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  1. There's literally no reason they couldn't "temp-res" the object or even access its contents via a secure channel using the proper permissions checks. I'd imagine once they finally get _everything_ running on AWS they probably have an absolutely absurd list of ***** they want to add on to the game like this that having more powerful and extensive servers will offer them. Or, considering its _second life_, they have nothing but stability and region crossing on the list of to-do and you wont see any new features for probably another 10 years. Literally.
  2. Literally any graphics card you buy from nvidia that's better than a 550 is compatible with second life, except maybe some weird quadro server-cards that you can't buy individually. Right now, the 3000 series just came out, but good luck getting one as they get sold out pretty much instantly. 3080 runs for about $700 USD. I would recommend getting one of those. I also recommend getting a hybrid/water-cooled card if silence is an issue. Usually they still have a fan, but you can buy a silent one and use it for the radiator if you're doing the watercooling setup yourself. The ROG
  3. As far as I know it's basically just automating the process (possibly with some AI help) of creating LOD's for 3d models. Graphics cards still have memory limits, and they haven't magically disappeared. Unreal engine just takes care of it for you. You can do this already, there are intelligent decimations tools out there. Another thing to note - This doesn't work on non-static mesh objects. Game characters or anything really anything with a skinned mesh/organics does not share this lack of limitation, as far as I know.
  4. The problem, my dude, is that optimization for RDR2 is ridiculously easy in a static world, with everything being instanced and handled by advanced shaders that are perfectly optimized. In Second Life, textures aren't shared, maps are complex, and almost none of the mesh is optimized. All of the avatars have ridiculous polygon counts with large non-customizable skeletons underneath, and worlds are built out of objects not even remotely optimized either in the texture sense, poly-count, or anything like that. It's what comes with the freedom of being able to make a game like Second Life what it
  5. Perhaps the usual LSL scripts could simply function on a small space of 256x256 within the big sim, and a new set of functions could be used to interact with the larger sims. Optionally, It's very feasible to just make vehicles not be part of your av or be connected to you, and just remote-control them on a smaller scale. Things could probably get messy with minimum draw distance but yeah... But anyways, I'm still hoping then, once they move everything to AWS, they'll be able to expand SL greatly in terms of features and making things a bit more modern-game-friendly. Maybe a few o
  6. Moving SL to the cloud? Is it not already all in servers, or are they talking about moving it to something like stadia?
  7. Yo, Is there any news on upcoming features/updates? I'm personally really looking forward to seeing something like an update to the animation system (IK animations maybe?) Or something to do with larger sims or faster scripts or something. I'm really hoping to see synced animations at some point, maybe also whatever black dragon viewer is doing with the pose system integrated in other viewers...
  8. definitely the board cancelling features because it will overall make them less money. We could have land the size of multiple sims for things like vehicle play, but we can't because they think they'll lose money. (scale of land in sl has zero performance impact on server...) just in general, the lack of features and did coming out for this game. they could do a lot to make it fun for new users, but for some reason they don't want to ):
  9. I really wish the sims were better at that then. I like to hangout and build at sandboxes, (mainly the SL Beta sandboxes like bluesteel and letigre), and we regularily get people spawning objects that duplicate thousands of scripts, and the sim performance is systematically destroyed. It would be nice if there was some kind of limit to how many scripts can be run by one person, or how much sim "performance" that they can hog all to themselves...
  10. Say I wanted an animal avatar, or an avatar body type that doesn't strictly adhere to the limited default avatar shapes, Am I able to upload a rigged mesh avatar now without having to worry about using some bug to do stuff the way creators are already doing for the most popular custom mesh avatars on the marketplace? It would be super useful to give my users more freedom of design with the avatar as well. Being able to start at a baseline 50% on all sliders seems like a fairly reasonable thing for a custom-shaped avatar. thanks
  11. I know that back in 2011, the devs were exploring the idea of a feature to let people "live-stream" animations to their avatars. This was the Puppeteer project. Now that we have things like Leapmotion, working VR rigs that let you walk around, and suits that let you puppet animations live into games like Xsens (check out their unreal engine demo), I think it would be a good idea to look at implementing this again. I also understand that they are currently focusing on letting users animate mesh objects as their next "big feature" (probably a heck of a lot more efficient than how peopl
  12. Ah, I was thinking more of the only allowing content to be provided from "approved professionals"...
  13. Oh god if they do nothing but try to clone IMVU and add some vehicle fun then I'm going to laugh and never even look at it. With instanced worlds though, I'd be surprised if they didn't let people create their own stuff. With more freedom on creating things, I wouldn't be surprised if a whole lot of hobby-developers would be motivated to create cool things (so long as there's lots of freedom... But yeah, seriously if what I'm reading here is true and they are just aiming to re-create IMVU with the oculus rift and some physics, then they are wasting so much potential it's not even funny. It's
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