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  1. The person I look up to *most* in the world (that I knew personally) was my Grandfather. He always took care of his family before worrying about himself. He dealt with his injuries and his demons from WW2 without letting them break him (no mean feat). But the thing that really cemented his spot as my all-around Heero was when my grandmother’s Alzheimer’s started to really take hold. His solution was to bring in what extra help he could afford and to take care of her himself at home. He kept her looking pretty, kept her entertained talking about times she remembered (even after she forgot
  2. You broke my heart with that one - but not in a bad way. I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s long before she passed away. I took on the job of “staying with her” at my Grandfathers’s funeral to make sure she was as “ok” as possible. She thought she was at her *Father’s* Funeral and kept asking me If my grandfather was coming home from the Pacific any time soon :-( She was a lovely woman and the smartest person I ever met before she started her long fade.
  3. Phil, that was Humor...... it’s in the Wikipedia :-) Maybe look under “poor humor” as that’s my usual brand :-) My experience with large corporations is that they only operate as astutely as their last Management change, and sometimes ideaology or groupthink can lead formerly sharp operations teams in strange directions. (Google Glass or coca-cola’s brief flirtation with “New Coke” anyone?) My guess is that there is more of a funding plan involved here than simply “lower land prices and offset with increased L$ transaction fees” and it wasn’t communicated at this time. Marketing stra
  4. Phil, my point was that if their financial model was to subsidize the decrease in land costs via increased transaction fees, then their decrease in land costs is not *sustainable* and will either end or have to be subsidized by taking capital out of other parts of the business (meaning other things don’t get funded like server updates or pay raises to retain critical staff). Thats not being negative, thats just “having run a business” speaking :-). I want SL to BE here 15 years from now, and to do that - they need to remain fiscally solvent.
  5. LL historically has a spotty record when they meddle in economics; for all the reasons listed in the preceding posts. If they based their revenue model on the # of transactions remaining the same as before the increase in the transaction fee; I suspect that cannibas or alcohol was involved :-) When I was in my early 20’s, I learned not to balance my checkbook while well into a bottle of wine..........
  6. Porcelain Black - This Is What Rock n Roll Looks Like!
  7. Speaking as one who has worked in the corporate world for a couple of decades as my “money and bennies” Gig (and is therefore very cynical about the corporate world).... ....Marketing has one goal, and it is never lofty or high-toned. Marketing is about opening the wallets of a target group. If a particular demographic is Trendy and there is money to be made by appearing supportive - that group will be marketed to :-) This means that almost everyone will get their turn...... Personally, I’m very pleased to see LGBTQ being included as that applies to -me-, but thats my ego
  8. Short is very, very relative. My observation over 12 years has been that as male avatars got taller and taller (that social-dominance-through-height thing), females who dance or otherwise Play with them got taller too so they didn’t look look strange dancing with their nose in the males bellybutton.... Meanwhile, when I grabbed a shape from my Original 2005 avie (the one with the Lashed hair and the Cat cannon) I discovered that -my- height is almost the same. Back in 2005 I was a Tall Girl, today people ask me why I am so short..... I just tell them “I’m just being the sam
  9. Callum, you gave me a smile when I was stuck at work on my weekend night-off. Thank you!
  10. Only if (like me) they have no concern about the RL gender of their SL romantic attachment. I deal with people in SL as they choose to present themselves; which seems rational in a word where people can intentionally appear as anything. Trying to project RL onto SL on the other hand......*that* kinda smacks of irrationality when there are other dating apps people with gender-sensitivity *could* use to avoid triggering any emotional distress in themselves. They are free to do as they please of course, I just don't consider using SL as a RL dating platform to be advisable.
  11. On the main grid you might be correct, but the overwhelming majority of Roleplay-devoted sims are privately owned. When I was RPing a lot, LL took only a limited intervention stance on private land and left banning mostly up to the sim owners - so this might play differently there.
  12. Actually, I thought it was awesome that you felt comfortable enough to post!
  13. Just an observation.... Now that we live in a RL world where “gender” is more a matter of Identity and not Plumbing and people are less-and-less trusting of one another, at some point, some poor well-meaning New Resident is going to ask someone; New Resident: “LOLZ, R U a girl n RL?” ...and get a response along the lines of.... Female avatar: “OMG, WHAT KIND OF STALKER ARE YOU???? WHY WOULD YOU EVEN WANT TO KNOW THAT UNLESS YOU WERE PLANNING SOMETHING BAD IN RL? AR, AR, AR, MUTE, MUTE, MUTE” Actually, that “point” was probably last Tuesday...... Its a good time in
  14. I’m generally down on Gor - so I’ll save those comments :-) Now, someone does an Empire of the Petal Throne RP and I am SO right there!
  15. I work “3rd shift” in the central USA and my Partner operates on eastern Canada/US time. Thats actually kinda similar to a US-Australia relationship as when I DJ in the mornings I catch Australia later in their evening. I sleep about 2 hours after getting home and get up in Prime Time to be with her. I do my shopping at “24 hour” mega stores before work and my fitness center is also open 24/7 so I can go work on that “last 5 lbs” late in the evening before I go to Herd the Cats. Yes, I and my partner and wrap our RL stuff around our SL life together. After 12+ years together her
  16. This also might be the golden opportunity to give people the names you think they deserve! ”Igor....I’ll call you Igor.......” Its not a bug, it’s a fun-feature :-)
  17. Particular people get really annoyed when you Voice with them and have helium handy. Generally, a come-hither from Daisy Duck is not what they were after :-) If you google that, Daisy is Donald Ducks girlfriend.... In retrospect, I was lucky not to run into someone with a Duck-fetish...... (( hums a line from “Disco Duck” and wanders off ))
  18. We need another thread asking “are all typists human?” If any Gray Aliens check In , it could be a SL Exclusive! (Especially if their avatar last name is Linden - it would explain a few things...)
  19. Get this.....I had this guy proposition me in rather dodgy Russian-English - completely out of the blue. He was offering a DJ gig at his club in exchange for Cyber on a weekly basis....he had a PLAN for this all worked out.... When I replied in Google Russian that I was not Interested in becoming a kept-woman and found him to be very Uncultured, I got a response in plain English. He said that he was only role playing and was actually from San Mateo and liked my Flickr stream. I tried to politely explain that it’s only “Roleplay” if both of you know you’re doing a scene....otherwise
  20. Actually, in RL most recently - gender is subject to “what gender do you identify as?”...... So maybe the SL complexity question might be; “If you are OK with me asking about your RL, What is your RL Biological Gender, what gender do you Identify as in RL, and is your SL avatar consistent with your RL?” Interrogation to be Followed by; ”Because if you are in RL as you are here, I would like to have you over for sexxorz”. Wow, when written out, that was even more crass than I imagined :-)
  21. Any discussion about race or gender in SL is destined to go sideways, as (with all things SL) people have different reasons for portraying (or “playing”) avatars that are different things. (A) Some prefer their avatar to closely resemble their RL (B) Some people prefer their avatar to look as they *wish* to be (C) Some people create avatars that look provocative or just “different” because they value uniqueness, have some other agenda (political/social awareness/kewlness). (D) Some people create “special-purpose Alts” for “adult activity” (sexplay) and very often those bord
  22. Me too! I’d also like to blame some of my (younger days) “less-than-intellectual” relationship moves on “biology made me do it” - but as I can’t have it both ways I’ll have to play the “I was acting like a heifer” card and own it. Its amazing the chaos you can cause when you don’t realize that you are still figuring out your sexuality, are suffering massive conflicting lusts and work in an organization that is really persnickety about sex-stuff.
  23. Thank you so much Dillon :-) My partner is out of the country visiting with her family, and I needed the smile your response gave me!
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