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  1. This is taken from FAQ's.... I don't like the available last names. When will there be different names available? How often will the list of names change? Much as we did with the original legacy surnames, we plan to update and change the available last names regularly. That way, a good variety of first and last name combinations are available at any given moment. Because we determine when to retire a last name by the number of times it's been used, it's hard to say exactly when the list might change. If you're interested in changing your name, but don't see a name that fits just yet,
  2. But, from what I understand, forced retirement of a name equal the amount of times it was assigned. How can I know if it is retired? I did see the link , thanks much!
  3. That said...How can I know if it is a "retired" last name? I will keep my first name, "courageous" but would like to change last name to, "Clarity". And, thank you so much for help!
  4. Greetings! I would like to change my username. I've read all the FAQ's. If I pay the fee to change my name, must I be restricted to the list of names provided, or can I select my own name? If restricted to the given options, how can I submit the name I would like as an option? Better yet, how can I know if the name I would like to have is no longer be available? I would like to keep my first name, "courageous" but would like to change my last name from, "Chrome" to "Clarity". Is Clarity retired or might be available? Is there a list of retired names? Can I submit a ticket requesting t
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