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  1. I was thinking of "combat" in the sense of the flame-wars and drama that break out on the forums sporadically. Its better than it was, but we relapse frequently :-)
  2. Turkey Hunting..... But this year...its different....... Have a great day everybody!
  3. I prefer either one that sees me left alone :-) I can de-render and Skybox my way away from the visually unappealing; so as long as I don't have invasive neighbors, I'm happy. I do have a funny story about the door-to-door, home-invading n00b evangelists from WAY back who wanted to know if my Partner and I were "lesbeans", one that was an entertaining little vignette about "right to privacy"......... but that's for another time :-)
  4. 1988 Stealth Bomber Unveiled In the presence of members of Congress and the media, the Northrop B-2 “stealth” bomber is shown publicly for the first time at Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, California. The aircraft, which was developed in great secrecy for nearly a decade, was designed with stealth characteristics that would allow it to penetrate an enemy’s most sophisticated defenses unnoticed. At the time of its public unveiling, the B-2 had not even been flown on a test flight. It rapidly came under fire for its massive cost–more than $40 billion for development and a $1 billion price tag for each unit.
  5. Giving my sibling advice about preferring Pepsi over Coke.....
  6. Having watched numerous threads, I can philosophically opine that the entire Forum is a Combat section :-)
  7. Unfortunately, some of the factors driving long-term (since 2005) Residents away from SL lie outside Linden Lab’s ability to influence. LL seems incapable of dealing with stalkers, griefers and semi-professional “Social Bomb Throwers” - and people eventually lose patience and go elsewhere. LL has also taken no effective action to incentivize the SL Roleplay community (formerly a Big Deal for SL) - and RPers are known for being willing to dump $ on the in-world economy on avatars, props, land rentals and other gadgets to build their perfect Character. Personally, I stay here because my Partner is heavily invested here. She enjoys DJing and helping to keep a night-spot going; and I enjoy and admire her :-) I’m here for her; not because LL has really -earned- what I invest in Tier each month and on my annual Premium fee.
  8. It seems that Norman Lear can be given credit for using an unpleasant role to shine light on a more noble purpose, but I cannot :-) We are laughing -at- the mindset being depicted; not gleefully celebrating stupidity.
  9. You keep missing the function of Roleplay :-) Storytelling is not intended to convert anyone to any belief; it is intended to tell a story.... .....where the bad people lose in the end :-)
  10. To clarify, the thrust of my thoughts about Roleplay Is that by portraying a character whose role it is to behave badly, I drive plot for the other folks whose characters oppose me :-) When I take on a character (that’s called “acting” by the way) my job is to portray that character, even when I and the other players are laughing in IMs to one another over what a complete piece of garbage I am portraying In Character. I provide an accessible villain and they get to exercise their heroic muscles and literary talents opposing me. When that story-arc completes; then one of them gets to be the Mean Person next time :-) That makes me a racist ? Carrol O’Connor was a racist for portraying Archie Bunker? Tangentenally, it’s very cathartic for me when I’m not playing the heavy - to be able to Roleplay the act of dealing with bad behavior much more directly than our sensitive society deems “correct”. If the other character is being an evil bastage; you can tell them that and then play through an attempt to discourage their evilness. In RL (real life) in the business world, dealing with bad behavior takes time, paperwork and lawyers - roleplaying spray-painting the rich bad-guy’s Mercedes is rather fun compared to that :-) Roleplay is escapism :-) So I contend that you are way off base to call me a racist :-) You are of course entitled to your own opinion :-)
  11. One key component on governmental influence on private expression depends on whether there is an instrument in place that specifically makes free expression more difficult to attack than with a mere 51% majority vote. Constitutional monarchies or Republics might have such things written into their “ground rules” to protect the privilege of dissent or even Provocative Art. One expression that I have heard over the years that exemplifies this concept is; “You are committed to freedom of expression when someone says something that makes you furious; and yet you are willing to defend their privilege of saying it.” Something similar was attributed to Voltaire / Francois-Marie Arouet :-) Its one of the harder concepts to live, and unfortunately many in my homeland no longer bother to try.
  12. The advantage of Roleplay mirroring the actual dynamic tensions in society can be measured in this way; It allows people to develop coping mechanisms for those selfsame social tensions that do not involve “run and hide from the thing that bothers me”. For persons like myself who daily deal with a certain level of what people like to call “PTSD”, Roleplay can even be therapeutic as it provides a safe outlet to “game out” responses to stressors in a virtual environment. After all, within my own head I can’t hide from what bothers me - so I had to learn to cope. Lastly, the environment must be taken into consideration. Roleplay sims are privately owned and players spend upwards of $20 on average just to build an avatar for play. Everyone is there voluntarily to participate in writing a story based on the theme of the sim. Should someone with no interest in helping to develop a recreational story be able to dictate what story can and cannot be told?
  13. I tend to classify sex-centric play more as fetishistic sexplay than Roleplay (even though it involves playing a role). Unfortunately, over 12 years in SL I have seen more than one “Roleplay is evil” campaign where story-based Roleplay was lumped in with the sexplayers and everyone received a morally - indignant verbal shaming. Story Based Roleplay May well include erotic content, but it is not the purpose of it.
  14. As a general response (not to this post specifically) to those who have voiced concern over SL role play sims where occasionally people RP behaving Badly and doing Very Bad Things, I would pose the following question; ”How much fun would an action movie be if the Bad Guy never did anything that gave the Hero a chance to be Heroic?” Roleplay Sims have had to resort to extreme measures just to keep someone playing “the Heavy” so that plot lines have an easily identifiable Bad Guy. I was actually working as a sim manager one place where we took turns playing Bad Guy on our alts - just so the majority of people who wanted Action had Something To Do. If it’s roleplay, then someone has to play the negative stereotyped role.....and, as most people involved were not Bad Guys at heart - their presentation of gang bangers, thugs and prostitutes probably seemed a little formulaic or hokey. Lack of people willing to do this has been slowing killing RP in SL, as has the judgemental stance of many outside the RP community towards Players who undertake to play the In Character Heavy so others have a Bad Guy To Provide the Action of the story. Are there people in Non-Roleplay situation acting out badly about race or gender? Sure. My experience in RP sims however, has been that most of what people see there is part of Story - but to really see that, you have to understand the nature if freeform SL Roleplay....
  15. I guess we *could* differentiate between a choker (fashion accessory) and a Collar (fetish/relationship/symbolic) - but where would be the fun in THAT?
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