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  1. Why would I -want- to tell the difference? This is Second Life, not Match.Com or Tindr.... Each to their own thing - but if I was looking to mate - I’d use a better mate-finding Service than SL (or maybe go to bars)
  2. Unfortunately, you're up against the Business Model. Nightspots are not subsidized by Linden lab, buying music to play isn't free and people don't want to pay a cover charge to go dance in SL.......the club owners have to monetize to break even. To borrow an old saying; "Don't hate the player; hate the game"
  3. I'll opine that "hosts have it hard" compared to DJ's; and I both DJ and Host. Very often, the Host is there to absorb flack so that the DJ doesn't have to, and has "club rules" to follow that require them to spam, ask for tips for the DJ and do things people mention here as being annoying. Personally, I agree with most of what was said; but many Hosts do this because their employer requires it. To cap that off, Hosts often rake in less than DJs for tips on the theory that they don't contribute as much........ I work much harder when hosting than when I play music :-)
  4. Several times I have noticed male avatars in busy (women’s) stores lurking in front of a payment-point (perhaps a VIP group that costs $ to join but offers free VIP only stuff monthly). That might be someone hoping that an unwary shopper will pay THEM instead of the payment-object (people do that in clubs too - lurking by tip jars). I can’t see it WORKING, but hope springs eternal. I may have passed one or three of them (lurking in women’s stores by the payment-point) their very own full-perm female shape “to help you get started”. The conversation that followed was fun :-)
  5. Joe, I think it will be received differently depending on the RL age-cohort of the reader. I’m kind of “up there” in years, and most people I know in my age-group are more comfortable with the fact that all of us are damaged at times. That comes of “dating after 40” when all of us have plenty of battle-scars :-) Unfortunately, we’re all 20/30-something in SL appearance, so its hard to know how people will react. The other thing is that the idea that women are attracted to an emotionally-accessible male does not always work in SL for whatever reason. “Never let them see you bleed
  6. It might be a faulty premise to think that RL loves are more important to -everyone- than their SL romances. Informed Consent is always best if a person has both RL and SL connections, but not everyone I know puts the priority on RL romance when they have an SL love that actually -fulfills- their emotional needs. Some even decline to pursue “committed” RL relations because their SL romance is (to them) the important one (and uncommitted physical sex is fairly available in RL these days). Lovers = SL, Friends-W-Benefits/Tindr = RL for these people. They rarely speak up because th
  7. Consent rules all. Unless I consent to be bitten and consent to join a RP - no RP will happen. ”A single prong solution”
  8. Perhaps if it cost $1.00 and registering a payment-source, we would see fewer griefers.
  9. So many people are lonely because they are waiting for someone else to make the first move. Still others want that “first move” to be blatantly sexual and that can make people a little leery about “just talking” to others as many mistake friendliness for a come-on. Personally, I still like to talk to people, and after a while you get better at dropping ice-cubes in the pants of the over-eager ones.... What you meant by saying “Hello, welcome to SL..” What he thought you meant.. What happened next....
  10. Elijah, the way I get past the New Modern “you must agree with me or we can’t speak” trend is just to talk to lots of people :-) The ones who insist on absolute conformity to -their- idea of non-conformity won’t get a second conversation. The ones who are open to genuine conversation are the keepers. I sift many grains of sand, the reward is the occasional diamond :-) Thats as it should be. Nothing valuable comes without a little effort.....
  11. I don’t really subscribe to Victorian mores, so this is less of an issue with me :-) Consensual Poly makes much more sense to me in the modern world. Thats not an “open” relationship - it’s more like “committed relations with more than 2 people involved”. Anyone who has RL and SL significant others who all actually know about and consent to one another is pretty much there......
  12. Zairdra, I kind of have the opposite problem. I have a problem finding places that don’t go for the kind of music you seem to be looking for..... One suggestion would be to find a DJ that plays what you like, hop in their SL Group (most DJs have one) and then use that to network with other people who like that stuff. A few months ago, I did a fast and informal assessment of what music high-traffic clubs were playing - and that seemed to be 80’s..... this may say something about the average RL age demographic of SL. Good luck!
  13. In a freaky coincidence - after a long period where SL processed my payments with no issue....less than a week after posting to this thread; they started rejecting me again...... I don't think they watch this thread to look for people to borken; I just think I have uncommonly bad luck :-) OK, now time to sort this out or find a new virtual world to play in. If I can't MAKE them take my money.......
  14. The question is....has the Helpdesk ever been “up”...... ?
  15. I use PayPal w/o a credit card and have for years. The issues -I- experienced where when Linden Lab/PayPal (both blamed the other) changed policies about “offshore” banking and my US Based credit union was suddenly not acceptable. I ended up changing banks and very nearly leaving SL completely due to the hassles and not being able to get a straight answer about what was going on or who was responsible. Coincidentally, after I notified LL that I was canceling my 10-year long annual membership and dropping all my land as of the next month; my payments mysteriously began processing aga
  16. Roleplay sims pretty much are funded by people who “just love Roleplay”. If they can defray some of the expense via rentals or a mall area - that helps; but donations from Players and Owner funding are probably the biggest method for keeping them afloat. Note- I am talking about Roleplay sims and not the specific Sexplay sims - which monetize better. The inworld economy takes something of a hit when a RP sim fails - as RPers also tend to be shop-a-holics, so I personally think the owners of RP sims might benefit by a little Linden Lab generosity. This is unlikely to happen as it
  17. My experiences with SL furries have been mostly positive. The only negatives have been within the Roleplay community when someone rather militantly insists on inserting a Furry character into a historical-based, non-scifi setting. Hey, even Furry-wrestling is cool......
  18. I ended up having to change banks because the previous banking institution (a US Credit Union) was somehow misconstrued by LL as an "offshore banking institution. I guess if you don't live in California, they consider everything "offshore" ?
  19. The Uber Premium will be as follows: 01..LL will only lock out your source of payment (for no reason) once per year instead of at staggered intervals. 02..All vanishing Inventory items will now be returned to you when you die. Death certificate required. 03..LL agrees to keep charging all Uber Premium members the same tier-prices from this point forward; even if tier prices drop in the future to attract new residents. You’re guaranteed! 04..All Uber Premium members get a free Linden Home with extra-thick Premium Walls. They don’t look any different, but when people see the
  20. I secretly believe that it *really* is possible.... to actually be FRIENDS with people who have shared your pointless sexual adventures... ...demonstrations by appointment only.
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