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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. Job Overview Are you a killer Animator looking to show off your skills and better engage yourself and test your skills? While working in your role, you will be tasked with assisting on larger projects throughout all brands of Nexus and Partners (Cliff Side Motor, MoreThanPixels, Osh Fergana, Shinybrand, Qube and Needs). Along with helping partners, you will also be given a place to start your own store and the assistance on getting the name out there. Along with your skills, we will assist you ass necessary for any projects you are looking to achieve. Want to come to visit us? Visit our Store Region in Silesia. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silesia/128/128/2 Responsibilities Work with Nexus & Partner Companies to provide a strong product. Develop Animations for Second Life Avatars, Bento Avatars, and Animesh. Assisting with Customer Support on products you assist in developing. Requirements Knowledge of QAvimator, Blender, or other Animation Software. Experience in Motion Capture a plus. Experience in 3D Modelling a Plus. (Blender, Maya, etc.) Experience in Visual Animation a plus. (GIF, Adobe Premiere and After Effects). Experience in LSL, or Software(C#, C++, C, VB) / Web Languages(PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, ASP) a plus. Experience in Graphic Design a plus. (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc Good knowledge of MediaWiki Software a plus. Benefits Working with us at Nexus has a large number of benefits. Along with getting to work on what you love, you also will learn great new skills from everyone who you work with. We have a large amount of talent that works with us. From Builders, Scripters, Texture Artists, and Modelers. Everyone is willing to help teach each other and learn. If you are a new creator, we love helping you get started and help facilitate you into the market. A large majority of our creators have Stores on our home sim. Once you get established, we are more than willing to allow you a place in our sim. Life At Nexus We are a very well established company that focuses on the Second Life Roleplaying Community. We have vast products that are focused towards Family, Firefighting, Police, and other similar roleplaying areas. Upon entering the Nexus community, most developers will start their own company. While you are working with us, you are considered a partner with Nexus. As a Partner, we will occasionally work with each other on larger projects. In our free time, we closely knit together as friends and will sometimes game together or hang out. If you are someone who’s looking to better their skills, we are the right place for you. How To Apply If you are interested in applying for the position, please contact Shymus Roffo at shymus.roffo@nexus-sl.net or Shymus Roffo In-World.
  2. MadPea Productions is looking for experienced animators to join the team! MadPea is a company most known for our interactive story-telling and mystery games. We currently have a community of 16K fans who participate in our games and events throughout the year. Other than games, we also hold a few scavenger hunts and release a variety of other items through events and special releases. We're looking for animators who are looking to join a fun, fast-paced and hard-working team of artists from around the globe to bring more exciting adventures to SL reality! Interested? Follow the link to learn more and apply! APPLY HERE
  3. Hello all. We are looking for a high-quality animator who can create for us a few custom couple animations for a project we are working on. If you feel like we could work together, please send me a message in-world and we can talk. jessicamalory Resident
  4. Hello, I am the owner of a newly opened store, and I am seeking animators who would like the opportunity to be a part of new creations. Right now I have a unique bento mer tail that needs animated. I am hoping you'd be willing to animate for my mesh and sell the AO in your store, or be willing to trade for a finished copy of my mer tail (no trans) once I have it textured. I know it's not much, but perhaps in the future I will have more to offer. If this interests you, please send me (GarouGrey Resident) a notecard inworld.
  5. hello, I ve been developing a mesh head+body. I am almost an expert at modeling & skin textures, and rigging but I dont know much about animations (mocap facial animations) so I need an animator, if anybody is interested in , pls im me inworlz & better send notecard about yourself I can pay what you d request or we can negotiate for other project options
  6. hello, I ve been developing a mesh head+body. I am almost an expert at modeling & skin textures, and rigging but I dont know much about animations (mocap facial animations) so I need an animator, if anybody is interested in , pls im me inworld & better send notecard about yourself I can pay what you d request or we can negotiate for other project options see u
  7. Make It Perfect Weddings & Events is looking for Creators Tattoo Designer / Texture Artist - Are you good at making tattoos? Or good with photoshop? Are you a designer who knows to make Omega appliers? We are looking for you. Animator - Yes we are looking for an animator. If you can create Bento animations too, that's a plus. Interested? Let's meet. Officiant - Do you love to be a part of the wedding and happily ever afters? We are looking for miniters for not just Christian weddings, but other lifestyles as well. Are you interested? Lets meet for an interview. If you are good at any of the above, please send a notecard with your available time and date for a meeting to either GiaBlossom [General Manager] or Stephanie Northman [Owner]
  8. Looking for an animator for a custom mesh animal avatar. Willing to give a generous commission. I can demo the avatar in world if you are interested. message me in world : Kira Alena.
  9. I am looking for an animator to create a few full permission eating and drinking poses for second life. Possibly with different bento hand poses that allow something as small as a french fry to fit in between fingers or something as large as burger. I would prefer the animations to be fluid as oppose to stiff. If interested please respond at your earliest convenience.
  10. Large Second Life brand seeking a regular, reliable and skilled animation creator for furniture and wearable releases. The ideal candidate has experience making animations for furniture and objects with smooth transitions as well as creative thinking and the ability to visualize and expand on ideas. Bento hand knowledge a plus. We primarily need sits, lays and object animation such as holding a weapon or brushing hair. This would be a part time freelance position in which you are paid for a full perm animation. We are open to non exclusive use of the animations as well, giving you the ability to resell the work. Reliability and meeting reasonable deadlines are also a must. Please contact the avatar Zak Crumb inworld or email Zak.Crumb@gmail.com. Be ready to provide examples of your work and further discuss rates and conditions of hire.
  11. I'm looking for someone to make full perm animations. I need multiple walking and running animations and can give specific details to any animators who are interested. I'll end up needing 4 animations in total, two walking and two running for human avatars. You can contact me in-world or here. All offline IM's go right to my email.
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