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  1. I don't think it's silly. If i don't know the person - and if i'm in a particular mood - the public chat response is "If you can see me, use public chat. Otherwise ..." and i let them fill in the blank.
  2. Firefox has become really slack of late. It's a firefox thing - their security is still topnotch, but everything had degraded.
  3. just found this recently ..... right click on the other avatar, choose render avatar, then always. Ta Da, you can see them completely.
  4. Mischa, at least you turned and walked away. From my experience - and i've been on SL for about 11 years now with various alts - it's the newb's who bump into you repeatedly who are the problem. And it's not just a lag issue that's causing it. As to the language thing - I wasn't being "xenophobic". A lot of my experience with newb's continually pushing has been with people who don't speak english. Every time you say something to them, they either ignore you completely, don't understand or say something in whatever language they speak. I'm not saying i'm fluent but i know just enough germa
  5. You will also get idiot newb's who have no idea how to control their avatar's just barging around as if they're privileged. Unfortunately, that's part of SL. Always has been to my knowledge. Of course, the newb's who do barge around cannot speak a word of english.... so complaining to them gets you nowhere. Honestly, if it happens again in the future, just tell the so-and-so off - very loud and very vehemently!!!!!
  6. I wouldn't do much so hostile people as people who are so touchy-feely that they will often go out of their way to interpret things in a way that that they find offensive so they can then have a whinge session and get sympathy from other like-minded people. Unfortunately, it's part and parcel with two particular socio-economic groups - the overprivileged (perceived or actual) and the Gen-Yers. And I am fully expecting members of these groups to have a big whinge and prove my point.
  7. Full-time Fur-parent. Also, permanent disbility.
  8. Unfortunately, slow rezzing is part and parcel with sl now. And likely will be until linden lab recognises the fault is with the program and fixes it.
  9. Honest answer from an outsider? Don't go to work for Linden Lab. Can you not see the mess they have to deal with? anything new you might have will just get thrown in with the rest of the garbage on top of more garbage that the system just isn't designed to cope with. You're honestly better off going to work for sony.
  10. All five of my avatars are system - i personally don't see the sense in mesh, especially as it presents a potential data drain on the system (Sl, that is). SL is still running on a system that was designed well before the advent of mesh and therefore is not fully capable of coping with it.
  11. There's nothing that can really be done. Unfortunately - despite other peoples claims - linden lab's extremely lenient restrictions in regards to owners/developers building and absolute failure to police such restrictions allow owners/developers to put as much stuff onto a sim as they wish without regard to lag time. And of course the more attractive/appealing something seems, the more sheep flock to it, the more lag you get. It's just part of the lackadaisical attitude of SL.
  12. Should run SL.... be better if the CPU/APU is also from AMD. Better Synching then.
  13. Sorry to say Prokofy, but compared to the general failure of the basic SL structural integrity, what you have mentioned - in relation to group chat/banning - is fairly minor. That being said, however, Linden Lab have long proven that they're more concerned about adding in more stuff that isn't properly tested, throwing out quick-fix patches that haven't been properly tested and generally doing stuff that makes no real sense rather than actually doing anything to fix major issues. Simple fact is this - if we, the users, know that an issue is important to need desperate fixing, it's 100% guarant
  14. This is a deploy week, so .... expect a lot of different bugs to come out of the woodwork. some old (that were supposed to have been fixed), some new...
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