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  1. The solution to that is to simply lower resolution locally/do what they already do. They can dynamically allocate further server resources now that they're running on AWS, so definitely shouldn't be a problem server-side.
  2. I think the biggest problem with sansar was majorly UX design, the fact that it was VR for some reason, and according to someone on glassdoors it was an "every man for himself" "everyone working on different stuff uncoordinated" I got the idea that it was kind of a mess. imo theres a few changes that could be made to majorly improve the metaverse we have already though, I listed on page 2, 7th post down: and here I went into more detail not to entirely focus on animations, because that was the original post that I was talking in there, but mostly around the "new use
  3. I definitely understand how complex these things are, at least some of them. A few of them simply involve implementing already finished products that got put aside, or increasing bandwidth.... I'm a game designer myself and have an intimate understanding of how complicated this stuff can get. Probably the most complex would be anything that breaks away from strictly server-sided stuff to half-local-half-server... Sometimes I wish second life was on something like stadia. I know they tried it already and failed spectacularly because it was too early to implement and they didn't really have
  4. I'm pretty sure opensim isn't really restricted - it's just, if you're gonna build your own game, it's probably more worth it to do your own stuff from scratch, then you can call it yours and sell it and stuff.
  5. Yeah imo the old system _worked_ and the new system, for power users who want to do photography, is kind of rendered null by a few things... You can render depth textures, so basically photoshop would take care of everything anyways, or you can use reshade (though it's not allowed to use the depth buffer since reshade disables it for online games)
  6. So, I kind of disagree with this. I feel like most people pick up second life and it's not immediately apparent that the game is _fun_. They walk around a bit, they notice "hey, these walk animations are pretty plain". The controls feel off, there's no way you'd play it reasonably with a joystick. So what if you can make a pretty avatar - the potential isn't immediately there. For the average person, it's going to be "Open the game, is it a game? Yes? No?" and the answer is "No." Because Second life right now is not presented to new users as a game, per se, it's presented as a 2004 attempt at
  7. If it's the firestorm built-in AO, it's almost certainly the fact that you're wearing some object that animates while your avatar walks. Anything that animates your avatar in response to movement keys etc while the firestorm AO is running will basically freeze your avatar.
  8. As detailed here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Puppeteering and here: http://avatarpuppeteering.com/ I've been rather desperate recently to see something decent like this - I've been desperate enough to start exploring puppet-like avatars made of linked sets and actually have a reasonable 20-30-ish prims being animated at around 14 fps, but those are pretty much the limits. It's jarring and nothing more than a novelty, and it seems to actually lag the sim when several of them are running. I'd love to see my avatar walking around the world and actually interacting with it in a way
  9. If you have an animated tail that responds to motion (walking etc), and you're using a viewer AO, chances are that's what's causing the issue. Sometimes a tail messes with other AO's as well.
  10. Second Life seriously needs an update to the animation system with root-motion animations, proper and obvious animation permission system, scripted movement etc...
  11. I think it would entirely benefit. Heck, even sansar was looking to be something like that - integration with marvelous designer was genius, but the user interface and new-user-UX was so horrid it's not even funny. I think it would HEAVILY benefit, but definitely not if it was done by linden labs. I think you'd need to hire an entire new team (obviously take some of the lindens, no idea who they are), ditch the board of governors, have a group of leaders who are passionate about possibilities and metaverse, and less passionate about shareholder-profits, have some rich billionaire who beli
  12. I've yet to come across any animations that actually use the toe bone when walking, standing on tip-toes, etc... It's like people don't know it's there? I've personally created an animation that moves the foot and rotates the toe-bone on a rigged mesh and it works fine in SL, does anyone know of an AO or animation walking/standing set that actually uses it?
  13. A couple other solutions for you: - you can get monitor/keyboard setups that emulate being a laptop but act as a monitor and keyboard for a separate desktop - you can stream from a desktop to a laptop on local network and it would be imperceptibly fast. - Spend the money on getting a compact desk/chair setup. I'm not sure if you are constrained to a bed due to physical limitations, though. - You can get a bed-desk for a desktop computer. I.e. a big monitor arm and a swivel-over-your-lap desk, just invest in a proper pillow or bed-chair type thing to support your back
  14. Also I imagine this would _heavily_ benefit the more adult side of the game.
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