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  1. I've got a blog and am dying to discover more stories akin to what I read in this New World Notes blogpost: If you have any such stories, please let me know or post here. Anything that cuts to the heart of what SL means to people that may be feeling trapped in their 1st lives. Thank you.
  2. It's Catznip, but same settings. Thank you, ChinRey! It worked!
  3. I've missed all of the classes, so far, that are listed on this event schedule: https://fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com/roleplay-classes-2020/ Have been dying to find roleplay classes, in general. I had to work and missed out on this amazing opportunity. Where could I find chat logs or even better, videos, of all of the roleplay classes prior to the May classes?
  4. Yes, I am scared. Fear is a natural response to something like this. Thing is, I'm not scared for myself. My spidey senses are developed enough to let me know that I will be alright, both health-wise and in other ways. It's other people I'm frightened for. I am frightened that with humanity's destruction of nature, these pandemics will become more frequent. I'm frightened that these are the beginning stages of civilization collapse. Though I've mentally prepared myself for this, years ago, and my intuition told me to be on guard, the grief that comes with the disintegration of normalcy is hard. It's hard to process this grief alone. We need to have support groups for this grief. I'm frightened for the country I live in, which is the USA. Our postal service may permanently shut down in June. I'm scared and sad for all the insanities of this country that will be brought to the surface. I'm scared for all the people hanging by a thread, to begin with. My heart is breaking.
  5. -- without having much of a "startup capital" to begin with? Or do those only make sense to partake in if you've got a lot of lindens to invest in breedables with?
  6. *prepare to be disturbed by the snapshot* I wear a Vista Diana head, and it's really lovely. Yesterday this zombie-like ugliness happened (see snapshot). Why? I've been having all sorts of problems in-world ever since uninstalling Firestorm so I could try other alternative viewers, settling on Alchemy. This is one of them.
  7. Sorry, I didn't know which of the other forums this should be filed under. I just want to rent a cheap apartment for a week to hatch a KittyCat so that I could wear it as an avatar, and that's it. Can't find apartments that allow a breedable.
  8. Lindal, this is the stuff after my own heart. Thank you so much!!
  9. I suppose that the latter is true. The perspective I temporarily adopt in this thread is one that visitors to SL tended to develop in the past, coming to view SL as a giant sleaze fest; leave and never look back. Reviews like these ones from Mmorpg.com exemplify this perspective: Those reviews are a decade old, though. Here's a good review, to balance out the negativity: I have a hard time expressing myself, forgetting what I'm getting at... All of that is true, and I'm glad you're revealing this side of things to me, one I didn't see before. But it makes total sense. I asked a friend, that still occasionally plays SL, the same question I posed in this thread, and his response was "people are just stupid". I could have been content with that point of view, but I wanted to possibly make a fool of myself but be open to other points of view by asking here, also. It's true, that we come here to unwind and do things we cannot in the 1st life, so there is much more to it than at first meets the eye. You are right. Thank you for showing me my nearsightedness while not making me feel bad about it.
  10. Please tell me - is this from within SL?! Or another game! Love it!
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