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  1. It's hardly a new money-making strategy. There's been home decorators and landscapers around for a long time .. And wherever there's business, there's people who'll try to scam you. "Gifting didn't work, give me L$" - yeah, no.
  2. Me on the day after Midsummer: "Soon it'll be Yule!"
  3. I think that kind of mindset seems rather contrarian to the whole concept of selling stuff, whether virtual or physical. Yeah, it'd be tacky to put flame stickers on a Rolls Royce, but if that's what the owner of the vehicle wants to do there's nothing stopping them. Besides, it presumes that a noob would shod up the product, and disregards the possibility of an adept Second Life user wanting to tint it to colour match it to their getup. I don't go as far as to refuse to buy no-mod stuff, but I very often skip a buy because it's half a shade too bright, or because the material values are too intense or too subtle - things I could have easily fixed myself if it were modifiable. (And yes, that's a brand new £256,000 car with Star Wars stickers on it).
  4. I haven't actually looked at how the new policy is worded, but I'd expect it doesn't just say 'gachas', but any purchases where you don't know what you're getting .. In proper legalese, of course. .. I went and peeked, and according to the FAQ on the announcement:
  5. Learn programming, of course! Jokes aside, finding the right family in SL isn't easy. Joining one can be daunting for all parties involved, and chances are you won't get along with everyone at all times. I have a few suggestions: Find a smaller family. Fewer people you might have a hard time connecting with. Take your time getting to know the people of the family before deciding to join. Families aren't usually about everyone always agreeing with each other. I expect my sisters believe the sole purpose of my existence is to annoy them. I also expect they're mostly correct in that belief.
  6. I think a lot of creators just go with 'the flow' and set their permissions as everyone else does because they figure someone else figured that was the best way to do it. Some may also be concerned with copy-botting (which, I don't know how that works, but it rather sounds like bollocks). What some stores have been doing for a little while, is to make a demo available in their own store, along with an LM to the event it's at. Others have rather half-heartedly and quarter-brainedly adopted this practice, but excluding the actual item demo and just including the event LM. In the demo. Yep.
  7. Leans back in his armchair. The Iron Cross was introduced as a military decoration in 1813, during the Napoleonic wars, on behest of King Frederick William III of Prussia, and was adopted by the German Empire after the unification. The symbol never really became offensive as it was a military decoration (only rarely awarded to civilians) and had nothing to do with the NSDAP itself (any more than the Victoria Cross would be a Tory symbol because it was awarded whilst they governed Great Britain). Only the WWII crosses, which included the Swastika, are - however, West Germany 'de-nazified' most military honours (excluding many SS-specific ones) in 1957, and the Swastika is no longer part of the Iron Cross. The Swastika itself is strictly verboten in Germany, but the end of WWII didn't end its use in Europe. Finland's air force didn't stop using their symbol of a winged Swastika until 2017.
  8. Whenever I get unsolicited subscriber spam, I file an AR, drop the store owner a pre-written notecard to let them know they're a cretin, and block them.
  9. Thursday at noon. It was the time we found where the least amount of people were available.
  10. Nephtyria went from using a Genus head to a Lelutka Evolution head. I was pretty anxious about doing the swap, as I didn't want her to become a 'new individual', but I managed to make such a close match that comparing the Genus head with the old shape to the Lelutka head with the new shape I made for it, they were practically indistinguishable.
  11. Modesty is a fine virtue when observed in others, and a most disgraceful form of vanity when held as an ideal.
  12. Peeve: when you accidentally click someone's name on the forums and get thrown to their profile page, along with a check-in on their visitors list.
  13. So I just found out that one of my favourite comedians passed away. There's a lot of funny and entertaining people out there, but Sean Lock could make me rip my sides out completely and double over so that I'd smash my forehead against my desk like few others. Unfortunately some of his all-time bests wouldn't fly on the forums, but in tribute, here are some of my favourite quotes and exchanges of his that I may share. Jimmy Carr: "Do you ever show your sensitive side?" Sean: "Ye-- I've shown it twice. Once to my wife .. And another time, I slowed down for a horse." Jimmy Carr: "Do you think British people judge others on their accent?" Sean Lock: "I judge people long before they’ve opened their mouths." "A thing a lot of people don’t know about me: I’m incredibly organised. For example, if I make tea, I don’t make one cup of tea – I make a big batch of tea. I’ll have a cup of tea and then I’ll freeze the rest of it. And then when I want to have a cup of tea, I’ll just break off a bit of frozen tea and put it in a pan. 25 minutes later I’ve got a lovely cup of tea without all the hassle." He was once asked what he'd want his obituary to say, his response was: "I don’t care, I’ll be dead. Ideally, I’d like it just to say ‘NOOOOOOOOO! WHYYYYYY? NOOOOOOO! AHHHH! You can’t write tears."
  14. That shawl needs to be tighter around the neck as to not risk any bare skin beneath the chin being seen .. Actually it might be best if it was supplemented with a veil for the face so that the nose and lips don't show at all. Also red is obviously sinful so we can't have that. And that much forehead on display is really on the edge .. I would pair it with a Valsgarde style helmet just to ensure complete anonymity. .. I wonder if they come with fully opaque sunglass lenses.
  15. Too lazy to do any posed or edited shot. So. Just using one of the new animations for Mina's AO, with parts of the haul from last week .. Now to go through this weekend's sales and see if I can find anything new.
  16. It's very individual. I'm much more lenient with close friends and family, and don't really mind if they jump me the moment I log in. If others conduct themselves in a manner which I find annoying and inappropriate for any reason, I'll make my own judgement there and then as to whether I wish to continue having them on my contact list; I'm never obliged to, no one is.
  17. I once visited a friend's house and received a tour. On their bathroom sink I was introduced to their version of the 'proper' system for the hygienical method of using a bar of soap; there was a soap dish with a hard soap bar (artisanal olive something something imported from France), a small cheese grater, and a bowl not much larger than an egg cup. I was instructed to, with dry hands, pick up the soap and the grater, grate a small amount of soap onto the soap dish - which at all times should be kept dry as to avoid sticking - brush the grated soap into the bowl, add some hot water to swirl it around before pouring it into my hand to wash them. I pointed out that, in that process, both the soap, soap dish, and grater all are exposed to hands that were just used to wipe before they were cleaned, which to me seemed to rather defeat the purpose. But according to the 'lady in the soap shop', according to my friend, 'this is how they do it in France'. I never went to France, but I'd never heard about them supposedly doing that before, and remain sceptical of it being the common practice of the common French-folk. Since then, I have seen various gadgets that sort of improve on the concept, but the setup they had was just a miniature box grater. I guess it was supposed to be terribly rustic or something. This I could get behind - but honestly, I'd rather just (and, do) use a regular liquid pump soap. Pet peeve: pretentious Francophiles.
  18. There are only 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.
  19. Not a peeve per se, but I received a text yesterday (that I didn't see until today) from the police station to let me know that I could now pick up my new ID card - and to do so before the 18th. I thought it was a bit rough to give such short notice (but figured it might be due to the pandemic since they've got all sorts of restrictions on the station at the moment and don't want crowds of people there), and went into panic mode trying to figure out how to get into town before they closed for the day. Then I realised it was the deadline was for the 18th of November. So yeah. Writing out dates in numerals is fine for some things, but when you gloss over a text and they've put 2021-11-18 it's easy to just skip to the day and miss that you've got 3 whole months to work with. Why not just write 'the 18th of November'? Heck, it's an automated message anyhow, it shouldn't be so difficult to program it to spell the date out. Then again, if they did do that I'm roughly 84% certain that they'd add a colon to it ('den 18:e November') and that is a pet peeve of mine - you do not put a colon when writing dates in Swedish (although if you're in 3rd place, you're in 3:e place, and if you're the 21st Earl of Humphrey, you're den 21:a Earlen av Humphrey - but if you want to go to the movies on the 14:e we can no longer be friends, as it would be rather awkward for me to go out with someone who apparently isn't yet quite finished with elementary school). Its like when people don't know witch it is and they loose they're minds. Promptly goes to wash his mouth with soap.
  20. Welcome to the club! Mine was pretty cute, too. I think it was in one of the previous pet peeve threads that I'd brought up how 'anyone with the word 'babygirl' in their profile ought to be brought out behind the closest prim and be put out of everyone's misery' - someone thought it shocking that I 'genuinely wish death upon people'. As entertaining as it is, though, it does bring a pet peeve of mine to mind: People.
  21. Goodness, we couldn't just hand out power to the riffraff crawling at the bottom of the barrel. Where would it all end? <Holds up the sarcasm sign. Half-heartedly>
  22. Mesh heads that are BoM can have parts of them hidden with regular alpha masks.
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