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  1. If you can, check your PC memory usage while running your viewer. To exclude a memory problem, create an alt account and log in and move around for a while. If that works fine it´s not a viewer problem, but related to your hardware/OS or (not very likely) an asset server (inventory) issue.
  2. Sounds like a hardware/OS problem to me, and if it is one no one here can really help you, unfortunately. Something alike happened to me when i used 32bit viewers, these tend to run out of memory once the inventory exceeds a certain amount of stored items. But one needs to have a pretty mnassive invventory then. 64bit fixed that.
  3. I dislike no mod items as much as you do, but there really are a few valid reasons for distributing certain things "no mod". Almost every creator of avatar clothes sells no mod, and these people are not malicious or anti-user biased, in my opinion.
  4. Grmpf. how can I delete a double post? Or a post in general?
  5. After the disinformation age? The "Great Awakening", of course!
  6. After the disinformation age? The "Great Awakening", of course!
  7. What you refer to (the IMVU example) isn´t really "visionary", that´s a matter of "usability" for a specified task. Which is a matter of software design, more or less. The SL software always had the disadvantage to serve many different user interests somehow, while not serving one specific user interest in full scale. It could, theoretically, but then it might become even more bloated and a lot more buggy and resource hungry as it already is. Second Life still is a universal sandbox model by nature (and design), and not something like IMVU, which is nothing but an advanced IRC chat room
  8. No. SL would be a lot more dangerous than the most dangerous place one can possibly imagine in RL, and I am not a danger freak at all.
  9. Phil Rosedale, a.k.a. Phil Linden. The "vision" left along with him.
  10. That won´t change as long as Ebbe finds his chair in a Linden in-world meeting, i fear.
  11. Don´t insult me! Wrah! /me points at her profile picture Joke aside, the prims most probably were sculpties, which - for a while - really rendered SL close to unusability. Prims, usually, are less complex as most meshes are, cut torusses and the like aside. The predominant lag factor in the old prim days were textures.
  12. Depends on what Linden Lab defines being "Linden Lab World". Our defiition of "world" does not matter at all and never really did, i think. OK, maybe "profits" isn´t foreign language to them. Tho, thinking of Sansar.... Hum, maybe the basic conception of Second Life is a little bit "out of this world"? I think we should not expect Linden Lab to be less "out of this world", in terms of philosophy. 😁
  13. Yes-Mod can be too. It does not help much to make a mesh build mod, cause the mesh itself does not allow too many modifications. That causes some frustration among people who purchased in the belief that they can mod the build substantially. Regarding scripts: A scripter who sells scripts full permission won´t sell any scripts anymore in the near future. 😋
  14. My line is zero tolerance. But apparently that´s neither LL nor IMVU line, nor the line of al social media companies in general. I am not really fond of debating that in this thread nor here on this forum. I only can express my heartily disagreement with such wishiwashi policies. European legislators have already reacted by regulations (caused by such policies), and i do not doubt that the US will follow. And that won´t end in a triumph for liberty on the internet, overall.
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