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  1. Generally, any “testing” isn’t willfully planned :-) RL Humanz of both genders might have some biological hard-coding that sometimes works against them. There are some interesting studies that have cropped up over the years (probably updated by conflicting studies which were then up dated by studies conflicting with THEM) about human sexual messaging. Some seem to purport that some female -desire- shifts its object based on the state of her monthly cycle. -That- might cause some confusion if it panned out as true.... ”I only like them dumb and hunky for five days a month....othe
  2. I totally misread this... I thought this was a thread about bare Lindens...
  3. Actually, those names are quite legible in their parent language :-) Wiingding Font or emoji for a name is kind of where I was headed :-)
  4. “Students 4 Cthulhu” My partner has a fun one “Barks at Strangers” One of the more suave patrons of the Blue Note has “Sugar Coated Evil” I’m guilty of “OMG its...”
  5. I’d be happy if the avatar name hover-text was limited to decipherable text-only :-) I do club work and having to greet people by keeping “nearby avatars” pulled up instead of just greeting who I see walk in is kind of a PITA.
  6. My favorite interaction with my partner is when we curl up together and talk about whatever is on our minds. This can be in our pool, our swing or in the Oh-So-Better-Homes&Gardens bedroom I put together for our virtual home. My Second-favorite is when we talk about that same stuff while working at the club, shopping, building, exploring the grid or just standing around. Poseballs don’t matter as much when someone right-clicked your heart 12+ years ago:-) Now - I’m the freaky sort.....so the Poseballs/Scripted devices are NICE sometimes :-) My take on cybersex is more like a
  7. Footnote - Don’t be That Guy A couple of decades ago I had a co-worker who believed he was a gift directly from Almighty God to women. His “lead-in” usually includes the fact that he had been “fixed” and could not get anyone pregnant. He was kind of an odious guy and his “line” just came out creepy. You immediately thought; “Yeah, As IF!” He also didn’t take it well when asked; “Fixed? Did your wife do that to you?” Please don’t be that guy.....
  8. The whole “mixed signals” thing is a case of the Biological Imperative not working quite well in the modern world. Subliminally forcing a prospective suitor to jump through some hoops is one way to unconsciously “sort the males” based on how persistent they are (how much they want the Reward) and on other characteristics that might make for a desirable playmate or mate. Think about this; every time a female chooses a male to couple with - she is potentially taking on more of an obligation that just a casual roll in the sheets. This’s drives towards making sure you pick the best avail
  9. The best way to attract other people is using humor. Humor beats a hawt mesh avatar, clever pickup lines or spending a ton of L$ on clothes, hair, tats and ‘attachments” Most people (women) have a much better reaction to someone who can lead them to a smile than someone who goes right for lust or some other emotion (sympathy might be achievable and also might get you Friendzoned). When I was single “pretty” was a dime-a-dozen in SL, but funny got conversation beyond “hi”. Just a thought!
  10. Imitation Biker: “Hey Sweetbutt!” I’m pretty sure he saw that one on TV and didn’t realize it has a specific meaning within that community.........
  11. I somewhat agree Bitsy, but my observation is that a walk through the local mall in RL bears a shocking resemblance to the major SL women’s retailers. I have to -look- for less-baring styles or leave the youth-centered mall for shops that specialize in upscale or “over-30” fashions. There is shrinking middle-ground :-(
  12. Another view: My personal experience has been that the RL age of many residents skews towards 30+ (this may just be the venues I work at and the groups I socialise with). Based on that, I think many female residents dress *as they perceive* that 20-something’s would dress. Pop culture has a huge impact in RL and SL, maybe even more in SL because you can instantly conform to what TV and Social Media tells you is attractive. Like how fast Kim K’s butt influenced so many backsides in SL? This may not be an accurate representation of how very young adults dress and act - but it
  13. I do club work in SL, so part of my in-world wardrobe is mandated by the event theme. Also, as a "Professonal" in RL - I am discouraged from working in my underwear.....I may occasionally do here :-)
  14. Y’know - if a gal had a thing for male avatars with female typists, the Voice thing would mess that all up.....:-) For some, ignorance is bliss.... Back again to SL is not the same thing to everyone, so not everyone WANTS to know that much about everyone else :-)
  15. My grandmother said once that women usually need a *reason* to engage in “sexual congress”, but men mostly just need an opportunity (and a flat surface). Thats probably a little too general, but it was a very different era talking :-) I’m guessing that for many, SL = “opportunity” for allegedly anonymous stuffs.
  16. I happen to like all of you, I don’t care where you’re from ;-) I’m fond of this little digital tribe.
  17. I take the stance that no one should ever made to be ashamed about a characteristic over which they have no control. That includes nationality, race, gender, ginger-status or whatever....... I *try* to keep reminding myself that its only germane to comment about *decisions* people make regarding things that are under their control. I’m human, I slip-up, but I am determined to keep trying.
  18. Them: “Can I Dominate you?” Me: “You’re having confidence issues aren’t you?” Them: “&*#k You!” Needless to say, no Sexxorz were had that day.....
  19. I’m gonna double down on the “instant gratification culture” comment :-)
  20. Well, theoretically that’s how BDSM works - but the idea is to be more sophisticated about how this is communicated. Those kind of detailed “limits” posts are “instant gratification culture” at work.
  21. Them: “Hello, are you a Submissive?” Me: “Only to Lord Thanos”
  22. You can call me “Panda” friend :-)
  23. Anyone who opens an IM with a modified version of my name. “Mandy” or “Manda” really gets my hackles in an unroar :-) Eapecially as a prelude to “that’s a hawt avatar”.. I have no issues with friends and especially my Partner using nick-names or familiar names for me - but total strangers doing it kinda creeps me out...... Thats probably a generational more ....
  24. The risk is just too high that your SL love is b.s.c. in real life ( bat s$# crazy). Many “internet people” are here because they don’t do RL well to start with (I was one when I came here....”emotionally damaged” is a good description of me then). Th social skills of people on the internet can be “different” and we have the added handicap of no visual cues as to what might be lurking under the surface. Avatars have no observable subtext because their “body language” is all scripted. I have been in the same SL relationship since 2005, we have zero plans to mess up our SL relationshi
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