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  1. Things I've learned in life. If someone complains about having a song stuck in their head, don't hum Barbie Girl in their ear unless you want to get punched. But I've also learned that punching people through the monitor doesn't work. So, you're welcome!
  2. My dream trip would be to hit Krakow, Prague, Vienna, München, and Budapest. Except then I remember I abhor large cities and would rather just stay at home in my rural winter wonderland. It's quite all right in summer, too.
  3. I still think you look eerily similar to Tony Curran ..
  4. Perhaps the colander. When the pasta is ready to be poured out and they open the cupboard and find it gone, they'll have to improvise - improvising is time, and suddenly the pasta is no longer al dente!
  5. I'd suggest you keep an eye on SoKawaiiSundays, it's a weekly sale with Kawaii-themed stuffs (on Sundays!). Some good, some less so, but you'll get to explore a fair few different brands.
  6. Or just the salt .. You can't really cook much at all without salt .. Which reminds me, I really need to go into the village and buy some salt ..
  7. Neck seams aren't really an issue of SL avatars as much as it's been an issue of head and body makers not cooperating, most 'big brand' stuff no longer has any major neck seam issues due to the 'universal neck' collaboration. Complex mesh models practically always has seams for the UV mapping, to accommodate the unwrapping into 2D for texturing, but many mesh programs and texturing programs often reduce the visibility of those seams as entire models can be textured intelligently as cohesive units whilst in 3D view - that's not how we do things in SL, I'd gander most of the relevant textures (skins, tattoos, BOM apparel, etc) are produced with only the 2D maps available, since you often have different people making the different components of your avatar.
  8. Petrol isn't an abbreviation for petroleum, it's a refined product made from petroleum. The part which the obviously American narrator refers to as 'gasoline' is originally called petrol, the word 'gasoline' came when said product was sold under the trademark 'Cazeline' in the mid-1800's by John Cassel. When another merchant sold counterfeit Cazeline, Cassel forced the competition to change their name - so they changed it to Gazeline. Somehow, that trademark name for the product became the commonly used term across the pond, but it's about as correct as to call any old hazelnut spread 'Nutella'.
  9. Hence the mantra 'never cook or go shopping for groceries whilst hungry'. Nods sagely.
  10. Nah, I was merely making fun of your alarmistic response. Obviously, you should never click on a hyperlink that you don't trust, and if it's a compressed URL and you're in the least worried about where it might take you, you can very easily copy the URL, go to its compressing site (or sites such as TrueURL) and see what the URL translates into, or copy the URL and put a preview command into it. Still, I'm sure most people don't pay much attention to the actual URL of hyperlinks in people's profiles or blogs. If the hyperlink says 'Flickr' most people will probably click it without double-checking the tooltip, in which case it doesn't matter whether the URL is compressed or not.
  11. I haven't seen very much either, as far as advertisement goes - I have seen a few threads in the Wanted section where people are looking for decorators though. If I were unaware of the forums, I probably wouldn't know where to even look for a decorator .. I'm sure there are folks who do it 'professionally' to some level or other, I reckon it might make a pretty popular thing on Flickr if people decorated people's homes and put up pics there.
  12. Peeve: the anglicisation of, well, everything. Last night on the national Swedish television, the news anchor called the hurricane 'ay-da'. Ida is an ancient Germanic name, that is very popular in Sweden - it's pronounced 'ee-da'. On a tangent of linguistic pet peeves, I get pretty ticked off when 'Murricans say they're going to fill their car with gas. Petrol is a liquid, gas is what you get when you eat raw onions, if 'gasoline' is too long to say you should've just stuck with petrol. If someone in Europe says they're going to fill their car with gas, you get out of the car and hope it wasn't anything worse than raw onions.
  13. Where's the option for 'It's nice to have some place as your login point, and having a personal sandbox doesn't hurt'?
  14. Do not use cars. Some people use cars for nefarious purposes, like driving over other people.
  15. Playing around with accessories and whatnot for a new outfit Mina got .. Might do a 'proper' shoot later, if I can be bothered to.
  16. Go to https://tinyurl.com/app/ and paste your URL to convert it.
  17. Ugh, a friend had done that once. I came over, pointed out that a few things weren't straight in regards to the walls of the room. She started fiddling about endlessly trying to get it right, until finally she gave up and gave me edit rights to fix it for her. It took a while to convince her to let me rotate the house so that it was straight (it was something like 2.5 degrees off) and for her to re-arrange all the furnishing that she had free-handedly tried to rotate to match the walls ..
  18. In the first picture, the Unicode glyphs are outside of the hyperlink: ▷ [Your-URL-here Display-text] ◁ In the second, it's inside of it: [Your-URL-here ▷Display-text◁] Edit: general tip for hyperlinks in your profile, create a Tinyurl to save writing space as the characters all count. For example: https://tinyurl.com/2496xfzc which is a lot shorter than https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/476463-symbols-for-text-content/?do=findComment&comment=2345222
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