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  1. Hence the mantra 'never cook or go shopping for groceries whilst hungry'. Nods sagely.
  2. Nah, I was merely making fun of your alarmistic response. Obviously, you should never click on a hyperlink that you don't trust, and if it's a compressed URL and you're in the least worried about where it might take you, you can very easily copy the URL, go to its compressing site (or sites such as TrueURL) and see what the URL translates into, or copy the URL and put a preview command into it. Still, I'm sure most people don't pay much attention to the actual URL of hyperlinks in people's profiles or blogs. If the hyperlink says 'Flickr' most people will probably click it without double-checking the tooltip, in which case it doesn't matter whether the URL is compressed or not.
  3. I haven't seen very much either, as far as advertisement goes - I have seen a few threads in the Wanted section where people are looking for decorators though. If I were unaware of the forums, I probably wouldn't know where to even look for a decorator .. I'm sure there are folks who do it 'professionally' to some level or other, I reckon it might make a pretty popular thing on Flickr if people decorated people's homes and put up pics there.
  4. Peeve: the anglicisation of, well, everything. Last night on the national Swedish television, the news anchor called the hurricane 'ay-da'. Ida is an ancient Germanic name, that is very popular in Sweden - it's pronounced 'ee-da'. On a tangent of linguistic pet peeves, I get pretty ticked off when 'Murricans say they're going to fill their car with gas. Petrol is a liquid, gas is what you get when you eat raw onions, if 'gasoline' is too long to say you should've just stuck with petrol. If someone in Europe says they're going to fill their car with gas, you get out of the car and hope it wasn't anything worse than raw onions.
  5. Where's the option for 'It's nice to have some place as your login point, and having a personal sandbox doesn't hurt'?
  6. Do not use cars. Some people use cars for nefarious purposes, like driving over other people.
  7. Playing around with accessories and whatnot for a new outfit Mina got .. Might do a 'proper' shoot later, if I can be bothered to.
  8. Go to https://tinyurl.com/app/ and paste your URL to convert it.
  9. Ugh, a friend had done that once. I came over, pointed out that a few things weren't straight in regards to the walls of the room. She started fiddling about endlessly trying to get it right, until finally she gave up and gave me edit rights to fix it for her. It took a while to convince her to let me rotate the house so that it was straight (it was something like 2.5 degrees off) and for her to re-arrange all the furnishing that she had free-handedly tried to rotate to match the walls ..
  10. In the first picture, the Unicode glyphs are outside of the hyperlink: ▷ [Your-URL-here Display-text] ◁ In the second, it's inside of it: [Your-URL-here ▷Display-text◁] Edit: general tip for hyperlinks in your profile, create a Tinyurl to save writing space as the characters all count. For example: https://tinyurl.com/2496xfzc which is a lot shorter than https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/476463-symbols-for-text-content/?do=findComment&comment=2345222
  11. Those are Unicode symbols. You'll have to either use alt + numpad commands to type them (like, ß is produced by holding down Alt whilst, on the numpad, putting in '0223'), or by copy-pasting them from a Unicode library, or a Unicode script tool (either online, or if you have a character map within a program such as Word or OpenOffice). Mind that not all Unicode symbols are supported and that they may on occasion 'break' (for example, using Unicode symbols in your display name may work until you relog, at which point your name is just reset).
  12. Depending on your catalogue of furniture available, that should usually not be too problematic. Seeing as some furniture can cost a few thousand L$ a pop, it adds up rather quickly. I'd argue that, when hiring a decorator, it's more than just the leasing of the furniture itself though, it's about the service of having someone take their time to rez and place said items in an aesthetically pleasing manner (as well as, obviously, the correct manner). A lot of furniture come with shadow textures for the floors/walls, if you just rez the object on the floor and those are two-dimensional mesh surfaces that represent the lowest point of said object, the surface is likely going to be inside the surface of the floor, causing texture clashing - such furniture will need to be lifted enough to stop the surfaces from being inside of each other, but little enough that the furniture doesn't appear to levitate. You also have issues like placing things in the centre of a wall, and if the building or room itself isn't perfectly aligned to the coordinates of the grid, you'll need to either centre it well enough by eye that no one can tell, or you'll have to find the relevant coordinates by using a prim to find the centre point of the surface - it's very easy to do, but peeking into the homes of a lot of people, it's obvious they don't. I'm such a terrible house guest. I can't help but remark if things are floating or if the rotation of something is off by a few degrees .. Ordnung muss sein, and all that.
  13. There are several things that may cause that, I'd suggest you start here: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_bake_fail
  14. I hired someone to make a custom design once .. They fancied themselves a mesh designer and thought that they could do a custom solution to my specific needs. When I came back they'd tossed together a few prims into a clumsy looking shelf that A) looked terrible and B) I could have easily done myself - in actual mesh. Suffice to say I didn't hire them again. I've also been hired, usually through rather random circumstances, to help people modify and furnish their homes. Which, I mean, I have the skills for it, but I find it extremely tedious - my shoebox currently has a grand total of 7 'things' in it. I've been saying for months that I'll get to it eventually. I usually do. Usually about a week before I decide it's time to move again and start over from scratch .. And then I can't be bothered again .. It's a vicious cycle.
  15. It's not particularly odd, considering the OP is from 4 years ago and the thread got necro'd a few pages back.
  16. That's .. Just outright a faulty interpretation, that it has always been a coy way to suggest anything. The term's basic meaning is to socialise (unless used in the context to hang out something to dry, i.e. laundry). Any ambivalence to the intentions of whoever says it is a matter of social context; who said it, how did they say it, did they say it as part of something else and, if so, what were they saying? If a friend wants to hang out, man or woman, I assume they want to socialise without any specific activity (as opposed to 'would you like to go bowling?'). We hang, as in loiter - usually down by the canal drinking beer and listening to music. If I receive a text from a girl I'm seeing, and she writes it along with a winking smiley, I bring protection. If a friend asks me in SL, I'll assume it's social. If it's a complete stranger, I'll assume they're desperate whether it's social or sexual, and that the reason they'd ask me is because no one else is eligible, from which I might deduce that there's probably a good reason ("who needs someone who needs someone", as the song goes). If, in any scenario, I find the proposal too ambiguous altogether I'll simply ask them to elaborate - "What do you have in mind?", and then I get more to work with. Communication is a nuanced matter, what a person says is often less interesting than how, where, and when they say it.
  17. It's hardly a new money-making strategy. There's been home decorators and landscapers around for a long time .. And wherever there's business, there's people who'll try to scam you. "Gifting didn't work, give me L$" - yeah, no.
  18. Me on the day after Midsummer: "Soon it'll be Yule!"
  19. I think that kind of mindset seems rather contrarian to the whole concept of selling stuff, whether virtual or physical. Yeah, it'd be tacky to put flame stickers on a Rolls Royce, but if that's what the owner of the vehicle wants to do there's nothing stopping them. Besides, it presumes that a noob would shod up the product, and disregards the possibility of an adept Second Life user wanting to tint it to colour match it to their getup. I don't go as far as to refuse to buy no-mod stuff, but I very often skip a buy because it's half a shade too bright, or because the material values are too intense or too subtle - things I could have easily fixed myself if it were modifiable. (And yes, that's a brand new £256,000 car with Star Wars stickers on it).
  20. I haven't actually looked at how the new policy is worded, but I'd expect it doesn't just say 'gachas', but any purchases where you don't know what you're getting .. In proper legalese, of course. .. I went and peeked, and according to the FAQ on the announcement:
  21. Learn programming, of course! Jokes aside, finding the right family in SL isn't easy. Joining one can be daunting for all parties involved, and chances are you won't get along with everyone at all times. I have a few suggestions: Find a smaller family. Fewer people you might have a hard time connecting with. Take your time getting to know the people of the family before deciding to join. Families aren't usually about everyone always agreeing with each other. I expect my sisters believe the sole purpose of my existence is to annoy them. I also expect they're mostly correct in that belief.
  22. I think a lot of creators just go with 'the flow' and set their permissions as everyone else does because they figure someone else figured that was the best way to do it. Some may also be concerned with copy-botting (which, I don't know how that works, but it rather sounds like bollocks). What some stores have been doing for a little while, is to make a demo available in their own store, along with an LM to the event it's at. Others have rather half-heartedly and quarter-brainedly adopted this practice, but excluding the actual item demo and just including the event LM. In the demo. Yep.
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