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  1. a random pic i just took of myself. hope it's ok to post here. if not i'll delete it
  2. I'm shy but I might be able to hang out sometimes. I'm a female actually but I switch back and forth between female and effeminate male
  3. I'm a girl today also, I'm looking down, my eyes are not black lol
  4. it must have been hidden for some reason by something, becuase now it showed up in the corner. i feel like a fool. i just hope this works
  5. I decided to start a new avatar today using belleza jake and got a demo for some body hair, but I can't apply or install anything. I have the installer (Omega System Installer -Belleza) I equip it and nothing comes up. I have looked at tutorials and it seems like an installer is supposed to come up above your head but literally nothing is here. I drag it to the ground and click it and all it does is 'attempt' to connect but nothing happens. I tried applying different omega skins and nothing works at all. It won't install. and I know that there can be issues with making sure the layer is on but with a whole skin? someone please help me fix this. It seems like Belleza Jake body hair only has omega and not appliers .. .
  6. posted in the wrong forum sorry please delete
  7. I play as both genders but I'm most often a male (but am female) he makes me feel more confident
  8. I'm sure I can find the scarf so much easier but I'm looking for a really simple coat...that I can't seem to find. It looks like it would be an incredibly easy to find that kind of coat and yet I'm not finding anything. I'm using Jake, but maybe if I could get Gianni to work somehow... I know it doesn't work with some clothes so I'd rather it be Jake. Preferably without a shirt included but if there is one at least....something similar to this. I can't get a lot of full body pics but it came down to like...hip level almost. I'm scouring the MP and have yet to find anything I'm satisfied with. Any suggestions?
  9. I don't have it but I have friends who do who unanimously agree it sucks. They say it is very static. I wouldn't get the supernoodle. There's s third eastern dragon type coming out too and I have been told "wait for that if you want an eastern dragon" I think the one being worked on is a Nutbusterz product? It's whoever made those new cat gachas that just came out.
  10. I didn't want to bother editing this but me and a few friends getting ready for St Patricks Day (i'm in the middle) this is the most hideous outfit i've ever worn
  11. Previously, the land I live on with my friend in Haman (mainland) wouldn't let you rez too many things without stopping you. My friend has a bumper that spawns coins. It never would start returning things. But all of the sudden my friend's bumper began returning my stuff today. He was not allowed to before, as per the group permissions. Only people in the group are supposed to be able to rez on this land. My friend looked and saw nothing had changed and he shouldn't be able to rez until it was full and started returning things. My friend turned off all my permissions to rez to test it and I was still able to rez things. Then we noticed that the ability to edit terrain and about land was available, when it never has been. My friend has it turned off that anyone but her can edit land. To test this, she kicked out one of the friends in the group and told him to rez an item. It didn't work, but he was still able to edit terrain even though he wasn't in the group. What's the problem here and how can we fix this?
  12. oh boy..well i don't really have a RECENT recent pic that I can actually post here (that, or you can't see me well enough), and the one I can I had to edit. and I would also like to note I actively started playing Second Life last year so while I was classic for a while, there were actually other options available. it's honestly worse than i remember it first 'serious' pic i had of myself. i had other avatars but they were kind of jokes so i don't think it counts. (i'm not the anime boy) and now (idk what the consensus is on posting male bulges so I put a bar over it): i would also like to note i have half a dozen other avatars ranging from feral to human, to female, so i'm only posting the first incarnation of what the character I most attribute my account to is today
  13. This is the only thing in his outfit wouldn't there be like...a deformer item? there's other ***** at the bottom but it's just a base skin, hair, etc.
  14. it's sold without eyes because the texture is plastered from an actual photo onto the head to make it as accurate as possible (even tho it looks a little weird) the head is technically separate but i just.. i really do not understand how they work PERFECTLY while i am using it, but not when i reload it, and i have to move them back every time to where they are (but sometimes, it's fine?) why would it be the avatar specifically causing this problem, and only on reloading the avatar after logging off?
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