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  1. Okay thanks everyone. I figured that would be the case. I thought maybe we had hope because I had heard of a teen grid, but was still weary. Take care.
  2. Me and my nine-year-old daughter were talking about virtual reality headsets and I brought up second life because I feel that would be the funnest place to use it. I showed her a couple videos about second Life on YouTube and now she really wants to play. I do think it would be very fun to explore SL with her, but we all know there are many many things in second life that are not for children. My question is - is it actually possible for me to explore the world with her in a kid-friendly fashion? I would hate for her to see something on there that she shouldn't see. I know that I can change he
  3. Ugh, I didn't even make it 5 minutes before it froze
  4. You all, thank you so much. I truly appreciate the info. I guess I should just stick to what I'm supposed to be doing on the laptop anyway, which is school. 😩 But I do miss sl. Thanks again!
  5. Yes and I've read that the info listed there is outdated and irrelevant.
  6. I'm just gunna make this short and sweet. I haven't been on SL for years. I am not tech savvy whatsoever. I know everyone's gunna say "don't use a laptop" but I need one for school. So, just please tell me if and how SL will perform on this laptop. I know it's very low budget. Thanks in advance. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/dell-inspiron-15-6-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i3-8gb-memory-128gb-ssd-black/6387169.p?skuId=6387169
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