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  1. I have been using this avatar for a good few days now and took two pics, couldn't decide on which one so I'll post them both
  2. i did not, and like i said it only cuts off after i enter the line for the sandbox. crossing over that line again let sounds play again
  3. it's specifically sound. gestures, ambient, etc. there is no sound. i'm using firestorm.
  4. For some reason, for the past few days whenever I go to a certain place I lose sound, but I'm the only one (it's Timber Wilds specifically) the area consists of a sandbox and a main area. the minute i enter the sandbox all my sound cuts out. i was wearing a walker and it totally just stopped working. i mentioned it and was told by everyone else that they could hear it just fine. so i logged out and logged back in only to be met with the same problem. logged out a third time and came back and decided to walk instead of teleporting directly there. i walked back and for between th
  5. I've been hanging at Silent Hill Experience and I really like the vibe of it and the fact that it has quests but I've hit a wall with it. So are there any other horror Sims with some kind of interactive plot or story?
  6. i just wanna say that this is not the case. the same thing happens to me at random with multiple keyboards with working pg down buttons, but will randomly fix itself and then break again
  7. I just spoke to my friend who just logged on and she's apparently still having the issue 😞 I'd also like to note though that when we use HUDs we never do it to other people, only in our friend group, and our friend group isn't going to report eachother
  8. I tried doing it, found nothing, even scrolled down with ctrl alt t on as far as i could but found nothing. she used pathfinding, i also used pathfinding, but it said there was nothing there we did find out she used a HUD from Void. She used it to toss another player into the air, something that is done frequently at my house with no issues. She said then that's when it started. She noticed some hovering balls when she did it again to herself on my land and was returning them. But still it didn't help. She has pressed the cancel button to stop everything from the Void HUD and it
  9. On both firestorm and regular sl viewer, she started getting this message : [18:21] Second Life: Can't rez object '.' at { -0.010681, -0.137512, 33.4795 } on parcel '2020-05-29 : Abandoned Land' in region Geoje because the owner of this land does not allow it. Use the land tool to see land ownership. apparently she never tried to rez anything. she's relogged 7 times, switched viewers, tried finding something on the land but it still keeps spamming her with this message she said she looks away for 30 seconds and has 50 messages. not to mention she is getting it for a
  10. I'm looking for pose huds and stuff to generally better my photography skills. Someone a while back suggested anypose but i'm seeing some bad reviews and it looks like it's a pose stand, so that might hinder me if I cant' rez. Am I incorrect on this? There was some other stuff people have rec'd me but I've forgotten by now. So anything would be helpful.
  11. I'm looking for nearly albino, and so far I've been to glam affair, skinnery, and deetalez and not found what i'm looking for. It must be BoM because it hinges on something that only works on BoM. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm using lelutka and maitreya.
  12. Sometimes my voice refuses to pick up. I have to yell into the mic for it to pick up, and even then it barely works and will cut off every other word. I have already adjusted sensitivity, twice. It seems to work for a while but then all of the sudden it will break again even though the sensitivity is still set to the same thing it was when I changed it. I have had my friend had the same issue too so I know it's a SL problem. what else can I do? (using firestorm)
  13. I'm going to be embarrassed to post this considering what I do with this avatar but... hopefully people don't find it too distasteful and dislike me for doing it. My avatar is based off a character in a show, and like a good few people I've seen in the fandom, they kind of enjoy..feminizing him. Not to mention I just like that aesthetic and it makes me feel more comfortable. I should note that the reason for this avatar was because it was my name on another site where I met all my friends, who I then joined on SL so I just continued being him. Also because I like to be a girl
  14. Because I have bad internet, so it takes time for me to be able to relog and then reload everything. so i was hoping there was a way to remove it without having to disable and then reinable it
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