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  1. Hi All, Does anybody know if Stiletto Moody is still in business? Her avatar shows as "unavailable". She made some great shoes years ago. Thanks. Pris
  2. I go long periods without logging on. Just paid for quarterly premium after being away for roughly a year...I just go on whenever I'm bored.
  3. I'm totally going to try this, lol. Damn system skirts.
  4. Now that makes sense. Thanks very much!
  5. Thanks for all the answers. Hmmm, 3 no's and 1 yes...I guess I can consider the question answered.
  6. ...sorry if it's kind of a dumb question I'm looking to buy some land and want to understand the prim thing completely. This would be prim clothing that I'm wearing. I would see how it would eat into my prim allowance if it was rezzed on the ground...
  7. ...does that include prim clothing? Do those count too?
  8. Why do some people have periods and some don't? Editing profile does not allow me to get rid of the period. I thought I had gotten rid of it when I initially set up my account here, but it's back. Very strange.
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