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  1. My girlfriends loved shopping so I escaped them and went Uber racing
  2. Well said...and the gap is growing. perhaps these two worlds would benefit from bringing their creative forces together.....on second thought no...Lets just keep things clear and simple: Manufacturer and Consumer.
  3. well take a look at this bunch of nothing. it's not about anything...your story is about everything ...harpy face emoji thingy
  4. ...and we have Facebookie "like" thingies.....I will not ever click on those...learn to like yourself :)) ...wait....did they add a defriend thingy in case someone's tender feelers gets offended?
  5. Forum apocalypse survivor checking in....ham radio batteries getting weaker by the day...send supplies....many wounded....clearing landing area for evacuation of casualties...coordinates encrypted...use recent number set to decode...caution, encryption data likely compromised... ...and hurry! For God's sake hurry!
  6. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Solaria Goldshark wrote: Ruminations on public discourse in the modern age. http://thefederalist.com/2014/01/17/the-death-of-expertise/ It seems to me that one of the marks of a true expert is having so much knowledge about a topic that they can state their position so clearly and provide so much evidence to support that it will be obvious that they're correct to an unbiased observer. If they can do that they shouldn't need to expect deference based only on their position as an "expert." I'm no sure anyone can be an unbiased observer. I'm not sure anyone
  7. Ruminations on public discourse in the modern age. http://thefederalist.com/2014/01/17/the-death-of-expertise/
  8. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: With all of the unrest and division in the U.S. right now, who has lost friends and family members to this nightmare? I'm absolutely blown away by some people that I've known pretty much my entire life, this has really brought out peoples true colors. :smileysad: I have not lost any friends or family to this "nightmare" . Returning home tonight from a weekly family dinner, having taken part in a lively discussion, with raised voices, and opinions brandished, there was no love lost among those seated at the table as wine flowed freely and the meal satisfied all. I
  9. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Pamela Galli wrote: ChinRey wrote: Pamela Galli wrote: Look at how much activity there is in the SL Discussion forum there, or how many say they rarely or never log in. Another reason for us to move on over and shake it up then. Oh well, we got a good non-answer from a Linden and I suspect that's all we can expect from there. Can't blame her for it either really. She's got a job that both requires and forbids her to answer and that's never easy. I have occasionally quoted great people in my posts here, I think it's time for one from Oz Linden (I found it
  10. ChinRey wrote: Does anybody happen to know what could cause a long and elaborate discussion.........? ....I believe they rarely ever get started around here anymore. More often than not the General "discussion" format gets hijacked by a multitude of complaints, help me's, and "what happened to my stuffs" threads..
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