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  2. Hanging out in Elven Forest a magical experience.
  3. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you.
  4. There is another approach. Go to the marketplace, search for "bottle", specify the search by ticking Copy, Modify and Transfer (this will make fullperms list only) and refine the search. Find a bottle that looks as if it has a decent enough shape, and make sure that the description mentions that it includes UV maps (why people sell fullperm mesh without them is beyond me, but it happens). Buy your bottle of choice, unpack it, and create a copy of the mesh that you will work on. Download the UV map to your computer. Open the UV map in an image manipulator program (Photoshop, Gimp, whichever you prefer) and texture the UV yourself. If you have no intention of selling the bottles, I don't think even Pepsi would care that you took an image of one of their bottles off of Google and used it privately - but if you want no doubt whatsoever that any legals are broken, design your own soda logo. Upload the texture to second life and apply it to the bottle. I'm seeing fullperm bottles for L$25 that look good, and you've got 120 listing for L$0-10. If you can't figure the texturing bit out yourself, search for a texture designer instead.
  5. Well, OK, if y'all are going to talk about reality ... Patch spoke of 'railroad' as one of several upcoming themes, didn't he? Was the magic number 8 new LH themes in total? So on Belli we'll have at least 3, Traditional, Houseboat and Campground. I can't believe that they'd actually return to already released regions and add a railroad ... considering their QA process, it would be horrendous, with all the user content in place. So yes, I guess that reality is disappointing me a bit, lol. That leaves the currently undeveloped portions of Belli for a rather localized railroad theme, or, possibly, another continent. I don't see how they'll fit 4 more themes on Belli, so I guess it's kind of a foregone conclusion that there will be another new LH continent at some point. If you wanted a railroad that actually went a real distance, as opposed to a cute San Francisco-style streetcar, it would surely be easier to do on a new continent. But, in the southern part of Belli, you COULD fit another theme, perhaps a localized streetcar city one.
  6. I have used all of these in various Linden Homes including the New Belli Traditionals , and Houseboats. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Trompe-Loeil-Finley-Kitchenette-PG-V11-mesh/8438099? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Con-Catia-Kitchen-WHITE-Modular-Kitchen/13132802 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/hive-modular-modern-farmhouse-kitchen/17307272 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BAZAR-Toronto-Kitchen-PG/5515085
  7. Hanging out in Elven Forest a magical experience.
  8. Found something new - some sims below the working area - and already partly in the works. These photos are from SSPE230 (down south on the map, where the "eye" had some missing sims) - also parcels size greater than 1024 parcels".
  9. You can also check out this thread: I find that kitchens are the absolute worst to decorate, at least for me anyways.
  10. Olá, estou com uma duvida, eu havia colocado na minha conta um cartão de crédito nacional pelo paypal. Agora eu tentei comprar lindens e na hora do erro informou que eu não tenho fundos suficientes. Eu preciso recarregar o paypal com o meu cartão de credito para fazer comprar lindens?
  11. I have one. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Translator-104-Languages/641722 Sweedish Chef is called Bork Bork
  12. People you bring in to help you with a specific product line development are not your employees (it would've been an RL administrative nightmare for you if they were) - they are contractors. An SL written contract is pretty meaningless as The Lab would not enforce it and tells you so in the ToS. An RL contract, either written or oral, is enforceable via legal venues but such enforcement may cost you more then it is worth. In any case forms for such contracts are available on-line, just do a google search. If there are significant payments involved you might consider paying not in L$ but in USD via Paypal. Then if the work is not performed to your satisfaction you might have a recourse with Paypal.
  13. Well, the skin is purchased, mod/copy/no transfer -- is the transfer permission critical to this? I've tried to find out more about uuids but almost every result seems to imply that getting textures from skins is something only pirates want to do. Are the texture uuids something I should be able to find, or would I have to ask the skin maker or something? And if I had them, what would I do with them? I don't see a way to give that information to the texture picker either.
  14. And I don’t understand how the author’s permission is related to the upload problem, why don’t you answer the question instead of insulting me?
  15. I used one from Trompe l'Oeil and just tinted the wood to the shade I want it to be. However, hers aren't all that modular. Did you check out the one called Catia by Consignment? L$895 and it does come in a dark version.
  16. Mouselook is your friend. I've already written off any idea of a usable railroad anywhere in or around Bellisseria, which will leave me with exactly what I expect or leave me pleasantly surprised. Either way, even if there were an RR on Bellisseria, what decent, logical way would it connect with the only other *decent* RR system at Heterocera Atoll? Smells like a lot of hard work to accomplish, so whatever it is that Patch was teasing at his Meet the Lindens talk, I'm suspecting it's nothing at all what we expect or even would like hope to have.
  17. It's not selfish. It's potentially saving the buyer from getting their account locked or worse. When I was a noob & didn't know better, I bought L$ from a 3rd party reseller & this was back in the days that 3rd party resellers were allowed. The L$ I bought were very cheap - so cheap that alarm bells were ringing & I suspected a scam. I thought I may not get the L$ delivered so I only bought a small amount to test it. I did however get the L$ sent to me inworld from a zero day account a couple of days later. So I thought oh, this is great, maybe it's not a scam & ordered a slightly larger sum. I also told a couple of my friends about the website I used to buy the L$ & both of them bought quite a large amount of L$. I still feel really bad about this A couple of days later, both of my friends had their accounts put on hold - they were blocked from login with a message to contact support. Turned out as soon as those L$ hit their accounts they were put on hold & had the L$ bought deducted from their balance & then had to pay LL in $ to get their accounts back to a positive L$ balance. It cost them both over US$100. I wasn't locked out of my account but I knew it was coming as soon as those L$ were paid to me. LL were obviously aware & were watching I contacted support as soon as I knew what had happened to my friends & was told I'd have to wait until my account was locked & then to contact them because the lock was automatic. Sure enough next day, my account was also on hold. I phoned LL billing & explained again what had happened & I had to buy enough L$ to put my account back in a positive balance after the fraudulent L$ were removed. LL unblocked my account as soon as I did that. They explained to me that the L$ I bought were bought using a stolen credit card & I got a polite lecture about buying L$ from those kinds of websites again. So no, it's not selfish. Anyone buying L$ from an unauthorized reseller is going to end up getting their account locked & paying for those L$ twice, without actually getting the L$. I'm also sad to see that same "game currency" website is still trading, however they no longer sell L$. Not sure if I'm allowed to name the site so I'll err on the side of caution & not. I wish I could though because the site is scam & still selling "game gold" after all these years.
  18. This is very good information. Thank you for explaining this. In the end though, it doesn't matter because aside from the fact I can't even afford the low end of the spectrum of L$2500, the copyright thing seems to be an issue as well... It's a dead dream either way...
  19. Some people do alright with reselling gachas. It's a risk though and probably takes a good understanding of the gacha resale market to succeed in. But yes, sales here are primarily by creators rather than retailers. Most of us get into it because we just like making things or we can't find what we want, so we learn to do it ourselves. Collaborative building used to be the mainstay of SL, people contributing their different skills and ideas to bring a project together. Nowadays, more of the work is done in external programs like Blender or GIMP but there's still an ecosystem of full perm components you can draw on to help. That can be very satisfying, a lot of fun to play with and much more manageable to learn. Since you want to promote others and be part of a team, have you thought about becoming a customer service representative or other type of assistant with a brand you love? It might be a better fit with your current skill set and you'd probably learn a lot about running a shop in SL.
  20. No Sweetmarsh region was released last Friday at 6:25 am SLT, Patch's rl time was 9:25 am.
  21. Second Life Server (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/19# Second Life RC BlueSteel (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_BlueSteel/19# Second Life RC LeTigre (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_LeTigre/19# Second Life RC Magnum (No Roll): https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_Magnum/19# On Region Restarts: Regions will be restarted if they have been running for more than 10 days on Tuesday (Main Channel) and Wednesday (RCs) regardless of whether or not new code is being deployed, for the general health and well being of the Simulators. Nothing beats turning it off and then on again … once in a while. As always, please plan events around these maintenance windows. However, if you are hosting an event on Tuesday or Wednesday when we’re not deploying new code, you can restart your region ahead of time to avoid interruption.
  22. It's a bit better since I got in during initial creator beta. Although, it's been a while since I've tried it but here are my main issues from that last point... Lacks complete in-world based avatar customization. Avatar base has some poor proportions, poor default skin, and facial shape features that are not my cup of tea even after tweaking it. As Blush mentioned, will see how Avatar 2.0 turns out. The process of having to code C# > upload > publish > test > repeat. Needs a more streamlined approach. Needs a quick, easy way for complete new users who don't have a code environment setup to test & debug scripts in runtime within edit mode without building/visiting scene. VR (although I don't care for it) PBR and Lighting Script Properties Exposure into the UI (Cloud Party did this too and it was great for allowing creators to create custom properties for buyers to easily customize through a consistent interface) Free personal space and no upload fees to explore creativity without penalty from lack of understanding/experience The ability to fit/shape clothing over shape and other clothing in avatar mode. This a really cool feature in my opinion and one definitely needed in SL or something similar to it. Unfortunately, Sansar's implementation limits you to Marvelous Designer proprietary software which feels like it discriminates hobbyist creators who prefer open source approaches.
  23. I like to stick with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for the most part LOL. So I like Safari, BUT Vivaldi is *amazing* on Mac AND Windows (and prolly Linux, too). Seriously - what until you see all th stuff it does AND it is officially "Chrome" - but they block the constant phone-home calls to Google, so privacy is maintained on top of it all. (And still use Chrome extensions and all the rest). Numbers - I actually prefer it WAY better than Excel. As for tabs along the top: I don't know a way to move them (I never looked: at the top feel more natural and logical to me and Microsoft have been 'training' people to use bastardized interfaces since the beginning LOL) BUT - why use tabs? In Numbers you can have multiple separate sheets (a.k.a. "tabs") all on ONE sheet. Maybe peruse the documentation when you get the change: https://www.apple.com/numbers/ User Manual: https://help.apple.com/numbers/mac/6.1/ The office I work for has actually migrated entirely away from anything Microsoft (we use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) and Adobe (We use the Affinity Suite: Publisher, Designer, and Photo) and PDF Expert for Acrobat Pro features. LOL Microsoft and Adobe software is a lot more irrelevant now than ever before, why spend that money if you don't have to? (Speaking from my own world-view, of course) I would actually use the LL Viewer full time, I like it a lot and the dark theme allows more focus on the in-world content. BUT, I use CTS Wardrobe (web based) so I need RLVa, which the LL viewer doesn't't have. My personal favorite is Catznip viewer (performance blows Firestorm out of the water) - but not available for macOS (yet... grrrr) - So I use Firestorm and sometimes Kokua on macOS. Either way - it's always good to have the "official" viewer installed for exactly the reason I say: trouble-shooting the others, and sometimes when you need something lightweight and snappy.
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