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  1. On Steam, the publishers will set the conversion rates. Some are fairer than others and just about all of them will adjust to a market's purchasing power. Taxes is one of those Gotcha arguments thrown about, that in reality fall apart, because the price increase often goes way beyond the tax rate. Case in point, your example lists Switzerland as being 22.08% higher for Sims 4. That's three times the tax rate. They charge what they think they can get away with, not what someone might deem fair.
  2. Just realized I forgot a step at the end: You can and should detach the Applier HUD after you're done applying it. No need to drag that around. It essentially inscribes onto the layer (hence the copy).
  3. These are "applied" to a specific "layer" object that comes with your Maitreya Body and can be found in that folder. In essence something like this: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3 Clothing Layer. You add it to your Avatar and *then* add the Applier as well. This usually gives you some HUD of sorts where you click which Layer you want to apply it to - but this changes with every creator. And... done. Some notes before that though: If you want to reset your Layer or get rid of the Text that appears on your first run of the appliers, you can add your Maitreya Mesh Body Lara HUD and navi
  4. I feel like that's almost a rite of passage for anyone interested in image editing. Even just tinkering around with it often produces immediate and eye catching visuals. It was like a rush to me at the time - I had finally found the secret ingredient! Everything *popped*. Big league here I come! Yeh. No. More like I faceplanted in the training pool. Looking back now, all I can think is that my pictures must have been ordered extra crispy - and I'm still not out of the training pool either.
  5. It's an interesting question to me. Mostly because in my understanding, what's sold in an advertisement is an "identity" or feeling first and the product second. An advertisement becomes deceptive to me if that sold identity does not match the product. For example: Identity and feel sell a glamourous ball gown. In world it's a potato dress. That feeling of mismatch is entirely subjective and often a gut feeling. Still, an ad to me can be incredibly dolled up and barely looking like Second Life anymore, as long as it still conveys the feel and identity of the product. This is obviously exc
  6. Gosh, the graphics card situation... it's something, alright. It's the perfect storm of factors that have led to a frankly insane situation on the market. In essence: The previous generation of cards was lackluster. Expensive for little improvement, leading to people skipping it. Nvidia's new RTX cards are a gamechanger in terms of visuals and technology for games that support it (there are a lot of comparisons on Youtube, if you search for raytracing vs no raytracing (to be more precise, raytracing is the game changer - it's just the RTX cards support it). The pandemic and l
  7. ___________ Out of curiosity, what's the extent of the RLV Api readout? This one: "RestrainedLove API: (disabled)" - depending I could see that as perhaps a bit private. Perhaps the equivalent of having to call a locksmith because the key for the kinky handcuffs vanished.
  8. Just to hook into the discussion at this point: This is the first time I've heard about AMD drivers costing money. If you're getting your driver updates from the official source, they're free of cost. As to the ants problem, that looks like aforementioned aliasing and should in theory be resolved by setting that to a higher value. Aliasing becomes more pronounced with lower resolution and contrast - and the FS EEP sure loves to pump up contrast and shine for some reason. However, with an effect that pronounced, something else could be amiss. Just to eliminate this as a potential reas
  9. My avatar started out with the same height as me - and then had to be adjusted up to 1.72m or 5.65 Feet. It's like the land of giants.
  10. That does indeed seem to be heavy use of dodge and burn - like @Stephanie Misfitsaid, along with brushed on hair (either painted, using a brush or a composite) and selective sharpening and blurring. To break this down: First step is the right lighting in Second Life. This is true for most editing too. Unless you go for a specific effect or style, you will want to avoid extreme pure black or white in your screenshot as much as you can and have a rich mid range. This goes especially for these types of shots as you will want room to breathe. With avatars that have extremely dark or ligh
  11. An influential videogame character from Final Fantasy. She embodies the spunky brawler archetype and is a popular cosplay at conventions. Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer but more Japanese Anime. Her design has also famously started a few controversies over the years. After some criticism that her bodytype had unrealistically large uh... assets, her later designs were more constrained.*1 Which in turn got people flustered, there was talk about big bust erasure. Counter movements formed - and counter-counter movements and... we all know how Twitter is known for well thought out, reasona
  12. At a quick guess: my vote goes to both examples being backdrops. The topmost picture seems to have two types of shadow, one in the background and another near the avatar. The bottom one seems to switch light direction at some point. But I'm without my glasses today and will happily accept I'm wrong. Cool pictures either way.
  13. And market found it in the titlescreen for the old videogame Hellgate London. That's where I recognise the backgrop from. Funny (and not meant as a dig at you, Carling). As to the topic of the thread. Personally, I've moved away from backdrops. I don't have my own land/home and as such was stuck with the public ones or public rez spaces, which bring their own headaches. Nowadays, unless it's a full 3D scene, which I prefer, it will at least be a 3D foreground and then a healthy helping of chromascreening. That said, I've always liked the more mystical and fantastical backdrops that people
  14. Perhaps I've worded it too strongly. Firestorm has the option to turn off camera pointers (the crosshairs) while at least a while ago Blackdragon took the stance that these stay in. Or more precisly it would be DIY, which I could not get working beyond creating grey ghost crosshairs. To me, unless I'm actively taking a photo, the camera is something I tend to zone out on and I've run into nasty trouble in the past because of it. Went to a shopping event with these on, chatted with a friend on the side and suddenly got a wall of hate about "ogling" someone's man. Just... no. But I realise
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