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  1. Foxtrot breedables is currently looking for a 3D mesh designer with a background in animals both realistic and fantasy for an upcoming project. please reach out to Streex Foxtrot in world or contact our SL groups CSRs to reach out to me via other channels. I am looking for someone who makes beautiful mesh, can work collaboratively, and maybe find a place on our team. Be ready with a portfolio or references. Animals are a must. No need to be a rigged either (we do lots of static pets) so reach out and we’ll see what we can do. Sebastien leLivre (Streex Foxtrot)
  2. Hello hello hope all is well with everyone!!😄 I'm currently looking for someone to make a mesh body / heads ^^ I have a few ideas so hopefully I can find someone to help bring them to life! If you'd like to contact me or recommend someone regarding anything or just advice my discord is zella#7746 hope to hear from someoneee
  3. Hi Im peacive you some of thr L'hy, I looking for a clothing mesher to help me make clothes im for then willing to pay and give some of the L's i make from the clothing I'm mostly looking for clothing as: - shirts - dresses - pants
  4. I need a mesher to help make a custom item for me. Please message Plumpydrips ingame. I will pay for services.
  5. Hello I'm looking for someone who can mesh a custom retail skybox in a neo futuristic style. The size would be 4096 sqm and consist of a landing point and 3 rooms on one floor. Photo references, color schemes, pinterest boards, milanotes, and pictures can be provided upon request. Thank You.
  6. Hello, me and my friend are looking to hire a mesher to build us some race tracks for our racing sim. Message me inworld @Karenx0 or on my discord Raye#2804 with your portfolios as well. Thank you. PAID POSITION
  7. Hello! My group is looking for a mesher. We want a very high quality, custom "Viking" style shield made. We have a detailed reference already created, and just need someone to execute it. Contact me here or in-world for more details.
  8. Looking to hire a mesher [CLOTHING ONLY] for a project. Please message me inworld @karenx0 with your samples of work. You can message me on Discord as well Raye#2804 Thank you ♥
  9. We are a design studio that wants to start creating and designing clothes for different brands. We need to resolve specific doubts in the different creative processes. (MD, blender, avastar, uvs, etc) please contact: nyko piek
  10. Hello, it's me again.. Me and My friend, Achillez Sauber [The Owner of a Racing Sim] is looking for a mesher. We're looking for someone who would be able to create racing suit/racing gear for us in standard size for a classic body for both male and female. *[While racing we're required to be in 0 scripts, hence classic body]* Please message me IN-WORLD ; @Karenx0 Resident ; with examples of your work for a detailed explanation with pictures and samples of what exactly we're looking for. You can message me on Discord as well, with examples. My Discord: Raye#2804 Thank You ❤️
  11. Hello, it's me again.. Me and My friend, Achillez Sauber [The Owner of a Racing Sim] is looking for a mesher. We're looking for someone who would be able to create custom clothing for us in the preferred sizes for both female and male. Men ~ Legacy, Belleza, Signature Women ~ Legacy, Belleza, Maitreya and possibly Kupra. Please message me IN-WORLD ; @Karenx0 Resident ; with examples of your work. You can message me on Discord as well, with examples. My Discord: Raye#2804 Thank you ❤️
  12. Hello there~ I'm looking for an artist/rigger to custom make a cosplay for the Legacy or Maitreya body (whichever would be easier!). Please send me an invoice or IM in world for more info. Experienced creators preferred, the outfit in question is very intricate, and I would prefer if I could see your past works too. I will provide many images of the outfit in question, and am available to reach on either Discord or SL, whichever is easier for you! Inworld: Dawn Akari / misakimii Thanks in advance! <3
  13. Must have experience in rigging and meshes. Must show prior work experience (photos of work in the past) We will be providing hourly pay rate and agreement upon the artist/rigger. New work each month, starting work will be 5 products this month. Reach out to me inworld or reply to this post I will get back to your requests as soon as possible. Inworld: Roysce (Notecards/Portfolios sent Inworld are highly encouraged) The vision is ready, all examples will be sent to you in a filed document categorized accordingly; including the images of the mesh you will be designing.
  14. Greetings Forum Passerbys! At the moment, I am a single person (female) on the plight of many contributors such as game creation/optimization and user-friendly mesh body utilization. As an aspiring 3D enthusiast, I believe I can provide a comparable level of character creation and aestheticism to software like MetaHuman, Reallusion Character Creator, DAZ3D, and with the same rendering appeal as Iray, Octane, Redshift, or Arnold. I am willing to go through the trials and tribulations of next-generation second life assets, or as some would put it, "putting the pedal to the metal." With that in mind, I am undoubtedly looking for members who are familiar with these applications and plugins and who share similar motivational interests. I'm looking forward to learning from my future contributors as well. Allow me to introduce the brand formally. EBONics Origin is a second life startup that competes to install high-quality game assets such as a signature mesh body AND a line of mesh heads. EBONics is a derivation of the word "ebonics," which is a combination of "ebony" and "phonics"; Meaning: American black English regarded as a separate language rather than a dialect of standard English. Aside from literal definitions, this brand was envisioned and will ultimately cater to the black/African American female demographic, and it encourages consumers to read between the lines through appropriate brand marketing. Mesh heads will have the well-known african facial genotype, while the body will have a sporty build with rounding where the ends meet. Of course, with proper Second Life rigging and customization, a variety of ethnic appearances are possible. Mesh body parts and mesh heads will be created by me in the start, with an open mind to refinement. I've only been on Second Life for 8 months, but I've already purchased four mainstream bodies and a fairly new body that had been discarded for lack of consumer readiness. I've dissected their usage, optimization, user and developer friendliness, resourced blogs, and have gained a well-rounded understanding. What I'm looking for is: - Brand Marketers (Up to 3) Proficient in logo design, graphic design, UX/UI design, and general HTML5/Css understanding, Typography (Flexible) Proficient in software such as Illustrator, Visual Studio Code, Dreamweaver, and general media networking (Flexible) Logo Types Requested: Lettermark (for purposes of lower quaility handling such as Second Life Marketplace LOGO) Will need 800 by 800 and 45 by 45 Best file types: .ai, .eps, .png, .jpeg/jpg, .svg (editable and easily transferable with lossless quality) Wordmark (for purposes of higher quality handling such as websites and banner use) Will need 800 by 800 and 100 by 700 Best file types: .ai, .eps, .png, .jpeg/jpg, .svg (editable and easily transferable with lossless quality) Combination mark (for purposes of image adverts and social media marketing) Will need 800 by 800 Best file types: .ai, .eps, .png, .jpeg/jpg, .svg (editable and easily transferable with lossless quality) Pictoral mark (interchangeable within Combination mark) Will need 800 by 800 Best file types: .ai, .eps, .png, .jpeg/jpg, .svg (editable and easily transferable with lossless quality) Social Media Handles: Facebook, Flickr, Professional website (Flexible) - Mesh 3d Modelers (Up to 3) Mesh Requested: Clothing, shoes Other: Mesh body/head(s) refinement Proficient in software such as Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Maya, or 3ds MAX, UV mapping (Flexible) - Scripters (Up to 3) Proficient in the linden scripting language Scripting Requested: HUD systems (Flexible) - Riggers (Up to 3): Proficient in software such as Blender, and general second life viewer functionality Rigging Requested: Mesh body, hands, feet, Animations, Poses - Skin Creators (Up to 3) Proficient in software such as Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, DAZ3D, Rendering, UV mapping (Flexible) *Flexibility determines multiple roles that a person can take up, and in the concentration of proficiency of said software or additional software unmentioned My Skills: Proficient in software such as Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, DAZ3D, Marvelous Designer, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Typography, Illustrator, Visual Studio Code, UI design, general HTML5/Css understanding, general second life viewer functionality *and constantly learning Mesh Body: Front View [ CENSOR WARNINg ] Three Fourths View [ CENSOR WARNING ] Features: - Optimum/Default body shape - Optimum/Default Hands + Feet Upcoming Installments: - General refinement - HD Nipple/Areola types + No Nipple for mesh fitting - HD Breast types - HD Genitalia + Pubic Hair - Alternative Body types/Deforms (Abiding by the 3 Somatotypes) Future endeavors include HUD, Alpha, Physics, BOM optimization, fitted mesh, interactive clothing and HD SLUV skins, normals and bump mapping. Rigging: *No In-depth rigging - Set to t-pose to optimize Second Life skeleton Hands: (Square Nails Previewed) Features: - Optimum/Default Hand Shape - Up to 3 Nail types (Square, Almond, Stiletto) + Natural - Up to 3 Nail levels (Short, Mid, Long) Upcoming Installments: - Static/Animated poses - Nail Systems HUD Rigging: *No In-depth rigging - Set to t-pose to optimize Second Life skeleton Feet: Features: - Optimum/Default Feet Shape - Flat Feet type (Stand) Upcoming Installments: - Up to 3 Feet levels (Stand, Arched, Tips) - Up to 3 Feet Lengths + Toes - Feet/Toes Animations - Included in Nail Systems HUD Rigging: *No In-depth rigging - Set to t-pose to optimize Second Life skeleton (mostly) *Images taken in Zbrush Project span: Approximately 6 months to a year *and ongoing Reference: Top-Selling Mesh Avatar Bodies Drastically Hurting Overall Second Life Performance Second Life: Female Body Statistics Second Life: Female Head Statistics The 3 Somatotypes
  15. Hello everyone, my problem is this. But I want to install mesh. it will be the first attempt. now I saw a problem there but I don't know how to fix it. Where could I have made a mistake. can you help me .. thanks
  16. Commission Status: OPEN Contact via Discord ONLY: acroft#0456 PAYMENT IN FULL WHEN WORK IS DONE Pricing Rush fees 25.ooo$L - Sameday delivery Fee 1o.ooo$L - 4 days delivery Fee Standard delivery 1week - 2months 5ooo/hour mesh modeling +3ooo Commercial licensing(commercial licensing only applies to mesh i make. if you come for rigging or fitting this does not apply to you} Rigging any body 6.ooo$L Fitting any body 2.ooo$K Work iv done
  17. I am a mesher/texture/brand developer/teacher Able to help build your brand from scratch, from color palettes, to fonts to even a brand name. Full branding spreads, custom designed inworld vendors, product packaging, HUDs, Renders for ADs, builds including main stores and satellite stores. Even small things such as website banners, buttons and profile pictures. I do like to teach blender, substance painter and photoshop also I have worked with many people and brands to invigorate their image and up their game and am always up for a challenge. Generally most of this is done through discord as I prefer to really have a deep understanding of what my client wants and to be able to share screen and make adjustments as necessary, the level of involvement is yours to choose after the general needs have been established. I take payment through paypal, prices vary depending on the project. Drop a notecard inworld to Radd Core or Discord: Radd.#7597 Check out my works: https://www.flickr.com/photos/192598356@N03/with/51001543080/
  18. I am looking for a lower priced rigger to rig outfits for me. Hourglass, legacy, Maitreya, Freya, and Kupra is a plus. Please message me as soon as you can!
  19. Me and my friend are looking for a track builder who can create an oval mesh track in blender with banking style. We are looking for someone who can help us out. The first track we want to revamp is the Daytona Race Track. We want every little details for the track; such as lighting, seating, grass, every little small detail. A picture shown below for your help. If you are race track builder please send me a DM here on facebook or you can contact me in-world @ Karenx0 Resident It's a paid position.
  20. Hi! I'm looking for a talented clothing mesher to make a employee polo shirt for my resort. I need the shirt to be fitted for female bodies: Slink HG, Maitreya Belleza, and Legacy I need it fitted for male bodies: Signature and Belleza Upon being hired I will give you the logo so you can put it on the polo shirt. And I will give you the color palette. I've looked everywhere up and down for a full perm polo shirt that's rigged for these sizes but to no avail. This doesn't have to be an exclusive just my resort, meaning I don't mind if you also sell the shirt on marketplace or in your mainstore. Here's an image of what I want the shirt to look like:
  21. Hi all, I made a garment for maitreya, it fits the body, but for some reasonn I cannot get it to move with the body. Looking for someone who can rig and weight paint my garment for Maitreya body, will pay in lindens. Klubbie Resident
  22. I have a custom species I designed and I am looking to have a male and female head made for.them. Preferably unrigged, but with talkjaw capability and some expressions if possible. I am even open to animesh as I would love to see them brought into the 21st century. I don't need texture work done, just an AO map so I can texture them myself. Attached is a screenshot of the female head I need made. The male would be the same but with a straight slope from the forehead to the snout. Im willing to pay whatever the artist feels is fair within reason!
  23. Hello, my name is Ryan , you can call me Clawd I’m a looking for a second life job as either a Realtor, assistant , interior designer ,bloger , model, a designer for a store or etc.... i can role play as while. Are you a mesher looking for a designer to create original designs and Ideas for your business, from clothing, accessories and home furnishings. contact me for the job, I’m currently am a rl design student with plenty of original ideas. I just do not know how to create mesh. We can discuss farther once contacted. you can email me at Clawdeen08.vu@gmail.com message me through Instagram @Clawd.08
  24. Hello, I'm looking for a Custom mesher and Texture artist! i do request that you have a portfolio to show examples of past meshes you have done! Contact : Ashanti Madrigal Thank you!
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