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  1. Maybe if the Sansar plan would work. But it does not for many reasons. If LL pulls the plug of SL now, LL would be forced to shut down, due to a lack of any sellable product. This won´t happen anytime soon. SL still is doing very well in it´s niche and makes enough money to justify it´s existance. But decisions need to be made on the top level, as soon as possible, or SL will drown along with Sansar - and LL.
  2. I feel sorry for the people who got fired and some anger for the people who pushed that idiotic "Sansar" project into existance. The board should fire the right people instead. ASAP. And sell Sansar to Disney or whomsoever, as long as anyone out there still is interested in such a platform and the tech.
  3. Might an additional encouragement be useful? Like a pixel dinner at Bogart´s?
  4. I don´t. I remember a bunch of enthusiasts going nuts over it, and a bunch of curious general media people going nuts over the enthusiasts going nuts over it. And in the end it became a big, totally justified international media hype - cause it WAS nuts. Sansar? Eh, more than one year in beta and if not some VR sponsoring websites would report it as being exístant no one off the SL sphere of interest would know of it. Nothing there to inflame a somewhat broad public interest. Nada. Zilch. While the big shots with their superior financial power go for their own thing (Amazon for example, with Sumerian), as was to be expected. While something much more advanced like Unity is out there for years. Linden Lab should hope for someone to come along and buy the entire thing before they must trash it. But that´s another story, and it proves that Linden Lab ever suffered from questionable management decisions. It´s not such a surprise that Second Life still is running after 15 years, because nothing really comes close to it´s potential. But living on potential alone will not be enough for another 15 years, unfortunately.
  5. Right. And I doubt that they are able to adress all of them, or even the most significant ones. Well, they could try, but they could have tried over the past, let´s say - seven years, and they did not. They went for Sansar instead. So my optimism there is limited.
  6. Not necessarily. So far there is hardly anyone present at Sansar to show off these bits to.
  7. Don´t expect too much. Certain anatomical details will be missing. Due to the 12+ rating. We do not want to scare the chidren. do we?
  8. It could be and it would be a shame if it would not. But if Linden Lab seriously is interested in -at least - stopping the downward spiral there is much more needed than some improvements on the avatar. A lot more.
  9. Right. And I seriously can´t share anyone´s enthusiasm regarding the default Sansar avatar. It´s not what I´d call something ...umm...attractive. Looks more like "Girl/Boy next door", while the customisable features are extremely crippled, due to the oversimplification of the UI. In the end content creators will drop in and do the same thing as they did in SL, and another mess regarding borked general accessibility/usability/"laggabiliy" (what Penny rightly complains on) will emerge. Oh, this just in case this mostly dead Sansar thing will ever take off enough to meet at least a handful of people, ocasionally, to show off the amaziing work of sculptured arts. WIthout wearing goggles. Apparently the "Avatar" is one of the most important assets in virtual environments, for what reason ever, and absolutely worth the discussion. But...in the end it´s only one out of many important assets. For dressing your avi up and down you do not need a virtual world. Or, let´s say, the very few who enjoy "avatar narcism" won´t be enough by the numbers to pay for a complete virtual world. Barbie is a too strong competitor there, and numerous android apps cover this market adequately.
  10. Well, they did some fine landscaping at blake sea. Oh, and Bay City is notable. It´s the business model, spiderman. They let people create things. And this is what people do, right? SL does not suffer from a lack of content creators, but suffers from corporate mismanagement. Ever did.
  11. Well, suspenions usually are follow ups of warnings. I could be that Swirla got "ghosted" by the system. If something like that happens, go live chat or submit a support ticket first. Or log in an alt where the affected account logged out. Once you meet yourself there, you know that you are not suspended. But...umm...caught by some mysterious 14 years old bug which never got fixed completely.
  12. If they move on like this, the lights will stay off forever sooner or later.
  13. Well, they have a record there, lol. Any hope for things turning to the better after 15 years of abusing customers as experimental rats has been shattered - once again. It´s hopeless. Btw, support (today) asked mor for a "time stamp of the email notification" i got on the delisting. BUT: I never got an email notification. I told them the same on tuesday. Same agent. Same issue. Same bug. Amazing.
  14. Oh it is, NWN is the NYT of virtual worlds. And there are more sources which claim the same. The rest is arithmetics. Regarding their MP revenue, look at this: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2017/03/second-life-marketplace-linden-lab-revenue.html Even if people sell things with a value of 180 Million a year in 2017 (hhich is an overly optimistical figure, due to the fact that Linden Lab lost almost half of their core customership since 2011), the commission rate of roughly 4-5 percent max. would not make this an overly significant source of revenue for Linden Lab, compared to their "land" generated revenue. The result of this calculation fits seamlessly into the previously posted calculation. Eat it, LL is in decline by revenue, and it only can stay profitable by cutting operational costs accordingly - or by attracting new customers while keeping the ones who are left over.. The first is more likely than the second, and probably they actually cut cost by the half. But cutting operational costs alone usually does not lead to better service, more investments or significant improvements in the business universe. It needs dramatic changes elsewhere, and I cannot see these.
  15. http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2017/04/second-life-annual-revenue-sansar.html
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