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  1. there was some prom thing going on and i didn't feel like changing out of my cosplay i'm the tall one.
  2. Max I can get my maitreya avatar rn is 7.79 or something without making the torso super long, and it looks really weird with the torso super long, so is there anything I can buy that will make me taller without breaking my clothes? I have a floor length dress with my feet hidden so I don't want to look like I'm floating
  3. not sure if these are considered heavily modded but
  4. your head doesn't have an alpha so the classic head is showing through that.
  5. Not underwear. I am trying to use this armor, I think it's called overpowered armor, and it's incredibly skimpy. The problem is that the crotch is completely uncovered so I would be walking around with my dangle out It's similar to this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Max-Level-Armor-aii/17297226 Of course that has a crotch cover but it's not for Jake. So I'm basically looking for something that will go with that style and I don't even know where to start
  6. I am using an Oracul AO that, at its base, is the free Basically Boy. It has several different animations put into it though that I can't seem to get to work right. I am not new to editing AOs. The AO I have is already so edited that it basically wasn't the same thing anymore and I had already replaced a lot of the animations. There way this one is edited is that there's a notecard with the animation names, and a bunch of animations, inside of it. I replaced several. But there are some that just refuse to work. My crouch walk doesn't work. Instead of crouch walking it just does the normal
  7. i ended up just getting those too. they're a little weird in some spots but they did end up working
  8. I got a mermaid tail for Jake but I'm disappointed in the lack of fins elsewhere like arms and back Are there any fins for jake, or unrigged fins, that I could use that are mod?
  9. I'll give you a glowup. Version A Version B Current version C my clothes change a lot so the last one is not what i wear all the time obviously but I'm just showing the general changes
  10. I saw this at fantasy fair but it was just for the whip, but I really like the outfit. Does anyone know where to get it?
  11. I know it should given that I'm looking for BoM but I mean the shape mostly. I've been using system/ BoM makeup for a while but I find that on my male it kind of works but it's not as visible, and on my female it's an absolute disaster. the liner ends up super under her eyes for some reason. so if I buy some for EVO will they work for both? edit: so it's not as bad as I thought but it's worse on some eye makeups. for the sake of comparison though here's the same eye makeup on male and female. and yes I know about the lips on the female, thats from the lelutka hud and they d
  12. I tried to do it but I had trouble with the meters thing as I'm not currently on SL but my male avatar is 8"2 or 4 I can't remember. my female is 6"10
  13. sorry i did a photoshoot so A closer look at the chest since I did so much work on it (Took out all the original static chest organs and replaced them) warning for organs but it's not really gory
  14. I udpated windows and went to get on secondlife today, on firestorm, and it is blue once again. I went to see if I could roll back my drivers but I don't even have the option because I didn't update them, I just updated Windows. I don't know what else to do because that's how I fixed it last time? turning advanced lighting off and on did not work
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