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  1. i was just thinking of doing the sit to teleport thing because I don't know if I can work an experience . i think it's supposed to TP fairly far, not sure exactly how, i think it's up like 2000m where I need to teleport
  2. I am wanting to do a teleport script with a sound included, but I don't even know where to start or look. I want to be able to click an object and have it teleport me elsewhere and I want a sound to play when it does it. There's unfortunately already a script in the object but I'm assuming I can just take it out? Or maybe put an invisible prim in front of it.
  3. i own the parcel on mainland and it always worked like this before but it doesn't now
  4. I haven't updated firestorm because I don't like the windlight thing. But I like the windlight I have at my house. I was told it changed names in the new update so I tried changing it to that but everyone that comes in still gets a random different windlight in 'shared environment' or whatever it is. *Starely something. This is what I have in the description of my land, where it used to work before Firestorm updated /*Windlight Sky: "Digital Legacy Extreme extreme" RegionOverride*/
  5. my avatar is very tall and still proportionate but people are always crapping themselves everytime they see me but i'm using belleza jake and i know that maitreya's legs at least look really weird when too long so i might still look awkward but i'm at least proportional basically what i did was max out height and legs and then the torso length went up a bit, and hip length.
  6. I used to have better frames I think, I'm not sure, but my internet has always been bad Lately it's around 50-60 fps on a good day. Down to 20-30 in some places. Can get up to 100 in my skybox when I'm alone. On a good, good day, I get 3 mbps. More often than that it's 1. If I'm unlucky, it's lower. A friend of mine absolutely insists my frames have nothing to do with my internet but my computer. So here's my comp specs: Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor (12 CPUs), ~3.4GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Card name: Radeon RX 580 S
  7. i personally have jake, and i would never change it because the body is perfect for me, but i can also admit it definitely has problems. i.e the neck, the no updates.
  8. My friend's slink hands suddenly disappeared but she said that everything is still equipped. Her hands are not alpha'd out. She tried changing outfits and she still had no hands. She was having trouble changing outfits also and saying that when she relogged she couldn't unequip or equip anything. When she switched outfits it randomly put a skirt on her that was never on the outfit she changed to. She has her old avatar on now that she was wearing when her hands disappeared but she unpacked a new body completely and it still had no hands. She tried searching slink hands to see if they
  9. My avatar is actually always based on a cosplay (due to what I decided to name myself, it's a long story) that's like 10x *****tier because I like the aesthetic. But here's one of him in normal clothes. Unfortunately the second reason I dress like a ho is so I can cover up this awful neck seam with a collar. It doesn't quite look right with this outfit though. The face might not be 100% accurate because I used a newer pic of the actor and because you know, sl...
  10. this was from earlier and it's not exactly what i look like now but it was earlier i'm in the back
  11. sorry these screenshots kind of suck, the quality on the vid wasn't good and i couldn't find enough online... I'm looking for this specific kind of hair. Or something at least as close as possible. But I want the best tbh or something good, and I haven't found one that I like. It's either too long on the side, or it's shaved on the sides. Or it isn't the right color (i.e just dark brown) So I'm making a thread looking for a hair in case I might've missed one. this one i got online so it's a little better but:
  12. i should also mention that i haven't updated firestorm, it's the last update. i don't like the way things look in the new firestorm. it is new but i haven't updated any drivers, and if i do update my driver it turns firestorm blue. apparently it did update while it was crashing so not sure what's going to happen with that now.
  13. Everything was fine last night but when I got on today and went to a place I noticed my camera was kinda laggy and weird but I was getting like 20-30fps (my internet sucks). I had it minimized for a while and noticed that it had crashed. And everything else had also crashed. Nothing was responding. I couldn't close it. I couldn't open task manager. I had to shut it off by the button. When I turned it back on and booted up SL again the same thing happened, except it took less time. Even Task Manager crashed. Both times trying to close SL gave me 'microsoftwindows is not respondin
  14. Baby's first ritual with my newborn twins, and my wife, who didn't want to put on pants
  15. I would ask in the Lelutka group but it won't let me send messages in it for some reason. I'm looking at female Evolution heads and I was hoping to find a good matching body skin as well. I tried Not Found but they only have like two or three skins I think and I don't care that much for them. I'm sure there's lots of places but I don't often shop for skins. edit: i'm looking for pale skins. not super white pale but like, general Caucasian skin tone on the paler side. not tan.
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