention to local chat" in one of my picks, but that's because I spend 95% of the time 'online' with three quarters of the viewer obscured by a browser, and a fair amount of time with the entire viewer obscured by a video game, film, or another viewer for an alt 'cause I went shopping or do a shoot. Also because local chat, at least at clubs, tend to be a bunch of gesturbation and illiterate dullards who either goes on about how they can't wait for the weekend when they can finally 'do stuff', or that they're so happy that it is the weekend so that they can do the same damned dance in the same damned club at the same damned time of day as they do any other damned day of the week.
  14. It's like those maths puzzles that keep popping up on social media with random pictures, like "3 hamburgers = 30, 1 hamburger and 2 cartons of chips = 20, 1 hamburger, 1 carton of chips, and 1 soda can = 17. What is chips + hamburger x soda?". We used to have similar maths puzzles in school .. When I was 7. If you weren't a misanthrope to begin with, the comments on those posts should do the trick.
  15. "Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment." "The first step towards failing is trying." "Everything happens for a reason. Often, it's because you're stupid and make bad decisions." "The best things in life actually usually are rather expensive." "If life doesn't break you today, don't worry - it will try again tomorrow." "Tattoos aren't permanent, they just last the rest of your life plus about three weeks." "The world doesn't have too few kind people in it, it just has too many ****holes in it."
  16. It's not an issue of national law, but one of the user of Second Life adhering to LL's ToS, specifically the one Fritigern shared: I don't see how any national law would somehow supersede it - it'd have to be a law regarding the ownership of screenshots/video from video games. Some publishers have tried to DMCA YouTubers for showing gameplay of their games (especially when it was a negative review), but that's relatively easy to overturn with the whole 'fair use' thing. Likewise, some publishers have declared that any creations within the game are the property of the publisher (*cough*Blizzard*cough*) - which also kind of is true of Second Life (i.e. if you upload something to the grid, LL reserve the right to use it themselves - but in practice I don't know if this has ever occurred, as it would be against their interest of having people uploading their creations), see: https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/second-life-terms-and-conditions (1.1-1.6).
  17. Profiles are a great way to invite people to approach you. And a great way to display just what a pitiful excuse of a human being you are, so that others will know to stay well clear of you as to not waste their time. Yes, people may try to deceive you and make themselves appear more palatable, but in reality it's usually pretty transparent.
  18. Imagine if we all lived eternally and stopped aging once we turned 27 .. We'd live in a world full of hundreds of billions of immature twits. Shudders.
  19. Well, it's on them to make up the rules for their own platform; so if they say you can't, then that's their business.
  20. Damn it. First Sean Lock, now Norm Macdonald .. 2021 is turning out to be one of those years, huh.
  21. I didn't know they had pumpkin spice smelling WD40 .. As for what my avi would smell like, I always preferred the old school descriptions of what it would be like to meet a vampire, being actual undead creatures rather than romanticised Calvin Klein model super-heroes - Bram Stoker described the smell as: "With a little trouble we found the key on the bunch and opened the door. We were prepared for some unpleasantness, for as we were opening the door a faint, malodorous air seemed to exhale through the gaps, but none of us ever expected such an odour as we encountered. None of the others had met the Count at all at close quarters, and when I had seen him he was either in the fasting stage of his existence in his rooms or, when he was bloated with fresh blood, in a ruined building open to the air, but here the place was small and close, and the long disuse had made the air stagnant and foul. There was an earthy smell, as of some dry miasma, which came through the fouler air. But as to the odour itself, how shall I describe it? It was not alone that it was composed of all the ills of mortality and with the pungent, acrid smell of blood, but it seemed as though corruption had become itself corrupt. Faugh! It sickens me to think of it. Every breath exhaled by that monster seemed to have clung to the place and intensified its loathsomeness." - Dracula, chapter 19. Whilst there's no decomposition, the clothes, hair, and perhaps even the skin itself would eventually take on scents from the surrounding crypt, the vague scent of stone, the earth, perhaps even the wood of the coffin might contribute with some subtle notes, and then the raw rusty iron-scent of blood on his breath. Of course, being a Gothic Horror novel, the scent in the description is used as a means to describe the presence of evil in that wonderfully descriptive, vivid but quite vague way, just the same as the landscape descriptions reflect the emotional state of the characters throughout their journeys. TL:DR - Earth and blood. Perhaps the most unsettling part would be the lack of any actual human scent.
  22. .. Writing cursive with a mouse pointer is flipping difficult.
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