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  1. I was so happy for this update. I wear Freya and love it, but the past 6 months or so, seeing it being dropped from places I'd shopped from was really depressing. I've been refusing to shop at a store that dropped support, but it was definitely feeling like a lost cause. I just don't like the other bodies on the market, they didn't look how I wanted to look.... but I was still resigning myself to having to move on. I'm glad I dragged my feet and didn't. My boyfriend scripts so he already made a script to help with the mesh nipple issue that sometimes happens with some makers clothing. I don't like the mesh nipples popping up on their own lol. He's definitely happy he can mod it now. Now I just have to hope the clothing makers that have dropped it will start making clothes for Belleza again... if they don't I know a lot of makers who still do, so I'll stick with them!
  2. I love the stipend, extra groups, priority access, and name change but since I'm new to being premium I'll tell you what sold me as a non-business owning resident.... Linden homes and the surrounding areas. So.. Linden homes and the ability to switch them up at no extra cost... whenever you want. Just abandon your land and roll for a new one. If you like changing things up you can. The beauty and continuity of the residential areas. It's not ugly or garish and it goes on and on. You can visit these if you aren't premium but not sure how many people know how pretty they are. Also sim crossings in linden home areas are so much smoother... if you drive, boat, roller skate ect... It's rare to have problems comparatively. The stability of knowing my home isn't going anywhere... I'm not at the mercy of paying rent or another resident that decides to up and leave. I'm also not at the mercy of bad neighbors with ugly screens ect and different land heights ... ugggh. The covenant seems to be well thought out and policed. I can't rent anywhere and get all this especially once I subtract my spending money (stipend).
  3. There are still lots of places to go for new residents. They also have to learn the ropes of SL and it has a steep learning curve. The OP said they had a premium account, which opens all of the Linden areas to her. I'm living in one now and they are lovely areas. I'm so happy I went premium fairly recently.
  4. I agree that I wish search options especially were more welcoming for actual new people. However... the people that own and pay for regions should absolutely be allowed to make whatever rules and restrictions they want to, maybe some way to show those restrictions on search could be one way to go about it? I do think the OP had a gut reaction very quickly.... people are individuals and some are more easy going than others. It would be great if they had stuck around and experienced some good here, but individual residents aren't going to roll out the red carpet for her. That's not how life works, not only here either.
  5. Did you get a linden home with your premium membership yet? If you look around there are lots of lovely places to visit around the linden home areas and you don't have to actually live there to go. Also look up some Bellisseria groups and join ones that interest you. It really does depend when you are out and about on the owner of the venue or land. People that own those areas pay for them so they are allowed to make any rules they want concerning age, payment status, and more... like some areas (as an example) might only want human appearing avatars at their place although to enforce that they have to look at individual avatars. Yes it can bother some people but it is their right to make the rules as a land owner.... you paid, but so did they. Usually people that own an area won't let in new avatars not because they are actually new to secondlife but because of how easy it is to set up an account and grief, spam, stalk others or beg for money them. You'll see more of this if you hang around... and likely will understand the reasoning better.
  6. I got a stilt home yesterday... went premium less than a week ago. I'm so happy with it... I just rolled now and then for about a half hour ...and bam there it was! I thought it would be harder to get.
  7. I don't know of any communities but do like to roller skate in sl. I usually just look places up in search when I want to go or even skate in the neighborhoods that I live in or have access too. Sometimes I go shopping with skates on! Kind of fun way to go exploring also... Just thought I'd reply though because it's nice to see people interested in roller skating in world!
  8. Usually I go to adult or moderate places so I don't worry about it. If it's built into the outfit or if my favorite customizable mesh thongs and panties fit under a skirt without poking through I'll wear them. Otherwise if people are camming up or derendering for a thrill whatever? What are they going to do blackmail me? I have seen some attempted conversation starters focusing on that it's pretty funny.
  9. Actually I still see a lot of support for Belleza Freya, but the other two Belleza bodies, Isis and Venus don't have near as much and I'm thinking the OP of the thread must wear one of the those two Belleza bodies. There are many makers out there though that are only doing Legacy and Maitreya. I see this a lot when going to clothing events and I flat out refuse to buy anything from them, not even accessories. I can't support them if they don't support me. I think Legacy must be making it really easy for creators to make clothing for them, which is of course a smart move. I'm just hoping Inithium shakes things up and makes a few more body types. There's a market out there if they reach for it.
  10. If Kupra makes one with a smaller butt and thighs I'm definitely changing over, especially if the non-support continues on as it is with Belleza. For me Maitreya's bust is too small and the shoulders and underarm areas are weird. I don't want to use Legacy because I don't like the way they do things. I love my Belleza Freya.. but I have to keep on top of the hand problems. Right now I'm making sure to answer every survey about what body you use... just so makers don't drop making clothes for Freya.
  11. DJ events where we had more variety and more places to go too... that actually had some people attending. It's rough to land in a place with 4 employees (or bots), A DJ and a host and nothing else. Then they are nudging for tips on autopilot and gesturebating. Little involvement or conversation is encouraged.. and often it seems to be discouraged. I do know there are still some popular places but they seem to be dwindling. Connected to that there are few places to dance that aren't completely dead either, we have all this stuff to dress up in, all these wonderful dances but just not as many places to use them at. People seemed nicer too before, just running into strangers. Now it seems like most have blinders on, are in IM. I'm guilty of that too from time to time but I do try to be inclusive and helpful in chat when it seems like the situation calls for it. I do think there was more griefing before though.. I've run into very little of that for a long time. Sometimes I feel like SL is dying. I don't miss prim buildings though.. unless well done it's usually an eyesore comparatively.
  12. I agree don't rush and demo, demo, demo. For a good look at least 10-15k including some good hair, but sometimes there are nice sales or even give-aways. Problem is you kind of have to know what's out there to see it... and you have to have some patience. I've gone through three mesh heads before I finally really liked the one I have now. Then for clothes if you get a well known body there are lots of freebies and lots of group gifts or group join specials to start you off. If you know a look you like ask them what they have on. Remember the shape you make under it can make the mesh look really different also. You can buy skin also but many mesh heads come with skin appliers for major mesh body brands.
  13. I was really excited to try this body, but after working and working with the shape... I just can't make the butt small enough to suit me. I do see on their web site a coming soon area where the Kupra mesh body is so I'm crossing my fingers for more mesh options in the future. I use Belleza Freya and nothing is as good to me shape wise yet for the look I want, but I'd love to switch to a body that has the look and the support also, because Belleza isn't doing good with support or upgrading. I'll keep an eye on this creator!
  14. You might like one of my boyfriend's properties. We built it for our family and it's not geared toward stripping or a cash grab. Completely open and free for people to use. There is no dress code for women (just men), and no open sex, but there are skyboxes for that. There's a voyeur style dressing room for girls only. There is a men's cigar room with lapdance chairs and and some stripper poles.. but anyone can use them, we don't employ girls and don't allow escorting. Just thought it would be great if there was a place where couples could come to live out their play a bit. We have a dance machine that I set up ... it's not one of those bad flappy arm dance machines either. There are some nice couple dances and some single dances too! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tyrell Prime/36/39/63
  15. For me avatar looks definitely play a big role in second life friendships. My avatar represents what I live out in second life and a big part of why I'm here. I know this and have pursued it and am great with it. When I meet someone their looks tells me a whole lot about why they are in second life too. Is there a possibility to have in-world fun with them? .. shopping, dancing, chatting about common interests... having a good time. If they don't appreciate similar things looks wise we just are not going to have much in common to maintain a relationship in second life. Not saying I haven't had some wonderful passing conversations with folks that are in system avies or avatars that are very extreme to me. Those don't turn into friendships though even if we friend each other. Looks are usually the first stepping stone for me... of course there is more required to build an actual relationship than looks.
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