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  1. There is no ”variable” when you can render the same avatars for all benchmarks. As for clubs and venues, I never seen my viewer dropping to single digit frame rates, even for venues with 40+ avatars and ”impostoring” turned off ! Mind you, the avatar rendering is especially carefully optimized in my viewer (e.g. with joints caches indexed by integer keys instead of recursive searches down the joint hierarchy by string keys, cached attachments, cached rigged skinning matrix, etc) ! Amusing, for someone who wrote in a PM to me on my forum (dated 2020-10-06 17:46:30): But you mis
  2. And you are being dishonest and obviously trying to badmouth my viewer reputation... You did not even address the valid criticisms I pointed out (zooming around before benchmark instead of benchmarking at login position, no avatar rendered). I urge everyone reading this forum to use their own benchmarks instead of relying on your flawed numbers !
  3. You know, this is getting tiring... I made my way to the sim you took the screenshot from and guess what ? At the position on your screen shot (228,182,25), I cannot see this scene: I must zoom around with the camera to see it, meaning I collect a variable amount of objects in cache doing so (it's called the ”interest list”), which ruins any reproducible benchmarking ! Also, I told you already: you just cannot benchmark viewers using a different renderer. If you want to compare my viewer (which can do both WL and EE) with others, at least use the same renderer ! As it is, this scene (w
  4. This week's release notes link is wrong, in the data returned by the ”ServerReleaseNotes” capability (meaning viewers cannot display the notes): 2021-01-19T15:58:55Z DEBUG: LLFloaterAbout::handleServerReleaseNotes: HTTP headers: <llsd> <map> <key>cache-control</key> <string>max-age=2592000</string> <key>connection</key> <string>keep-alive</string> <key>content-length</key> <string>243</string> <key>content-type</key> <string>application/x
  5. If you could stop making your personal (and quite unique) experience a generality ! I do not know what is your hidden agenda (and to me it furiously looks like you have a nasty one !), but you are the only person so far who dares to pretend that my viewer is the slowest (whatever the hardware) ! I tested it on multiple computers (Intel//AMD & NVIDIA/AMD alike), and it always came first or second (Singularity is sometimes faster, but Singularity got some breakages, such as water reflection and displacement maps, as well as missing features). To be valid a benchmarking protoco
  6. Logins are currently disabled. See the status blog notice LL posted minutes ago.
  7. The Cool VL Viewer v1.28.2.0 released today now allows to move or delete ”protected” folder types when they are not named as they should (e.g. ”Current Look” is not the proper name for a COF type, which should be named ”Current Outfit”) or are not located at the root of the inventory. This allows fixing this issue (and any other similar issues) while securing the genuine protected folders (i.e. you do not risk deleting or moving them by mistake).
  8. You mean 100% text chat (I won't understand anything on voice and have no time to loose with voice meetings in English) ?...
  9. This does not bode well for the future, then... If LL is unaware of the cause (meaning it would be on AWS' side and they did not communicate about it with LL), it will likely reproduce. 🙄 One of the drawbacks of the whole ”uplift” thing...
  10. Good news ! The SL-AWS slow/failing servers replies seem to have been solved during the night (i.e. yesterday's afternoon, SLT) ! Everything is back to normal for me, with fast logins, snappy rezzing and (non-failing) TPs, reliable inventory operations, baking, etc... I'm still curious about the origin of that issue... So, if a Linden could elaborate about it... Sadly, the JIRA is (and by far) not the best place for TPV developers to be heard (and even less listened to) by LL... Your issue gets lost in an ocean of other issues, with much less relevant/pertinent in
  11. As I see it (from a long time (13+ years) SL viewer developer), the problem is that the ”Current Look” folders you have in your inventory bear the same type code as the genuine ”Current Outfit” (COF) folder: there is normally only ONE such folder at the root of your inventory, and when dealing with the COF, the viewer (and probably the sever alike) simply scans the root folder of your inventory for the first (and normally only) folder with the COF type code: and uses it for all baking operations. Depending on the order in which the folders appear in your inventory (this is not the sort or
  12. I have a 1Gbps (downlink)/700Mbps (uplink) FTTH connection to Internet, without any issue on it, and provided by a major ISP in France (Free/Illiad). I have no issue whatsoever connecting to Amazon web services, outside of SL (all Amazon websites load super fast and without a glitch). I also had no issue in SL before USA's Thanks Giving. There are other affected people (see this thread, for example), that I assume do not use the same ISP and are most likely not living in the same region or even the same country. Obviously, LL broke something just before the Holidays and no
  13. And when are you going to fix the issue with super-slow or failing connections (login, seed replies, capabilities fetches, simulator features, AIS3 inventory, bakes) ?... After November the 26th everything got ruined for me in SL because of them: when the AWS servers take 30 seconds or more (!) to perform the cited connections, everything fails in SL !!! And not even a word about this MAJOR issue on the grid status page !
  14. If you got a Linux PC, I'd recommend building the viewer under it, since it's just a matter of typing a single command in a terminal pointed at the viewer sources ! Windows and macOS require installing IDEs (VS2017, XCode11), which is a more complex task than building the viewer itself once they are installed...
  15. If you can compile a viewer yourself, a patched version would allow you to delete the offending folders. You may want to try the Cool VL Viewer which is easy to build and which code already contains an exception for OpenSim grids and the COF (allowing you to delete the latter in OS grids, since it is not mandatory there). The line to change to allow deleting the ”Current Look” folders is in linden/indra/llinventory/llfoldertype.cpp, line 142. Change that line to read: if (folder_type == FT_CURRENT_OUTFIT) (i.e. remove ” && sCanDeleteCOF” from it). Recompile the viewer,
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